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NNU Income Program: Login, Review & Payment Proofs


NNU Income program (NIP) is no doubt a household name in Nigeria and beyond. Despite the popularity it enjoys, most people still do not know how NNU income program works or NNU program is a scam or legit.

The first time I got to notice NNU income program was when A friend shared on her facebook. At first, it did not move me a bit until it becomes a name on most of my friends’ lips.

I understand most people are still not sure if NNU Income Program is the real deal but with what I have seen so far and experienced, I have no doubt NNU income program might be all you need to earn that extra and quick cash.

And yes, it does not matter whether you are a student, businessmen and women, full or part time worker, full housewives or whatever status you fit in. NNU income program just got you covered.

Remember that the aim of this post is to explain it to you as simple and clear, and that is what we will do as we move on the ladder.

What is NNU Income program all about?

NNU Income Program is an online and legit business platform where you can earn cash or deal with financial problems in Nigeria.

NNU Income program provides you with the avenue to earn cash on a monthly basis, dependent on how much efforts you are willing to put.

NNU means Nigeria News Update, a site where you can make more than NGN40000 by just reading sharing contents on facebook, reading news, comment, posting forum topics and sharing sponsored posts on social media.

Benefits of Nigeria news update Income program (NNU)

You might be asking why you should join NNU, the sole reason you join NNU Income program is definitely to make money.

It just does not stop there as you have a lot more to enjoy aside the main motive. Who will not love to make extra bucks especially if it is this easy as NNU scheme.

Now we have been able to point out the major reason, the other reasons to enjoy are:

  • There is always something to read everyday when you login to your account. You want to make money and you need access to a lot o contents. Good thing is that the team regularly update so you can get your bonus.
  • Timely update and information whenever possible.
  • When was the last time you got paid by just contributing your own quota in the comment box? Well, it is prettyy different from NNU. You are taken care anytime anyday as there are lots of forum that fit into your profile.
  • You also get to earn bonus by sharing sponsored posts on facebook or twitter. Is it not amazing to know you can easily raked in as much as NGN50000 every month? The average Nigerians do not make that as profit every month.
  • Referring people to join is at your own will. Refer or not, you will still be able to earn cash using other ways.
  • You only make a one time payment of NGN1600 which is very affordable. Imagine how much you can get every month by doing what have already been discussed.
  • This is not a ponzi scheme, it is not like what you have heard or experienced. Paul samson is respectable and a Nigerian, has behind him a team of nigerians as well who is working for the same goal and objectives.
  • Earn 1,000 for referring anyone into the community which is subject to registration and approval.

Is nnu.ng legit?

Is nnu a scam or legit? This is the usual question on anyone who wants to start or want to have idea of what they are really into. Who will blame them?

There have been a lots of scheme which look promising on the outside only to discover that they are just bidding their time for the payday.

Like I said, Paul Samson is respectable and a Nigerian to the core. An internet marketer, freelancer, entrepreneur and a blogger who has written his name in gold already. He is also managing coolnaira and eboss.

Coolnaira is also a referral network which is believed to have about 70000 subscribers and have already part with 15,000,000 within 1 year.

For eboss, an empowerment network with about 5,000 members, NGN60,000,000 has already been paid within 6 months.

The success story did not start today, he is a man who knows exactly what to do and how to do.

How to make money on NNU Income Program (NIP)

There are to ways available for you to make money with Nigeria News Update Income Program.

1. NNU Ad Revenue Sharing (NARS)

NNU Ad Revenue Sharing allows user to earn income after taking cares of other expenses. It is like a partnership with NNU.

By logging into your account everyday, comment, reading posts, posting forum topic, and sharing sponsored post, you are entitled to certain amount after other expenses have been met.

By just making NNU your news and information anchor, you are paid for that.

2. NNU Affiliate Program (NAP)

On NNU Affiliate Program, you can earn NGN1000 by just inviting anyone to register through your affiliate link and then get approved.

The more people you bring into the fold, the more money you earn on NNU Income Program. If you are able to get 20 people registered and approved on NNU, you will be making extra cash of NGN20000 aside taking part in other activities earlier mentioned.

Don’t worry about filling in for application again after getting approved on NNU, you are automatically an affiliate when you registered and your account gets approved.

5 Options to make money from NNU Income Program

There are 5 options available to make money every month on NNU Income Program.

  • Daily Login: By login into your account and reading post everyday, you can earn NGN50 or more depending on the daily revenue for the day. The more you active on this platform, the money your money increases.
  • Post Forum Topic: Earning money posting forum topic is fixed. By posting a relevant and interesting post, you earn for NGN100 for each when it gets approved on the NNU Income Program.
  • NAP & NARS: being an affiliate, you can earn NGN1000 on any person you invited and get approved on NNU income program. As a nars, you earn based on the ad revenue and that is subject to after administrative expenses have been taking care of.
  • By reading posts and commenting: You can earn NGN2 or more when you read post and contribute. What you earn depends on revenue from daily ad.
  • By sharing sponsored posts on social platforms as Facebook & Twitter: everyday, each member is assigned a post to share daily on social media.
    You can get your assigned post on your dashboard and you earn N100 for any sponsor post you shared to facebook or twitter.

All these can earn you up to NGN40000 or more depending on how you take the business.

How to register and start earning with NNU Income Program (NIP)

To register and start earning with NNU Income program, you need to have on ground a sum of NGN1600 which can be paid through paystack online payment or coupon code.

NNU recently announced they have disabled bank transfer because of the difficulty they face whenever they want to confirm payment.

For now the mode of payment is through online or purchasing coupon code from NNU approved agent or coupon distributors which ever you call it.

  • Click > https://nnu.ng/nip?a=nnu to join the growing list of NNU Income Program Community.
  • Fill evey detail correctly and make payment of NGN1600 to authenticate your account with NNU.
  • If you have a coupon code, select coupon and apply the code but if you are using online payment method, you will choose paystack.
  • Go through the details again to be sure it is correct.
  • Select, “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions.”
  • Click on “make payment” and follow on-screen prompts.

NNU Income Program app download

NNU app download allows you easy access to the site. It provides you with apk file which is then installed on your android mobile phone.

The file size is light as it is less than 2mb. It wont take much space on your phone. Whether you are using low end phone or premium, the app got you covered.

To download NNU Income APP, click NNU APP Download

NNU Income Program Testimonies – What people are saying

Durodola Abraham Odunayo from facebook, “Upon receiving this message, I thought it was this normal ‘2055’ text.
Upon viewing it I got this alert. Thank you NNU. It came at the right time, meeting needs.”

@Iamsheunski on twitter, “My 2nd NNU alert came through as usual. Stop wasting your data’s on unnecessary things why u won’t get a reward for it…u can make use of your data reading news while u have a reward for it at the end of the..”

Jeremiah Tolu from facebook, “After much anticipation couple with prayer an fasting/patience my october/2nd payment is here. Thanks to Mr paul n continue the good work. Long live NNU”

@OpeyemiOfficial on twitter, “#TheRealDeal2018 NNU alert is d real deal and let’s eradicate poverty in dis Nigeria… My alert proof dis mornin below”

@iam_omawumig on instagram, “My dance step when I receive my next alert … #NNU _Income #happytime #happyfriday #h20 #landsurveying #issagoal @ Tabernacle of David,RCCG,ajah ilaje”

@AHabubaka on twitter
First Alert of the Year coming from NNU INCOME. IF I NOR DO NNU WETIN I GAIN

Ayebatarighebofa E Kia on facebook, “Thanks to God almighty for giving this man Paul Samson the idea of NNU… just paid me today… NNU rule”

Payment Proofs of NNU

We are living in a world where you need more to convince you, having provided you with testimonies from NNU Income. We thought it might be cool to show you some payment proofs.

There are lots more but we believe this few would be able to convince you that NNU is real. Legit if it is the name you want to call it.

Nnu income paymentIs nnu.ng real

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