Gotv smallie channel list

Gotv Smallie Channels List 2023, Price and Package 2024

This article will contain an updated list of all channels that customers can watch on the Gotv Smallie 2024 Package. We will also be throwing answers to frequently asked questions that prospective and existing subscribers tend to ask often about the plan.

GOtv Smallie is an entry-level subscription-based television service by GOtv and the cheapest plan among the other packages. With this plan, you can still watch your local stations and some other channels in different categories on a crystal clear screen. However, it lacks most channels that are known to keep people entertained. Nevertheless, we still consider it decent for its price.

How much is GOtv Smallie?

Gotv smallie channel list

The subscription fee for Gotv smallie is just N800. This package is meant to last for 30 days and after the expiration, you can decide to renew or upgrade to a better package.

To be honest, we are not fans of this package, maybe because we love our Africa magic more, but if keeping it simple and yet beautiful on the screen is what you want, then the GOtv should do well for you.

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This is why you should go through the list of channels you can watch on the GOtv package before subscribing. This ensures you know what you are getting before committing financially.

Gotv Smallie Channels List 2023

General Entertainment Channels:

  • TVC Entertainment (Ch. 27)
  • Trybe (Ch. 97)

Documentary, Lifestyle, & Education Channels:

  • Spice TV (Ch. 10)

Sport Channels:

  • BLITZ (Ch. 30)

Kids & Teen Channels:

JimJam (Ch. 61)

News & Commerce Channels:

  • Al Jazeera (Ch. 40)
  • TVC News Nigeria (Ch. 45)
  • NTA News 24 (Ch. 46)
  • CHANNELS (Ch. 48)
  • NTA Parliament (Ch. 115)

Local Channels:

  • Sunna TV (Ch. 84)
  • LAGOS TV (Ch. 90)
  • NTA International (Ch. 91)
  • SILVERBIRD (Ch. 92)
  • AIT (Ch. 93)
  • ONMAX (Ch. 96)
  • Wazobia TV (Ch. 98)
  • Galaxy TV (Ch. 99)
  • OGTV (Ch. 100)
  • Arewa 24 (Ch. 101)
  • WAP TV (Ch. 102)
  • RSTV (Ch. 103)
  • EBS (Ch. 104)
  • BCOS (Ch. 105)
  • ITV Benin (Ch. 107)
  • BISCON TV (Ch. 108)
  • Liberty TV (Ch. 110)
  • R2TV (Ch. 112)
  • RAVE (Ch. 113)
  • NTA 2 (Ch. 114)

Religious Channels:

  • FAITH (Ch. 80)
  • ISLAM CHANNEL (Ch. 81)
  • Emmanuel TV (Ch. 82)
  • Dove TV (Ch. 83)

GOtv Max Audio Channels:

  • Naija FM (Ch. 301)
  • Wazobia FM (Ch. 303)

Enjoy your TV viewing! πŸ“ΊπŸŽΆπŸ“°πŸŽ¬

How many Channels are on Gotv Smallie Package?

There are over 35 channels you can watch on Gotv Smallie plan, mostly local channels. Once the plan has been activated, you have access to 1 sports channel, 1 music channel, and 34 other genre channels.

Can I watch Football on Gotv Smallie?

No, you can’t watch football or any other international sports events on GOtv Smallie, it only has SuperSport Blitz which only provides news and updates about all sports.

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If you need to watch selected live games, then you will need to upgrade to a better Gotv plan.

Does GOtv Smallie show BBnaija?

Yes, BBnaija shows the popular big brother Naija and you will be able to watch it by switching to channel 29.

Meanwhile, all plans on GOtv support the Tv program. Whatever plan you decide to go for, you will always have it displayed beautifully on your Tv screen.

How can I Renew or Upgrade my Gotv Smallie Package?

To renew the plan, you can use any payment platforms like Opay, Palmpay, or Quickteller. Bank apps can also be used to make subscriptions as the apps have a section where you can make bill or TV payments.

Another way you can subscribe is to use the USSD service, Internet banking platform, or at any of their service points.

You will need the IUC number of the decoder for renewal or upgrade. The number can be found underneath the Decoder. Another way to check is to click the Menu button on the remote, go to ‘Information Central’, and then click on the OK button again. Copy out the IUC Number.

Now that you have the Gotv smartcard number (IUC Number), then go to your preferred app to renew the Gotv smallie. Check out for TV or Bill payments on any of the apps you want to use. If you are using USSD, you will need to navigate to Bill Payments. Follow the on-screen instructions to make payment.

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