how to contact ntel

Ntel customer care phone number, email, office and live chat

Do you want to get in touch with Ntel customer care but do not know how to go about it?

I understand things can turn ugly anytime and you will need to contact Ntel customer care using the fastest means possible. However, you will be provided with various options to contact ntel in this post.

Although people often thought most of the issues encountered when using Ntel network can only be solved when they visit the office which is not so. You can have your complaints or issues fixed without stepping into any ntel offices or outlets.

Ntel data plans are still as cool as what they used to be. Nothing has changed and if you are living in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt, you are so in luck. It can even get better if you are living in major cities as connection will be faster.

Regardless, issues may crop up at any time, it may do with purchasing ntel data plans on quickteller which remains the common issue. You can always reach out using the ntel channels that will be provided for you on this article.

1. Ntel customer care number

If you are looking for a quick solution or response, contacting ntel via their mobile number is the easiest and fastest way to reach out. This channel presents you an opportunity to talk to an agent over the phone and gives you a very quick way to have any issues resolved.

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You can always reach out to them any time and any day as ntel line never closes up. If you are having problems with connecting to them, you will need to try again as there may be other people ahead of you.

If it is a very technical issue, you must have in place your card as you might need to provide the details on the sim card. Although, the common questions ntel customer care often ask are your registration details which include your full names, date of birth, mother’s maiden names, year of purchase, etc.

If you are in Nigeria and need to contact ntel customer care, call their customer care on 0700 6835 5483.

2. Ntel customer care on Twitter

I have always favoured twitter as it also provides another quick way to contact ntel. Twitter is undoubted one of the most popular social media platforms, providing you with an open interface to connect with brands like ntel.

If you have any issue or complaints that needed attention, you should reach out by tweeting to ntel. You can be sure of quick response in no time.

To contact ntel on twitter, tweet your complaints, issues or enquiries to or @ntelcare on twitter.

3. Reach out on ntel facebook page

If you are unsuccessful with the other ntel channels, you can also get in touch with ntel on Facebook. You can decide to send them a direct message or use the comment section.

However, you should always use the comment section on ntel facebook page for pressing issues. No brand will want to lose face, it makes them more determined to help you resolve it.

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To reach out to ntel on their facebook page, visit

4. Get in touch with ntel via email

Not my first choice if you asked me, it should only be used as a last resort. Still, this medium of contact gives you a way to be thorough with your messages. You can attach files or documents to back up your claims. Although, that can be done using social media platforms.

Another advantage is that you can send as much messages or files as you want. The major issue is that it sometimes takes a while for ntel customer agent to get back to you due to piles of messages received on a daily basis. Regardless, they always reply back.

To contact ntel customer care via email, send all your enquiries and complaints to or

5. Another way to contact Ntel is via Ntel live chat

Ntel cutsomers can make use of live chat available on their website and ntel android app for any complaint, issue or feedback. This is very easy to use and all you need to do is to visit and locate ntel live chat.

You do not need to use ntel login before getting in touch with any ntel agent.

6. Contact ntel via their offices

If it is issue that can not be solved via calls or other platforms, you should visit any ntel office close to you to have your issues or complaints resolved.

Ntel is currently rampant in Lagos, Port harcourt and Abuja, and I am sure you will find one in your area of residents. You can make use of any ntel outlet or store for your urgent matters.

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7. Ntel head office address

For more specialized issues or complaints, you can visit ntel head office. If you are living outside Nigeria, you can also send a letter to the address below.

NECOM House, 17th Floor,
15 Marina,

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