how to check nin number on airtel

How to check NIN number on Airtel phone number

If your query brought you here, then it looks like you want to know how to check your NIN number on Airtel Phone number.

I know how it feels when we forget our NIN numbers or when we urgently need it to process some stuff. It could be for verification at any government establishments, private firms or banks. It could even get worse if we could no longer find the NIN slip given to us.

The best solution is to find the ideal and easy ways to get your NIN. It is my duty to help you find how you can get it. There are lots of ways to obtain it, among them is going back to the NINC centre but that should take time.

Regardless, there is a proven solution to retrieve the NIN number. All you just need is a phone that houses an Airtel sim card. Well, it does not matter if it is airtel as other GSM networks also support this service.

NIMC is a government establishment that is in charge of national identity in Nigeria with its services covering enrollment, card issuance, verification and authentication of data. It is compulsory for everyone who has attained 18 years or above to go to the NIMC offices for enrollment.

In order to be able to check your NIN number anytime, you must have registered for NIN and also issued a NIN number. This is an 11 digit number only allocated to you, no one else can have the same number.

If you have done the basics, let us look at how you can check NIN number on Airtel phone number.

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How to check my NIN number with Airtel number

  • For checking your NIN number on Airtel, you will be charged N10.
  • If you still have the Airtel number you gave to the official during the NIN registration, dial *121#
  • From the alternatives, choose “1” which is NIN retrieval.
  • Provide the required inputs.
  • You will instantly be provided with your NIN number.

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