Smile Customer Care phone number, email and office

Smile Customer Care phone number, email and office

If you have been using the smile internet service and still have not faced a real issue. I say, “congrats” and not that I expect the worst to happen but one must always be prepared.

To be prepared is to know how you can contact smile customer care when in a difficult position. With the rapid growth in technology, this has presented us with several channels to reach out to customers representative on smile 4G network.

Additionally, not everything will be able to be sorted out via most of the available channels. Some issues might implore you to visit the smile offices. Such issues may have to do with refunds, difficulties in browsing, sim registration, profile update, and many more.

This post will acquaint you on how you can contact smile customer care plus the links will also be given to you.

1. Contact Smile 4g via their customer care line

If you can spare some of your airtime balance, you would be able to get in touch with smile 4g through their phone number. This is a great way to ask for help concerning an issue or even make complaints. If it is something that can be done over the phone, you will be walked through without the need to visit any smile outlet or office.

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If you call and there is no response or phone line is busy, endeavour to call back in the next few minutes.

Calling the smile helpdesk is simply one of the fastest and easiest ways to chat with them. To speak to a smile agent, call +234 0702 044 4444.

2. Contact Smile customer care on twitter

Twitter is another place to connect with brands. It helps businesses keep up with the latest trends, connect with customers within and outside Nigeria, increase awareness, and to promote brands.

Every top company now employs the service of social media manager to help perform such functions including responding to customers’ complaints, enquiries and feedback.

Twitter is no doubt the second best thing to happen in the social media world, with Facebook taking the first position. You can decide to tweet or send a DM for any issues.

To get in touch with smile 4G network, tweet or send a DM to

3. Reach out to Smile customer via Facebook

Another way to reach out to smile customer care is through Facebook. Facebook page provides a perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their customers.

As a customer, you can use the medium to iron issues out or pass feedback across to the smile customer care.

To get an even faster response, always use the comment section. Every firm hates public chastisement, they will have no choice than to help you resolve all issues or complaints you tendered. The DM is also always open as well, you can send them a message and you can such that a customers’ rep will get back to you as possible.

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To reach out to smile 4g network, simply visit

4. Smile customer care via email

If you are not fond of the other channels, you can also reach out to smile service centre via email. The major benefit of using email is that you can write your message as long as possible and also attach files or documents to back it up.

However, the delay in response is something most people will not be able to cope with. At times, you might be lucky.
If you know the risks and still decide to go with it, simply send your email to

5. Chat with smile customer care over the counter

You could just visit any smile office or outlet near you and have your issues or complaints resolved. Smile 4g/LTE operates in over 5 states in Nigeria including Abuja and Lagos, you will always find at least one of their service outlets in your locality.

If you have tried all channels and still not satisfied, you could talk just visit them and talk over the counter. You will be attended to accordingly and you can rest assured you will always meet qualified and experienced smile agents.

From the office, you can also purchase your smile mifi or modem and if you are all about data plans on smile 4g network, that also can be arranged there. As at now, smile LTE currently has over 254 smile outlets in about 8 states in Nigeria.

Smile head office address:

Smile Head Office VI shop
39c Ahmed Onibudo Street,
Victoria Island,

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