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FastLoan App | Enjoy attractive rate with no Collateral

Fastloan app is an app offered by Fidelity Bank PLC, which provides an online lending channel to get short term loans in Nigeria.

Fidelity bank is a commercial bank running in Nigeria with over 231 business offices and with various digital banking channels spread all over the country to provide real-time support and serve the growing list of customers with other banking services.

Borrowing is not as fancy as the awareness created by banks and other finance establishments. The best thing to do is to have a planned budget in relation to our income but sometimes, things beyond our control may come up. This gives us no choice than to ask from help from banks or access loan apps available on google play store.

You might not be taken with sharing BVN with loan apps in Nigeria which is understandable. However, it is safe to share it with a finance company. With fidelity bank plc, you have no excuse. This is a bank with a large presence in Nigeria and currently ranked among the best 10th commercial banks.

If you encountered any problem, there is a regulating bank like CBN and NDIC to help you make claims. All you just have to do is trust the process, do things according to the process and you are good to go.

Benefits of Fastloan app

  • Ease of applying for a loan right in the app.
  • Get the loan disbursed into your bank account in less than 2 minutes after approval.
  • No documentation or collateral needed to get the loan.
  • You do not need to visit the bank before obtaining loan.
  • When you repay the amount borrowed on time, you could go for higher fund.
  • Repay loan right on the app.
  • Quick, easy and professional support.
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How to get started on fastloan appfast loan app

Here is a section for what you need to know about fast loan application:

  • Download fastloan app on google play store.
  • After installation on your phone, sign up to get an account using your mobile number and email address.
  • Request for a loan. For a start, you will have limited access to cash.
  • Grant the app access to your phone. The system needs to study data to know if you qualified for the loan.
  • Get loan immediately after approval notice.

Fastloan app contact details

Why loan request may be rejected

  • Having financial activity is the key to get a loan, if such does not occur regularly, loan request may be rejected.
  • Network issues could temporarily shut you out, when the team is unable to see your request, you will need to wait until they access the whole data.
  • When you refuse to pay back loan, getting another becomes difficult. Paying back and earlier than the due date is the key to get a good credit score.
  • After the app reads through phone data and is unable to find enough information about who you are and other financial activities, your loan might be rejected.
  • The most popular one is when details on your BVN does not correspond with your data, fastloan will reject your loan request.

Wrapping up

With fidelity’s fastloan app, you have a platform where you can enjoy credit facility where ever you are.

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An app which put absolute power in your hands, you get to select whichever repayment period is convenient for you. Although, extending repayment will further increase interest. The benefit is that you pay when it is convenient for you.

It does not matter if the loan is meant for school fees, acquisition of household items, wedding expenses or whatever you might need it for. No question asked, just apply and use the loan anyhow you want it.

Lastly, it remains one of the best loan apps in Nigeria that offers you access to funds to cater for urgent needs that may arise.

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