iPhone Vs Android Which Is Better For You

iPhone Vs Android: Which Is Better For You?

There have been different opinions as to which device type is better. The two major smartphones that have dominated the market are the Android and iPhone. Both have unique features that make them a preference for users.

Most tech experts will vote against using an Android device whereas others may resent it. In trying to choose which smartphone is best for you, it is important to note that both smartphone devices have their pros and cons.

Before anyone sets out to buy a new smartphone, several factors are put in place such as price, flexibility, usage, operating systems, ease of usage, multimedia and storage capacity, etc. Selection between Android & iPhone is further made after a thorough scrutiny of your choice.

iPhone Vs Android: Which Is Better For You?
If you’re still confused about whether to buy an Android or an iPhone, this article will help you choose which is better for you by comparing both features of the smartphones

Chronicles of iPhone vs Android

Before the invention of iPhone devices, other mobile phones were dominating the market such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, and many more, and although these phones are still in existence today, Apple iPhone was introduced to simplify the mobile computing process.

Google on the other hand was released a few months after the release of the first iPhone device in other to compete with other phones in the global market.

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If you are looking to choose between the most ancient and durable mobile device, an iPhone comes into the picture, while some tech experts may argue that Google integrated similar features with that of an iOS device. However, both phones have maintained their high standards in the global market.

Ease of usage

Both Android and iOS devices are easy to use and control in terms of navigation processes, processing speeds, switching between landscape and portrait views, etc. However, Android devices are highly recommended if you want to personalize your mobile experience.

Android phones allow users to customize their phone to suit their taste such as choosing amongst billions of themes and wallpapers, integrating the use of third-party applications, choosing between a magnified or normal view, etc.


Price is a major determinant when choosing between an Android and an iPhone. Most iPhones are very expensive when compared with an android device, for example, the most pricey iPhone device costs over $48m, while on the other hand, the most expensive Android phone costs less than $2 million.

There is no doubt that iPhone devices are made for middle-class and upper-class users while Android devices are for the general public. So there you have it, if you are keen on getting a luxurious phone, choose an iPhone, and choose an Android for affordability.

Application and Game

Both smartphone devices allow users to run and install numerous software application programs, but Android users enjoy more benefits since there are billions of applications and games available on the Google play store, and other third-party app stores. Android users can always browse the Google play store library for all types of apps/games that suit their needs at no cost.

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iPhone users on the other hand are limited to the few available software applications in the Apple store. The downside is that most of this application software is not free to use, and iOS users are not permitted to install application software from other third-party stores like CNET.

Voice Assistants

Android and iPhone devices feature the use of voice automated commands. Google voice assistant offers distinctive features when compared with Apple Siri in the sense that Siri is only limited to answering questions users ask with the aid of speech-input processes.

On the other hand, Google voice assistant carries out numerous functions while integrating other Google-supported apps to help users while they go on with their daily activities. For example, you can use Google voice assistant to set reminders for an important event or action without needing to access your phone calendar or clock.

Software Updates

Software updates constitute an integral part of the major computing devices and are essential to boost performance. Google updates come up short when put against Apple updates since IOS updates occur more frequently.
Frequent updates also boost phone security and help reduce malware and other viruses to the lowest minimum.


All smartphones are highly encrypted, but an Android device is more vulnerable to attacks since users can download and install pirated applications from other sources. Google and Apple offer online protection for their users by performing an in-depth search for viruses and malware before an app is displayed.

Since Android users can always install their apps and games from other sources that do not check for Trojan malware, they risk being exposed to these forms of attacks. iPhones on the other hand are more rigid and only permit fewer apps on the app store while minimizing the risk of virus attacks.

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Battery Life

Battery life is another important factor to consider when choosing between an iPhone and an Android device. To some people, a phone is as good as dead without a good battery life since the phone functions better with standard battery life.
iPhone comes up short in this category as the battery is not long-lasting compared with Android devices, and iPhone users are often mocked for being inseparable from their power banks.


Most iPhone devices have better cameras when compared with Android devices although it’s the same to note that Samsung devices serve as a great competition for the best of the best iPhone devices however, fewer Android devices can meet iPhone standards.
If you want a clearer picture and video recordings, it is best to choose an iPhone device.

In conclusion, there exists a high demand for both Android and iPhone devices in the market. iPhones are luxurious gadgets, and ever trending globally compared with Android devices. But Android devices function better and are much more affordable and flexible while integrating the majority of IOS features.

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