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My Airtel app: What you should know, benefits + how to download

The fact is that we love the simple way of doing things and that is exactly what My Airtel App has for you.

Do you know how much cash you can save by ruling out going to the bank, just because you need to purchase some airtime and data?
How about the convenience that comes from just sitting in your chair while you activate a data plan, service or airtime purchase?

This is part of what you will get when you download My airtel app. Still in doubt about whether you should go for the app or not? Let me put in more words.

My airtel app is a selfcare app from Airtel for online recharge, bill payments, bundles purchase, and other services. Another name for My Airtel app is Airtel Selfcare App.
It is exactly like a one-stop-shop for all Airtel services and offers. My Airtel App is available for download on both android and iPhone.

Benefits of My Airtel App

1. Purchase Airtime and data on the app:

I am sure you can do with the easy ways of doing things right now, especially when you have a lot of things clocking for you. If you have got your debit or credit card, then you have got a real chance of buying airtime and data at the comfort of wherever you are.

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This will no doubt save you a lot of stress, time and maybe the extra N10 or N20 now put on Airtime airtime. Data and Airtime purchase is just one lane trip. You want data, all you need is to click and pay with your cards. This is what My Airtel App is bringing to you.

2. Bill payments on the app

If you enjoyed the quick way of buying airtime and data on the app, then postpaid customers will derive the same satisfaction when they pay for their bills.

Most postpaid customers barely have time to make the trip to the Airtel office, the good thing is that they can now make payments on the app. This is an app that every postpaid and prepaid customer should have on their phone.

3. Access to real live transaction history

Are you wondering what went wrong with your Airtime? Instead of calling the Airtel customer care for an assistant, you could just inspect via transaction history. If someone has been using your airtime without your consent, this is the best way to catch them.

You will be able to search for all categories or select based on recharge, hello tunes, data bundle, and postpaid bills. However, when making your queries, understand that the time period must be less than or equal to 180 days.

4. Value-added services are also available

Need some Airtel services you want to get like hello tunes? You can have them all on the app. All you just need is to click on the services you want to buy or purchase and boom, it is activated.

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What you need to buy the service is your Airtime. If you have got none, you could do online recharge using your card or load the recharge pin.

5. Airtime and data balance checking

My airtel app also makes it easier for Airtel customers to check their airtime balance, as well as data balance. When you log into the app, you will be able to view the information first hand without difficulties.

This method ensures you do not need to remember certain USSD codes.

6. Online recharge mobile just got better

Are you the type that prefers using an app for your recharge? Well, you can enter your scratched card numbers on My Airtel App and get the recharge value. This can be very helpful when Airtel recharge code is having issues.

7. View your Airtel account information

From My Airtel app on your phone, you will be able to view the registered name, sim serial number, PUK, and activation date.

All this information could be very useful when you want to do sim swap, mistakenly lock yourself out or when the Airtel customer service agent wants to confirm your account for further help.

My Airtel app download

If you own an android or IOS devices (iPhone and Ipad), then you should get My Airtel App downloaded from their respective stores. For android phones, you will find the installation file or android apk on play store while Apple Store takes care of all apps for iPad and iPhone.

To download My airtel app, simply visit play store and search for “my airtel” or “my airtel app”, click on it to download and install the app. The app size is about 6mb, so it should not take much space on your phone after installation.

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iPhone and Ipad users should also visit the Apple Store to get ” My Airtel App” installed on their device.

How to set up My Airtel App

  • After downloading and installation of My Airtel App, open the app from your phone.
  • Change your nationality to the country where you purchase your airtel sim.
  • Provide your Airtel phone number. Start without the first number, eg. 8023114075.
  • Click on request OTP to proceed further. an OTP will immediately be sent to your Airtel.
  • It can also auto-verify your OTP sent to you if you have the airtel sim on the same phone.
  • You can now see your Airtel dashboard.

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