Is Telegram Banned In China

Is Telegram Banned In China? How To Access It?

  • China residents can now access Telegram in 2023 with no restrictions from the Chinese government.
  • Telegram– an harmless social media app text messaging and media-sharing options can be unblocked in China using a VPN like Windscribe.

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps in app stores with billions of users around the world. The uniquely designed social media app was launched to wipe out WhatsApp- a similar messaging app with media-sharing options.

Telegram has helped billions of people, businesses, etc act as a channel of communication and allow its users to share instant text messages and media. Although the app seems harmless, the app has reportedly been restricted from countries like China, and residents of China have been forced to choose other forms of social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, etc.

Is Telegram Banned In China?

Yes, The Telegram app was banned by the Chinese government because of the ideology about the app being used to support human rights activists who are a threat to the state government, while many believed the app was blocked because the country already has its social media text messaging app “WeChat” and that the Chinese government wants its citizens to adopt it..

Non-residents of China who travels to the country usually find themselves in a state of shock when they discover that a harmless app like Telegram has been restricted from the state. What’s next after discovering that Telegram is banned in China? Fret not as this publication is centered on shining the torch on how to bypass the ban on the Telegram app in China.

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How To Access Telegram In China?

Residents of China can now bypass the ban on the Telegram app in their country. What this implies is that Chinese residents can now utilize the app without any form of restriction, and can also use the web version to access their Telegram account.
You can achieve unlimited access to the app by using:


A virtual private network popularly known as the VPN can be used to alter or change a device location through the process of assigning a virtual location to the user. You can use a VPN to connect to a country outside of China, and Asia, and browse the web with up to 90% anonymity.

VPNs were primarily designed to change a device location, but they also allow people to unblock websites, bypass payments on apps, etc. The main aim of a VPN server remains to protect users’ security, and prevent government officials, and hackers from tracking them easily.

Since the Telegram app usage is not restricted from being used in all countries, you can connect your VPN server to a country where Telegram is adopted by the state government. For example, since the Telegram app is legally allowed in a country like the United States, you may choose to connect your VPN to any state in the United States and access Telegram with 0% restrictions.

The sad news is that some VPN servers are restricted from China, it’s therefore important to get the best VPN that can bypass China restrictions.

Choosing The Best VPN To Access Telegram

There are thousands of VPN apps, and software’s to choose from when surfing the web, and you can always use a VPN server for free while some VPNs may require you to pay a monthly or yearly fee to stay connected.

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Choosing a VPN in China will enable you to surf the web, and access all blocked sites such as Telegram web or Telegram app since a VPN can make your device feel like it’s in a different country, and the Chinese government does not have the power to limit the usage of Telegram in other countries.

You can always try out numerous VPNs, but below are some of the VPN servers that work, and enable you to unblock the Telegram app in China:

Switch VPN

If you’re looking to bypass the Telegram ban in China without spending a dime, then the switch VPN is your best bet. The app does not only give you access to the Telegram app and its web version, but it also enables you to access any other blocked website in the country or a foreign country.

In other to make this work, open the app and connect to any server of your choice. For example, you may choose to change your device location to the United Kingdom of Canada. Once your VPN app is connected, you can thus browse for free.

Windscribe VPN

This is a popular VPN service that allows users to connect to numerous locations. The great thing about Windscribe VPN is that a Windows, Linux, and iOS version which means you can install it on your personal computer and make it work.

Users may choose the free version of the app or choose to upgrade to the pro version while enabling them to test all locations with no data restrictions. You’ll be getting good value for your money as the app will enable you to unblock Telegram in the state.

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In summary, you can always try out any VPN of your choice when trying to access Telegram from china,. However, if you’re interested in choosing the paid version of a VPN, ensure they offer back at least 7 days money back guarantee, so you can get a repayment plan if you are not satisfied with the VPN service.

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