how to borrow data from airtel

How to borrow data from Airtel network

You do not have to stop browsing just because you have exhausted your data, you can borrow data using Airtel credit loan service.

With airtel credit loan service, you can borrow up to 1.5gb data plan when you run out of data and expected to pay back the data later.

Airtel credit loan service is a service specially made for prepaid customers that allows them to borrow data on credit and pay back on their next recharge.

There is no need to stop the fun you are having on your social media especially when you are just getting started. The downloading and streaming could also be continued by borrowing data from Airtel. However, there are laid down rules that apply to everyone who needs a short term cover which will be fully discussed in this article.

This is just another way Airtel is ensuring that customers have access to premium services. Airtel data loan is just another loan service aside from the airtel extra credit. Do note that you can pay back your airtel loan anytime but could negatively impact your credit rating. You will not be getting any call from any loan officer.

To enjoy even bigger Airtel data loan on the airtel network, you should always pay back as soon as possible and always endeavour to recharge frequently.

What you should know about Airtel credit loan service

  • There is a service charge of 15% which is deducted along with the actual amount for the data you borrowed on Airtel.
  • You will still be able to borrow data even if you have an existing loan in as much it is still within your credit limit.
  • Postpaid customers are not allowed to borrow data from Airtel network.
  • Loans are paid back immediately fund enters your main account. This continues until full repayment is made.
  • Loans are also recovered when customers recharge their account via any channel including via Airtel Me2u.
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Criteria customers must meet to borrow data from Airtel

  • Only prepaid customers are allowed to borrow data from airtel.
  • You must have registered the Airtel sim card to be eligible for airtel credit loan service.
  • Only active airtel customers will be able to borrow data from airtel network.
  • Customers will also be considered based on monthly recharge frequency and spending pattern.
  • If you still have some balance you are yet to repay, you will not be able to borrow data until you fulfil the obligation.
  • You must use at least N100 monthly to be qualified for airtel credit loan service.

How to borrow data from airtel

  • To borrow data from Airtel Nigeria, dial *500# from your phone’s dialer pad.
  • Choose 3 for borrow data.
  • You will be given a list of data you can borrow from the Airtel network.
  • Select your preferred data bundle. Do note that a 15% service fee applies to all data bundle on airtel credit loan service.
  • Confirm your data bundle. The system will provide you with an overview of the data bundle and service fee.
  • After confirmation, you will be credited with the value while your main account will be debited the cost of that data bundle and service charge fee.

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