how to know if my glo sim and phone support 4G LTE

How to know if my Glo sim and phone support 4G network

Let us talk about how to know if your Glo sim and smartphone support the 4G/LTE. Most of us just buy phones without knowing if it supports 2g, 3g or 4g/lte.

I always advise people to visit to find more information about phones before purchasing one at any store or online store. I have been using the site for years and the accuracy is just about 95% or more. If your phone support 4g, you will see it listed on the site plus other specifications you may not even know about.

Having a 4g Glo sim card and smartphone is becoming important as the world continues to see great improvement in technology. 2G used to be a big deal, not until phones started using a more advanced operating system. The old 2g no longer impresses unless you are using push-button phones that run on java. 3G or 3G+ is still fair but what if you can do even better with Glo 4g-lte?

LTE is the same as 4g, LTE is an acronym for Long Term Evolution. Glo 4g-LTE is the latest one from Globacom, it offers ultra fast Internet speed. With Glo 4g, you could download about 450mb of movies in just a few minutes.

To enjoy this service, you will need to purchase a new Glo sim or upgrade your Glo sim to 4G.

You can have your sim upgraded to 4g for free, all you have to do is visit any Glo shop near you to have it done. Glo opens from monday to Saturday. You do not need to go with your sim card pack or Govt-issued ID card. Just go with your Glo sim card and your 4g smartphone. If you are having problems with locating any Glo office, simply chat with a Glo customer representative for help.

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When Glo Nigeria was first launched, most subscribers complained about not being able to use 4g despite having a 4G-Lte phone and sim. The reason was because Subscribers had problems with Glo band 28(700) as most devices like Tecno, Infinix and Itel came out with band 3(1800).

Glo 4G / LTE is now available on LTE band 3(1800), customers should no longer have problems with using the Glo 4g. They should be able to connect to fast internet connection when they subscribe to Glo data plans. Your smartphone should at least support Glo band 28(700) or band 3(1800) to enjoy thIs service.

Benefits of upgrading to Glo 4G-LTE

  1. Enjoy faster downloads and uploads when you connect via the Glo 4G-LTE.
  2. Watch movies and videos without the annoying buffering.
  3. Engage better with web pages with no complications.
  4. Enjoy your favourite music easily.

How to check if my Glo sim card and smartphone can use Glo 4G-LTE network

  • To check if your Glo sim and Phone is 4G compatible, simply text 4G to 400.
  • You will get a status message, stating if your phone and Glo sim could use 4G or compatible.
  • If it’s your Glo sim, you will need to visit Glo office to have your Glo sim upgraded.
  • If not, you may need to change your Phone to 4g smartphone to enjoy Glo LTE. However since Glo now operates on 3(1800), most phones now support Glo LTE network.

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