How to check if my MTN sim and phone support 4G LTE

How to check if my MTN sim and phone support 4G network

Everyone abhors slow networks, but at times there is nothing we can do about it especially when our financial muscle is at their low. However, if you own a 4G smartphone, then you are in for a treat with your 4G MTN sim.

From the era of GPRS to LTE. One could say, there have been massive improvements in technology. In this era, it is becoming necessary to own a 4G/LTE phone – Years back, streaming and downloading are left for the night. The introduction of 4G network ensures a better internet connection, giving us a better response when we do things we love doing.

Since MTN introduced 4G after several testings, customers are always asked to upgrade their old MTN sim for free at any MTN office in Nigeria. In return, you will get 4G data and 100% data bonus for about 3 months.

If you do not know the address of any MTN shops near you, you can get in touch with an MTN agent for guides.

4G is also known as LTE. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, a 4th generation tech that delivers very fast internet speed. To even get a better experience with the MTN 4G, MTN introduced MTN 4g+ that has the capacity to deliver internet speed at 200 megabits per second (Mbps).

The 4g+ is similar to what you experienced during the days of Symbian phones, I am sure most of us noticed the sudden increase in internet speed when it changes to MTN 3.75+ at the top corner of your phone.

How to know if your MTN sim and phone is 4G-LTE compatible

  • If you are unsure whether your device or MTN sim is 4G compatible, send “4G” as SMS on your phone to 131.
  • You will get an SMS stating the status of your MTN sim and smartphone.
  • If your smartphone is 4g enabled but your MTN sim is not, simply go to any MTN office near you to upgrade it for free.
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Is MTN 4g sim upgrade free?

You are not just upgrading to MTN 4G, you are getting the MTN 4G+. The best part of this offer is that it is absolutely free and also come with some exciting rewards which have already been discussed.

To have your sim upgrade at any MTN office, simply go with your sim. You do not an identity card and your sim pack. You only need them when your sim is stolen, lost or damaged. Do not pay anyone if you are just upgrading to 4G MTN sim.

Benefits of getting an MTN 4g sim and smartphone

  • Browse, update, upload and download with almost 200Mbps speed.
  • Stream movies and videos without buffering.
  • Engage with web pages with no hitch.
  • Upload and download videos without stress.
  • Stream music effortlessly.

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