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How To Get Tidal Free Trial

Tidal is a streaming platform for music and videos, as well as downloading your choice of online content. They offer two major plans – Tidal Premium and Tidal HiFi. But you can still get a Tidal free trial to enjoy their services without paying a dime.

Many potential Tidal users claim that their subscription fees are pretty outrageous. But high fees may not necessarily be an issue if the features offered are commensurate with your payment. So, you need to find out how to get a Tidal free trial before making your subscription decisions.

Tidal helps fans around the globe draw closer to their favorite artists through high sound quality, unique experiences, and top-notch streaming features. You’ll get the ultimate music experience with the platform’s library of over 250,000 videos and 70 million songs. You can choose to stream content on terms of ad-free, offline, and vice of your choice.

Key Features on Tidal

1. Superior Sound Quality: Tidal boasts of delivering users the art in its highest quality as far as sounds are concerned in the way fans would love and artists intend.

2. Deeper Fans Connection: The unique collaborations with a community of artists help artists to connect deeper with fans around the globe and also help fans experience music much more than ever.

3. Commitment To The Art: Tidal helps artists from different countries around the world create and deliver their art as perfectly as they would love to.

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How To Get Started With Tidal Free Trial

  • Get started by visiting the Tidal official website.
    On the top right corner of their homepage, you’ll see a “Start Free Trial” tab. Click on it, and you’ll be taken to the ‘Sign up or Log in’ page. You can also go to Menu.
  • On the signup page, you’ll be required to input your email address to register or consider other provided options such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter.
  • Choose your preferred sign-up method to register your Tidal account.
  • Follow the instructions to get your Tidal free account.
    You can also download Tidal app on Google play store or App store and register your Tidal account there.

Signing up with an email address

If you input your email address, you’ll need to create a password, and then click continue to go to the next page.

Next is the Account Overview page where you’ll be able to select the subscription model you want. You can add a voucher or payment method, make purchases, or view receipts.

Signing up with a Facebook account

Click on the Facebook tab and then log in at the prompt. Next, click on ‘Continue’ and move on to the payment method page to choose your payment method and Continue.

As a new user, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy free services from Tidal for 3 months as revealed on their website. But if you have previously exhausted the trial privilege given to new users, you’ll not be able to further get a Tidal Free trial.

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Pricing on Tidal

They have two major paid plans – Premium ($2.33 per month) and HiFi ($4.67per month).

The Tidal Premium comes with access to over 70 million songs, standard sound quality 320 KBPS (Good), expert-curated playlists, ad-free and offline listening with unlimited skips, and exclusive live streams, videos, and playlists.

The Tidal HiFi comes with all the features available on the Tidal Premium with additional features such as Sony 360 Reality Audio, HiFi sound quality 1411 KBPS (Better), Dolby Atmos, and Master sound quality 2304-9216 KBPS (Best).

You can also get a subscription for your family with up to 6 accounts on the Tidal Family plan. This will cost $3.50 per month on the Premium and $7 per month on HiFi.

These plans are safe for kids with profanity-free playlists and a massive collection of clean and child-friendly content.

To complete your order on any of your desired subscription models, you can checkout with either a credit card or PayPal account. Input your payment details, and your free trial days will be activated on your Tidal account.

You’ll be able to cancel your account whenever you want within that 30 days before you get charged. Tidal offers high-quality streaming services that compete favorably with Spotify and YouTube. And you can enjoy the Tidal Free trial to see how everything works before putting your cash on it.

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