How to migrate to glo yakata

How To Migrate To Glo Yakata 2024

Glo Yakata plan is one of the ways Globacom delivers the best value to customers on the Glo network. It is an ideal plan for anyone who wants to enjoy great voice and data benefits after purchasing a Glo sim.

Glo yakata is a remarkable prepaid plan with so much to offer, customers enjoy voice and data benefits whenever they recharge their Glo line.

The amazing thing about this plan is that it leaves no prepaid customers out, all new customers by default are on this plan while existing or old customers would be able to migrate to this plan.

Glo Nigeria has no doubt proved to be resourceful when it comes to providing affordable tariff and data plans for Nigerians, the only thing stopping them from topping the chart is their poor internet connection. Although, not every location is affected.

To enjoy a better internet connection, upgrade your sim to 4G and start enjoying the great speed. Voice quality is cool though.

Benefits of Glo Yakata

  1. Voice bonus can be used to call all local networks in Nigeria.
  2. Customers will be able to get voice and data benefits everything they recharge their line.
  3. With just an N100 recharge, customers will be able to enjoy voice and data benefits.
  4. Enjoy special data every month for six months.
  5. Customers also get up to 6GB FREE data Every Month for 6 months.
  6. Enjoy 22 times value on every N100 recharge and above every time you recharge.
  7. No daily access fee on Glo yakata
  8. Both main and all net voice bonus account can be used to call any network in Nigeria.
  9. Yakata bonus is accumulated every time you recharge your Glo line.
  10. On net voice balance will only be used to call only Glo customers.
  11. Glo customers will be able to add 10 GLO Numbers to their Friends & Family Account when they dial *101*1#.
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Charges on Glo Yakata 

Call charge on Glo yakata is on the high like most tariff plans with so much to offer. Even with such, you will be getting more value when compared to most of the tariff plans. The main objective is to get more value for spending little.

Globacom charge 70k per second from main and bonus account for any calls to any local network in Nigeria. Understand that you will be charged from your bonus account until it fully exhausted. When it depletes, your main account will take a stand.

When you send SMS, you will be charged N20 per SMS and N4 from the main account. International SMS is charged at their standard rate.

What you should know about Glo Yakata

  1. Glo yakata is a tariff plan and not a promotion offer.
  2. Customers will be able to enjoy all that comes with it as long as they are on Yakaka Plan.
  3. Voice and data bonus can not be shared or transferred to another.
  4. Calls made to an international destination is charged from the main account.
  5. All VAS subscriptions will also be charged from the main account.
  6. Customers will still get a bonus when they recharge on e-recharge platforms.
  7. Customers can check their yakata bonus by dialling *230*1#.
  8. Bonus received is valid for 7 days and it resets any time you recharge.
  9. Unused bonus cannot be carried over unless another recharge is made within the 7 days validity period.
  10. Voice calls to family and friends are also charged at 70k per second.

How to migrate to Glo yakata tariff plan

  • If you are not yet on the Glo network, all it takes is to purchase a new Glo sim card and you are automatically on Glo yakata.
  • Old or existing customers will have to dial Glo yakata migration code *230# to join.
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How to opt-out or leave Glo Yakata

Just like every tariff plan, you are going to need another migration code to leave Glo Yakata. The good thing is there are quite a number of Glo tariff plans you could move to.

The Glo tariff plan list made up of Glo 11k Prepaid Plan, Glo Gbam, Glo jollific8, and Glo infinito. Just dial the code and you will be moved to your preferred plan at no cost that is if you have not yet used your free migration allowed within every 30 days.

How to check Glo Yakata Bonus Balance

  • To check your Glo Yakata Bonus Balance, dial *230*1# or *220*1# on your Glo Nigeria.
  • Upon dialling, your Glo Bonus Balance will be shown on your screen.

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