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GTB Airtime Recharge Code: How To Load Credit On Your Phone

Do you know there are even better ways to buy airtime without using the conventional method?

I could go on by mentioning GTworld App, Chipper Cash, Palmpay, JumiaPay but I would rather stick with Airtime purchase using the GTB Airtime Recharge Code.

Why GTB Recharge Code?

Having the privilege to carry out banking activities on your phone without depending on the internet is really amazing. Well, most people enjoy using the GTworld app for funds transfer, airtime, bills payment but the app will be useless without the internet. However, it will not hurt to have access to both worlds because you never know when you might need them.

There are few notes to be dished out to you about GTB Airtime Recharge Code.
To use the service, you must have opened an account with GTB and have a mobile number registered with the bank. If you have already lost the mobile number, it will do you good to visit the bank for Account Information Update.

Thereafter, you can start loading airtime from your GTB’s account or recharge someone you know. It could be your family, friend, acquaintance or just anyone with a GSM number.

What You Should Know About Gtb Airtime Recharge Service

If you are just getting started with the USSD code or just about to have your first airtime recharge on Phone using the GTB Airtime Recharge Code, you will first need to create your 4 digit security pin.

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The 4 digit security pin will be used to substantiate transactions such as Funds Transfer or Airtime Purchase. To create the security pin, you will need to enter the last 6 digits of your debit card. The numbers are on the face of your card.

How to register for GTB USSD security pin

  • To get your own personal 4 digit security pin using the GTB code, dial *737#.
  • Reply with 10 for PIN.
  • Choose 1 for create pin using a debit card or 2 for create pin without using a debit card.
  • Select 1 which is Create PIn – debit card.
  • Enter the last 6 digits on your GTB debit card. The numbers are on the face of your debit card.
  • Create your security pin. Ensure you use the number you will not forget.
  • Your pin has been successfully created. Start carrying out banking transactions.

How To Buy Airtime Via GTB Airtime Recharge Code

  • To buy airtime for yourself via GTB airtime recharge code, dial *737*Amount# from the registered phone number. Eg *737*200# to purchase an N200 credit.
  • To buy airtime for family, friends or others, dial *737*Amount*Mobile Number# from the registered phone number. Eg *737*200*0812345678# to purchase an N200 credit for the beneficiary.
  • If you are purchasing for family, friends or another person, you will be required to select the network.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your debit card to verify the airtime purchase.
  • The mobile number will be credited with the amount that was entered in the field.

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