how to check bvn on Airtel line

How to check BVN on Airtel network

If you are here to know about how to check your BVN on the Airtel network, then you are in the right place.

Checking your BVN is the second thing to know when you have finally put down your information during BVN registration at your bank. You probably are wondering why you need the BVN code.

You never know when it can be a lifesaver, especially now that private establishments, government bodies, and financial institutions occasionally need it to process stuff.

When was the last time you collected a loan?

Do you care to know why you are being asked to put down your BVN when applying for a loan?
Well, this is part of knowing a customer and also shields you from any possible shady deals.

With your Airtel line, you will be able to check your BVN. The BVN number is sent to your phone upon request and is also shown on your mobile phone screen.

For requesting your BVN, you are charged N20. You will notice that it is better than rushing back to your dwelling. Think of how much time and resources you could save.

If you just need it now, you are also in luck. Your queries may be, how to check bvn on GTB, how to check BVN on First Bank, or how to check bvn on Diamond Bank. Whatever your request, it is the same thing when you request it on your MTN line or on the Glo number.

For this to work, always dial the BVN code from the Airtel phone number or number you used in registering for your BVN.

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How to check BVN with Airtel phone number

  • To have your BVN sent to your Airtel phone number, dial *565*0# from the same number associated with your account.
  • In a few seconds, you will have the BVN number displayed on your phone’s screen and also sent to your inbox.

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