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Wema Bank Recharge Code – How To Load Credit

Loading credit on your phone does not have to be zig-zag, there are now quicker, reliable and secure means using Wema Bank Airtime Recharge Code.

Wema Bank has been around for some time and remains one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. Having said that, one could conclude that it is just another bank which is not going anytime soon.

The simple recharge code from Wema Bank is a way the bank is using to make sure that customers have a way of getting airtime anytime or any day including weekends, holidays or during the wee hours.

How many times have we suddenly caught off from doing what we love during on the internet or calls end abruptly because of Airtime?

If you are a small business owner, you will agree with me that having the capacity to talk anytime is one of the ways to keep the business rolling. In a relationship as well, it is one of the keys to keeping the bonds and affections alive, so they say, “communication aids relationship”

You can now keep them buzzing with Wema Bank Airtime Recharge Code. If you have not yet had an idea on how to go about it, this article will clearly help out.

What You Should Know About Wema Bank Airtime Recharge Code

Like all banks in Nigeria, Wema Bank also has its conditions before you can start using the Wema bank shortcodes.

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First, you must have an account with wema bank. The account can be opened at the bank or on your Phone. If you decide to open at the bank, you will need to provide a copy of your utility bill, passport photograph and a valid ID card.

For the utility bill, you can use a Nepa bill, waste bill or water bill. The bank accepts all government-regulated ID cards including driver’s license, national id card and voter’s card. On presentation and filling of standard form, your wema account should be opened in no time.

After providing the necessary details including your mobile phone number and email, ensure you continue to use it so you can have access to your account information. However, if you changed any of them or both, simply go to your bank to update your information.

Wema Bank Charges and Limit On Airtime Purchase

Buying airtime for yourself or third parties is charged at N0. It does not matter who the third party is, they could be family, friends, acquaintances or others, it is the same for everyone.

However, customers will only be able to recharge up to N10,000 in a day. This transaction limit set is to protect them.

How To Buy Airtime From Wema Via Wema Bank Recharge Code

  • To buy airtime for yourself, dial *945*Amount# (eg *945*400) from the mobile number linked with your account.
  • To top up airtime for family, friends and others, simply dial *945*Recipient’s number*Amount# (eg *945*08123456789*500).
  • Enter your 4 digits transaction pin to complete the airtime purchase. If you do not yet have it, the system will guide you on how to create one using your debit card.
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How To Create a Transaction Pin For Wema Bank Transaction

  • For newly opened account with wema bank, dial *945*100#
  • Enter your account number.
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Create new pin.
  • Confirm the new pin by retyping it.
  • Existing customers should dial *945*50# and follow prompts.

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