how to get winzip free

How to Get WinZip free

Winzip is an encryption and compression software used by a great number of people. It works by ensuring that files or any information are protected and also provides some massive advantages for individuals, corporations, agencies, and any establishments.

Winzip does more than zipping files and your business or your place of work could benefit from the way by which Winzip carries out its main functions which could further lead to a significant reduction in running cost.

Although there are several alternatives to WinZip. Notwithstanding, it has been a popular choice for years and has been trusted to deliver, and knowing how to get a WinZip free trial could give you an idea of what to expect from the premium plan. Meanwhile, there is still more to know before we share how to get WinZip free!


  • It comes with a simple interface making it easier for anyone to use no matter their experience.
  • Winzip supports all file types.
  • It makes use of banking level protection to protect your files.
  • A one-stop file manager that allows you to zip, compress, share and manage all your files.
  • Winzip has a feature that allows you to convert to save as Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • It can be used with hugely popular drives such as google drive, Dropbox, and more.


It helps you to save some costs by reducing the file to a smaller size.

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By having it in a smaller size, the range of frequencies needed to transmit the file will also be reduced.

Uploading, Downloading, and sending files become more reliable and also fast.

The amount spent on archiving emails and the space required for files are largely reduced.

The chance of exceeding server limits or files bouncing back are minimal

The uncompressed file can be easily corrupted. However, by using WinZip to compress them, you are in good hands and more likely to gain the trust of your clients and partners.

Email service providers are known to restrict sizes of attachments, compressing them as one ensures the files go through instead of having multiple attachments.


It is very important to satisfy the system requirements to install Winzip after downloading the software. This will ensure it runs smoothly with no hiccups.

The computer must be running on at least Windows 7, Window XP, or Windows Vista® and also satisfying configuration such as a minimum of 128 MB of RAM, 16Mb of disk space, 15.4 MB of hard disk space, Pentium®-compatible 350MHz or higher processor, and 16Mb of disk space.

Winzip free trial

Apple Mac requires at least version 10.6 with a processor of 64-bit. Once satisfied, you can expect a smooth as the installed file is barely noticed on the computer.


The WinZip free trial is available for 21 days. Visit the Winzip website to begin the countdown of premium offers. Click “TRY IT FREE“, located at the top of the page.

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Once clicked, the download link will open. Save the file into your system. And if you are using a smartphone, you will need to move or copy the file to your computer.

Once done, you are to install it on your computer. This can be done by tapping the “winzip.exe“. A dialogue box will open and you are expected to run it.

There is another option if you are using a Mac. The button to click will be “WinZip Mac Edition


Once your free trial expires on Winzip, you could get the paid plan and there are about three plans to choose from. They are WinZip Standard Suite, WinZip Pro Suite, and WinZip Ultimate Suite.

The WinZip Standard Suite costs $29.95 per year. The WinZip Suite is all in one package for businesses that are looking for more and goes for just $49.95. And we also have the WinZip Ultimate Suite selling at the rate of $99.95/yearly.


Users that have activated the Winzip free trial should cancel it before the expiry date expires provided they intend not to subscribe. Failure to do so means you may lose your money or even pass through the stress of contacting customer support.

Since it is a 21 days trial, you should endeavor to set your calendar alarm to 19 to 20 days so you can have a reasonable period to cancel and remove your cards from the payment gateway.

Meanwhile, you can easily contact them via the email address, as the company offers 30 days money back. If you are unsatisfied or forget to cancel your subscription, you have a lifeline to get your money back.

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When sending mail, ensure that the refund request has the Order confirmation number, Name, and email address used for the purchase, and ensure you have removed all products from your system.

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