How to unshare glo data

How to unshare data on Glo network

Sometimes, it becomes very necessary to know how to unshare data from the Glo network. A situation may arise when there is a need to remove some or all numbers currently using your Glo data, this will ensure you cut some cost and also save yourself from spending more when your data totally gets depleted.

For those who are still asking what is Glo data sharing? Glo data sharing is a way by why customers on the Glo network allows friends and families who are equally on the network to make use of their Glo data subscription.

You can sort this on your own without reaching out to Glo customer care or any of their of the Glo offices. It is always wise to check your Glo data usage to avoid being thrown out.

How to check numbers using Glo data sharing

It is very easy for someone to play a very fast one on you, especially people that have access to your phone. They can make a lot of changes including adding up their Glo number to Glo data sharing. To avoid this, never give anyone your phone or take a step by using fingerprint, passcode, pin or pattern to secure your phone.

Sometimes, the reason to check numbers currently using your Glo data might be that you could not remember who you added to the list. Glo Nigeria embeds your Glo network with a way to check the list. The options come in two formats, the SMS and USSD format as I like to tag them. Still, I prefer the USSD because it is faster.

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To check numbers using your Glo data, dial *127*00# or send in SMS format “List” to 127. You will receive the list upon request.

How to unshare Glo data

Let us now get back to the most important section of this article, which is how to unshare data on Glo network or stop people from using your Glo.

Meanwhile, another way people could your Glo data is when you have your hotspot on and they have access. There is no stopping them until you off your data, remove them from the hotspot list and change your hotspot passcode.

  • To unshare Glo data, Send “Remove beneficiary’s number” to 127.
  • Alternatively, you can dial *127*02*beneficiary’s glo number# to unshare any Glo number using your data plan.
  • The phone number will immediately be removed from the list.

Who to contact for further help on Glo data sharing

If you are finding it difficult to unshare data on Glo network, the next step is to contact Glo customer care on one of their mediums with my most preferred mode being twitter. Tweet @glocare to have any complaints or enquiries attended to or simply call 121 or 200 for further help.

There is no reason why the above options for unsharing glo data should not work, the only reason why I choose to give another option is that sometimes you might find yourself stuck with a poor network. This gives you another way to have the beneficiary number(s) removed from Glo data sharing.

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