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Fast credit | Same day loan for business owners and employees

Knowing a few loan providers in Nigeria like fast credit is not bad even if you don’t need one at the moment. Money issues can arise at any time even when you have a good source of income. You can decide to go for fast credit or other alternative finance firms spread all over the states in Nigeria.

People often confuse borrowings from families, friends, loan providers or others as a sign of irresponsibility which is not often so. Even the most prudent spenders could have an occasional breakdown due to shortage of cash.

Despite planning your month well, an occasion could occur when you need to pay tutor fees, make some repairs, furnish your place, boost your business or whatever currently on your plate but not without the required amount of fund. Thanks to fastcredit, you can get it all sorted quickly.

Do not walk away yet, almost everyone has got the chance of getting the loan, be it you are into business or an employee in any organization or multinational companies.

Note that, not everyone is privy to this information, stay with me as I bring you all what you should know about fast credit.

Why fast credit?

  1. Easy and smooth to use.
  2. Extention of loan repayment period to 12 months.
  3. Paperless and same-day transaction.
  4. Available for both registered business owners and employees.
  5. Minimal documentation and no opening of bank account.
  6. Quick loan status after registration.
  7. There are no hidden charges.
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What do you need to enjoy fast credit loan?

It is typical of me to provide the basic requirements, fast credit is not an exception as well. Below are fast credit requirements:

  1. Applicants must be between 18 and 58 years old.
  2. Have a stable source of income, preferably paid employment. Self-employed can also apply but it won’t under a personal loan.
  3. One recent passport and Govt issued ID card.
  4. Staff ID card, NUBAN cheques, and direct debit mandate.
  5. A clean bureau report.
  6. For Small and medium enterprises, you will provide the last 12 months bank statement, proof of the business and its location.
  7. An applicant in paid employments is to provide their last 6 months bank statement.
  8. ATM card bearing the names of government-issued ID card.
  9. A salary account is a must if you are in paid employment.
  10. Evidence of tax payment for a business loan.

Important information about fast credit

The maximum amount an applicant can get on fast credit is N3m while the minimum amount is N100,000. Loan disbursement depends on the ability of the borrower to pay which will be judged by his or her financial info. Payment can be spread to a period of 12 months.

The longer the tenor, the more money you are returning. The only advantage of selecting longer tenor is you will have enough time to plan your repayments.

For example, if you are taking a loan of N3m on a one month tenor. According to the loan slider found on the website, a total payment of N3,149,808 will be paid back to the loan provider in 30 days.

For a 12 months repayment period, N399,808 will find its way to Fast Credit for 12 months. On calculation, the total loan payment is N4,797,696.

Only in special circumstances, you will be asked to visit the office as almost every action is carried out their links. Existing customers already have their profile validated by the team so there is no need for office visitation.

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How to apply for fast credit loan

  1. Visit fast credit website on
  2. Click on “request for loan” or click here to have direct access.
  3. Complete the loan application process. All documents can be submitted online without the need for office visitation.
  4. After you have submitted your application on the website, an officer will contact you.
  5. Lastly, ensure you submit the correct details for a better chance of having your loan granted.

How to repay back the loan


This is one of the easiest ways to make payments without the effort to present your cheques. To effect that, a bank visitation is necessary which is done via a link that the bank will activate on your behalf.

An RRR and a confirmation message are delivered to you and which would have been stamped by the bank. Every month, a charge is made from your bank until the end of the loan tenor.

Direct debit mandate

Direct debit is an instruction from the customer to the bank, on the agreed date, the bank makes a transfer of cash from the customer’s account to the beneficiary.

This is a backup repayment system on fast credit. It is only when the fintech company is unable to access DDM, they resort to using NUBAN cheques.

NUBAN Cheques

This is a fallback plan in the event that the system is unable to retrieve payment using direct debit mandate. The cheques will only be tendered when the system fails.

Bank transfer

Applicants can also pay back using fast credit bank account. This can be done using your bank USSD or making a deposit at any participating banks.

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It is important to do this before the due date to give them enough time to process your payments except you want to attract the extra 1% on each day you default payment. Ensure you send an email immediately after payments as well to notify them.

  • Bank: Zenith bank
  • Account name: FastCredit Limited
  • Account number: 1013976629

Online payments

This is no doubt one of the best ways to make payment without the need to make contacts with the agents as it automatically reconciles your account.

To do that, login into your profile page, and make your loan repayment. Online payment is the default form of payments on fast credit.

Fast credit contact details

  1. Lagos office address: First Floor, Wing A, Motorways Complex, Opposite 7-Up Alausa, Lagos.
  2. Ibadan office address: Iba Oluyole Complex, Opposite Heritage mall, Dugbe, Oyo State.
  3. Ogun office address: 55 Totoro Road, By Ibara Baptist Church Abeokuta, Ogun State.
  4. Ondo office address: BOI House, 2nd Floor, Wing B Alagbaka, Along Ado/Owo Rd. Akure, Ondo State.
  5. Abuja office address: No 10 Gimbia street, Area 11 Garki, Abuja.
  6. Phone number: +234-1-2917 931
  7. Email:
  8. Website:

Other alternative loan providers

  1. Palmcredit loan app.
  2. Branch loan.
  3. Kiakia loan.
  4. Paylater loan app.
  5. Standard chartered loan.
  6. Aella credit.
  7. Renmomey loan.
  8. Swiss credit.
  9. Fint loan.
  10. Ferratum loan.
  11. Credit direct.
  12. Kwikmoney.
  13. Zedvance loan.
  14. Page financials.
  15. Quickcheck.
  16. Alat app.
  17. Fastcash.
  18. Lendme loan app.
  19. Quickbucks.
  20. Fastloan.
  21. Micromoney.

Wrapping up

With the other alternatives listed up, it makes it better to choose the best loan provider that suit your business or location. Not every finance company supports every other region, but there are more enough ones that get funds across to you no matter which state you live or do your business.

If 3 million is not enough to cater for you short term needs, standard chartered loan is available for you might need to make yourself available to get filtered. A total of N10m could get into your account following verification, and then approval.

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