I love you in Portuguese

I love you in Portuguese | Ways to say it in Brazilian Portuguese

To love is to embrace someone and all that they are. Love is beautiful and is a universal language that everyone speaks. One of the most stunning ways to convey your feeling is telling that special one I love you in Portuguese.

You may also be getting along well with someone from a Portuguese-speaking country, and you want to take that to the next level. A line thrown in Portuguese would have more weight than you think. And if that is not enough, you might want to consider other ways to say I love you in Portuguese.

When you have used “I love you” so many times, you will want to deviate from the usual as it is now getting boring. And here we have got some ideas for you!

What is “I love you” in Portuguese?

Before we go on with providing the translation for I love you, there are things you should know about the language and also the Brazilian Portuguese.

i love you in Brazilian Portuguese

At times, I love you in Brazilian Portuguese do come up on search engines which can be very confusing. This is why we must clear the air on that.

Although both languages are much the same, there are still few noticeable differences between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. Both nationalities speak the same language. However, the way and manner that they are pronounced are different.

I love you” in Portuguese is “te amo” You can equally say “eu te amo” which also means the same for either Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese.

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Other beautiful ways to say I love you in Brazilian Portuguese

I love you in Portuguese

1. What is “I like you” in Portuguese

If you are not confident enough to tell someone you love him or her, an expression such as “I like you” may be one of those simple words you can use to gain their attention first.

This can also be said to someone you are fond of, or who has impressed you. By using the words, you are basically indirectly telling someone you like him or her and you will want to know them better. This may be the start of greater things to come.

I like you in Portuguese is “Eu gosto de você

2. How do I say, “I adore you” in Portuguese

“I adore you” is another word you could use if you choose not to make use of “I love you” for reasons known to you.

You can say, “I adore you” to friends, families, or anyone you are romantically involved with. It is a simple way of telling them that you are very fond of them. It can also be used for anyone you are trying to woo.

“I love you” is not old-fashioned, but sometimes you need to pass a message indirectly and this is one of the many words that could get you the attention of who you are trying to date.

I adore you” in Portuguese means “eu te adoro

3. How do I say “I am falling in love with you” in Portuguese

Saying “I am falling in love with you” is another beautiful way to tell someone you want to date them. This can be used if you have seen them on multiple occasions and you feel it is time to make your intention known.

You can have it delivered in Portuguese, but for someone who is not from there, you can drop it as a text message. By dropping it as text messages, you make it easier for them to look up the meaning in English on the net.

I am falling in love with you in Portuguese means “estou a apaixonar-me por ti

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4. What is “Can I get to know you” in French?

We can’t rule the fact that we all tend to appreciate someone that shows courtesy and using a phrase such as “Can I get to know you” is a good example. This looks simple, yet the main intent is easily known.

Using the words is no different from saying you want to go into a relationship with that special fellow. This is a phrase you want to use if you do not want to overwhelm. Getting to know someone might take a while, but the process will reveal everything worth knowing and how to play nicely with them as each individual comes with different traits and weaknesses.

Can I get to know you” in Portuguese means “Posso te conhecer

5. How to say “We will make a great pair” in Portuguese

Making a great pair means they are going to do well together as a couple. Not direct like “I love you”, but it is easy to know the main intention. This can be used if you are trying to get someone to date or go into a deep relationship with you.

If this seems cool to you, we will propose you have it delivered in Portuguese, although it largely depends on who the person is.

We will make a great pair” in Brazilian Portuguese means “Faremos um ótimo par

6. How do I say “I feel at peace when I am with you” in French

Feeling shy or finding it difficult to tender what you feel for someone?

You can take it slowly by making use of this phrase, “I feel at peace when I am with you” This is another nice way of telling someone you want to be part of their life.

The word is capable of softening almost anyone. The fact is everyone wants to be loved rightly and making such a statement as big as that may help. You are not only telling him or her that you love them but their presence matters.

To use the phrase, “I feel at peace when I am with you” in Portuguese, you will say, “Eu me sinto em paz quando estou com você

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7. What is “You are so beautiful/cool” in Portuguese?

Whether it is pure flattery or not, it might also come in handy when you are trying to get someone or convey your desire. This expression can also be used even if you have no romantic feeling for someone, as it always has a way of pricking anyone’s interest.

If you play well and nicely, it might work out in your favor. Beautiful is used for females while cool could be used for both genders. You can also use “Handsome” for males.

You are so beautiful” in Portuguese means “Você é tão lindo” while You are so cool in Portuguese is translated as “Você é tão legal

Beautiful – Lindo
Cool – legal
Handsome – Linda

8. What is “I care about you” in Portuguese

A nice expression such as “I care about you” will not go unnoticed. I have also used it many times and can assure you it always works wonders for my chances. It does not necessarily have to be on someone you are in love with, it could be platonic as well.

Saying you care for someone is letting them know you do care about them. Add some flavor by delivering it in Portuguese.

I care about you” in Portuguese means “eu me importo com você

9. How do I say, “I can’t stop thinking of you” in Portuguese

One of the cute words to use instead of “I love you” is using the word, “I can’t stop thinking of you”

This word definitely carries a weighted message, anyone told that should easily get the message. However, you may want to go further.

It can also be used for friends, close families, or someone you have a very close relationship with. It takes effort to deliver it in Portuguese especially if you have not been from any of the Portuguese-speaking countries. This I can assure you that they will understand.

I can’t stop thinking of you” in Portuguese means “Não consigo parar de pensar em você

10. How do you say “You are everything to me” in Portuguese

“You are everything to me” is basically telling someone you really love them and want to be with them for life. Such a nice expression can have a massive effect on the way a conversation goes especially when the relationship is now deep or has started gathering pace.

It is another phrase that is capable of replacing “I love you” and should never be left out. “You are everything to me” in Portuguese means “Você é tudo para mim

Another awesome expression that closely follows is “you are my world‘ and the Portuguese translation means “você é o mundo para mim

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