how to transfer glo airtime

How to transfer Glo Airtime to another number

How to transfer Glo Credit to another number using These Simple Steps

Do you have that relative or friend who is always asking you for Airtime or you just want to know how to transfer to another?

Every mobile network in Nigeria makes it possible to share your airtime with whoever you want to share with. But for today we will be writing on Glo.

Just as Share and Sell are to MTN, Me2U is to Airtel and EasyShare is to Glo. Glo EasyShare is one of the many features Glo which allows you to share Credit with anyone on the Glo network.

Just like other mobile networks, In order to guide against the use of unauthorized access on your phone, Globacom, as it is fondly called was able to provide a default pin.

Glo EasyShare can come in handy especially when you are in a school environment, you need some money. You can sell part of your balance for cash.

Before we move to the business of today, we should know how to change the pin. You don’t want to wake up one day only to discover that your account balance of 1000 now reads 0.

How to Change Pin

Glo allows you to change your pin in order to protect against unauthorized access to your account balance.

Glo default Pin has 5 numbers compared to the others. The default pin is 00000.

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You change your pin by dialing *132* Default Pin*New Pin*New Pin#
i.e *132*00000*34343*34343#

You will receive a confirmation message when done.

How to transfer Glo Credit to another

To Transfer Glo Credit, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount*Password#

i.e *131*08051111112*100*34343#.

You will receive a text message once the transfer is completed.

Note: You will notice that we used the new pin for the completion of the transfer.

Things to note

1. Globacom only allows transfer of credit in Naira amount and not in kobo. i.e you can transfer NGN70 and not N70.26.

2. You can also use EasyShare on Glocafe which can be found in the play store.

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