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GTBank Nigeria Customer Care Number, Email, Online Live chat & Whatsapp

GTBank is one of the banks in Nigeria with the most customers, it is understandable why people are always looking for the best possible ways to contact their customer care unit.

Have you ever visited the bank during their official working hours without meeting a large number of customers waiting to be attended to, such is one of the reasons why you need to know how to contact GTBank customer care online…

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) has been known to be a commercial bank that fully took advantage of the opportunity provided by technology and innovation,

Whether you are an aspiring or existing customer, you will be able to contact GTB customer care service unit by dialing their official phone number, email, live chat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. However, in this article, we will only concentrate on the channels that have proven to be the best.

Below are how to contact GTB customer care


Contacting GTBank customer care by calling their official phone number is one of the best ways to make your complaints known to the bank as it affords customers to get an instant response.

The GTB customer care number is also available at any time and any day. You can wake up on a Saturday morning and still have someone to talk to. This is how far Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) could go in ensuring customers satisfaction.

Despite the many advantages, it is expected for it to have some drawbacks which I will point out in this article.

If you have called any GSM customer care number before, you should understand how it works. Also, you will need to wait for about 2 to 3 minutes before talking to an agent. It is the same with GTBank except that you pay for each second.

Before going with the call, you should have sufficient airtime balance, N100 airtime should do depending on your tariff plan, that should be enough to see you through the discussion.

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The GTbank customer care number are 0700-482666328, +234 1 4480000, 0700 48266328, +234 802900 2900, and +234 803900 3900. It is also called GTconnect numbers.

If you are a corporate account or business account holder, you can get in touch with GTB by dialing +234 1 271 5227. Investor Relations should call +234 8113791385 for business talks.


Social media is one of the attractions of the internet, one could say it is a place that people love to spend their time. Check out your Twitter timelines and you will be surprised about the number of online users.

A smart company knows how important it is to leverage it. They will want to avoid putting businesses in a bad phase since social media is where you get the latest gossips and gists.

Therefore, you can expect all multinationals doing all they can to get a good standing on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Below are the best ways to contact GTB via social media platforms:

GTBank Facebook

It is no longer news that Facebook is the biggest social media in the world, therefore you can expect any company or business to take advantage of it.

One of the advantages of contacting GTB customer care is that some telecoms in Nigeria now allow subscribers to browse Facebook without data. This could be good when you have no data and airtime to reach out to their representatives.

Nevertheless, It has few shortcomings like many others but the most notable is the slow response. It may take up to 6 hours before hearing from GTB customer care but if it is not urgent, this is one of the most affordable ways to speak with GTB customer care.

To get in touch with GTB with their Facebook group page, visit Customers can also use the comment section but they should always avoid sharing account information within such a platform. They can take the business into the inbox if it is sensitive.

Gtb Customer Care Twitter

People that have used Twitter to contact customer care representatives from GTB will agree with me that this is one of the best and fastest ways to reach out to them. Regardless, not as fast or instant as calling their phone lines.

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Twitter has been set up to be a platform where you get the latest happenings as they unfold and also the headquarters for gossips. Brands realise how bad it can be if they lose ratings on such social media platform.

To your advantage, Twitter has become the best place where you can quickly get issues or complaints resolved since every business needs to keep a good profile on social media. Most businesses now have a presence on Twitter, ready to serve, and most importantly, provide support.

Gtb like every other bank in Nigeria has its official Twitter handle for all general enquiries, complaints, and feedback, the Twitter handle is @gtbank_help. Customers who wish to know more about their products can also visit their other Twitter handle @gtbank.

GTBank WhatsApp Number

Following the launch of the Whatsapp Business App in Africa, GTBank is leveraging the platform to get closer to their growing customers wherever they are whilst offering them more channels to bank, make enquiries, and have their service requests treated promptly.

It is no news that a large percentage of individuals with smartphones use Whatsapp. The icing on the cake is that WhatsApp rarely drains data like most instant messaging apps and also allows users to be able to interact using audios, videos, and most file formats.

This could be a plus for GTB customers with technical issues. For instance, there are some issues that can not be explained because we do know the right words for them, but an illustration could help customer care provide the necessary solution.

To reach out to GTBank customer care on Whatsapp, simply enter GTB WhatsApp number 07016974994 on your dial and save as one of your contacts. Launch your WhatsApp, and initiate a chat.

If you do not want to save GTB WhatsApp number as a contact, customers can click to get in touch with the GTB customer care service representative.


Whether you are an individual or corporate account holder, another way to contact Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) is via Live Chat.

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To get started, be mindful of fake sites run by fraudulent parties posing as GTBank or its affiliates, only visit Meanwhile, you should never disclose your personal information and financial details to anyone online or anywhere else.

To use GTB live chat, simply visit Go to ‘Contact Us’ and click ‘chat with us’. GTBank Live Chat allows you to chat online with any of their Customer Care representatives concerning your account or general enquiries.

If you could not locate the live chat link, simply visit and click ‘CHAT WITH US’.


I have been using commercial bank for quite some time now, and I can assure you that Twitter and email are my favourites. If it is a technical issue that will involve the sharing of documents or files, email it is for me.

For instance, when I wanted to open a domiciliary account with my bank, I had to send copies of the reference form and ID when I could not make it to the bank. This way, I was able to concentrate my energy on other businesses of the day.

With email, you can afford to share other documents and files that will help the GTBank customer care rep understands how best to serve you.

Customers can direct all their messages to GTBank official email address at

Investor relations can send messages to


The GTB head office has been known to be the centre for last resort for aggrieved customers who are yet to have their issues resolved.

If you are one of the customers, below is the GTB Corporate Head Office’s address:

Plot 635, Akin Adesola,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

They can also be reached by calling the GTb head office phone number via +234 1 2715227.

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