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What To Do When Facebook Dating (Notifications) Is Not Working

There have been several complaints from users about the inability to use their Facebook dating especially the notification not working as it ought to.

Other common problems that users experience are the Facebook dating app not loading, app crashing, some features not showing up in the app, and images not loading.

This experience is enough to defeat the purpose of this special feature. One of the purposes of the Facebook dating feature is to make people connect which is only available on their app and without the need for an add-on or any extension.

Meeting the love of your life could become easier as there are billions of people on the social media platform, a big chance there is someone perfect just for you.

Facebook dating was officially launched in the US on September 5 2019 and then went on to 19 other countries including Canada, Denmark, Peru, Bolivia, and the UK. We can expect more states to come into the fold as Facebook improves on this feature.

Let us quickly delve into the paradoxes that seem to be an issue with the Fb dating app.


The reason why your Facebook is not working may differ. To make it easier for you to know why this happens, here are the common reasons why Fb dating stop working:

  • Facebook app is currently unavailable for every user due to upgrades going on or system errors.
  • The internet connection you are on is very poor. Still, an average internet speed should be able to deliver well.
  • Your Facebook notification has been blocked by you or anyone with access to your phone.
  • The Facebook app needs to be updated from your App Store.
  • Your memory is too low which thereby results in consistent app crashes.
  • Facebook app has been blocked to receive internet service by third parties apps like DataEye and GlassWire.
  • Lastly, the cache data of your phone may be corrupted.
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Facebook dating allows you to find the perfect being that is specially tailored just for you. You might be a foodie, then you can find someone like that, and having someone that shares your interest is one of the best feelings. You do not want to miss out on such a fellow because of an error that may easily be avoided by you.

Also, the Facebook notification should always work because you do not know when a notification becomes one of the highlights of your love life. The notification normally informs you when you have a match or when a message from your crush hits your inbox. These are important details you will need if you are to get someone with similar interests.

If you are not getting any of these notifications, you could miss out on that special someone. There are billions of people on Facebook, and someone worth knowing could probably end up with another because you failed to address the issue quickly.


If you do not have any data saver apps that have stopped the Facebook dating notifications from working, then you should try to check if you have not mistakenly turned Facebook off.

To manage data usage and for the sake of DND, Android now comes with an option that allows people to manage notifications on apps.

  • To check whether the Facebook app is working, simply tap and hold the app.
  • Click “Application details”, and then tap “App notifications”. Enable the Facebook app if it is not on. You should also enable Notification Dot.
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Sometimes, Facebook crashes could be that you are opening more than apps that your phone memory can take.

Some phones are not structured to handle several apps at the same time. For instance, a 512 RAM phone with a poor chipset would struggle. This way, there is nothing much to do except to open one or a few apps at a time.

Sometimes, your cache data might be corrupt, and below is a quick solution for that:

  • Click and hold the Facebook app for a second.
  • Click “Application details or App Info”.
  • Tap “Storage”.
  • Click “Clear cache” to remove the corrupt data.
  • Now you can restart the app and login again using your details.


First tip

The first thing you should do is to check if your internet is working fine. Check by visiting other apps that you may have installed. If they work fine, then your internet setting and connection look good.

Meanwhile, you could also know if all is good with the internet by refreshing your Facebook timeline. If it brings out fresh results, then it is okay.

Second tip

Restarting your Facebook app could be the trick that fixes this issue.

Experiments have proven that when you close and restart apps, it not only fixes issues but also runs even faster.

Why not give this a try?

Third tip

Sometimes, it could be that an update has been provided which you have not done. Go to your App Store and update the app.

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Check again if it fixes it.

Fourth tip

The Facebook dating app not working is probably not your fault. It could be from the developer’s end.

The best way to confirm is to investigate if other users have been having the same problem. If yes, there is nothing you can do but wait.

Facebook will no doubt be working on fixing the minor issues, perhaps a bug.

Fifth Tip

If after trying all, the issue still occurs. You can delete the Facebook app and reinstall it again. The app is available for download on your phone app store.

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