BEST Free Plagiarism Checkers Online

12 BEST Free Plagiarism Checkers Online 2023

In a world where nothing is new, one would think plagiarism is inevitable, but remember, one of the best ways of rating a well-written work is how unique your expression is, even though you have the same idea.

I remember treating plagiarism as one of the elements of corruption in a GST course during my first year at the university. It shows how displeasing plagiarism can be, both in the academics and online world.

Whenever work is cited wrongly, whether intentionally or unintentionally, you’re already a culprit of plagiarism, and it may attract punishment because it is unethical.

Nevertheless, there are tools available to help you escape this problem. These plagiarism checking tools go a long way in scanning your work and marking out areas that are plagiarized. However, whenever you’re on an academic project or before publishing material online, to be on the safe side, it is highly advised that you run them through any of the plagiarism checkers.

List of Best Plagiarism Checker Website tools

In this article, I’ll carefully take you through the best free tools for checking plagiarism in 2022

1. Duplichecker

duplichecker free plagiarims checker tool

Ever wondered why Dupli checker is one of the most used plagiarism checking tools even to date? Well, it is because Duplichecker is very handy, easy to use, and free. It has its way of going into deep search and presenting a plagiarism-free outcome. Dupli checker presents its results in percentage, making it highly coordinated. There are no fears for Pop up ads while working with Dupli checkers. And the privacy of your document is highly guaranteed. With the API-based technology and multilingual support, bloggers, teachers, Students enjoy this tool.


  • Free
  • Accurate results
  • Deep search
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple file formats are supported.


  • Though all registered users of Dupli checkers have access to 50 searches per day, unregistered users have just 1.
  • 1000 words are the limit per plagiarism check

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2. Plagiarisma


Lots of teachers, students, and essayists go for Plagiarisma while checking their work for plagiarism because it is simple and free. Plagiarisma is used alternatively to Turnitin and Copyscape. Plagiarisma works on Windows, Blackberry, Androids, moodily, web, and it is supported on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Scholar, and Books.

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  • Supports over 190 languages
  • It supports different document formats
  • Presents results and reports in percentage
  • No word limit per plagiarism check.


  • Uploaded documents are not saved.

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3. Quetext

quetext-free plagiarism checker

Before now, Quetext was just a tool for correction and enabling plagiarism checks. Then, not all plagiarized context was detected due to its less advanced technology.

But now, Quetext has become gigantic in what it does, metamorphosing into one of the best plagiarism checkers on the internet today.

Quetext has both paid and free versions. The free version is okay to use as a starter. It comes with plagiarism checks on 5 pages (2,500 words), ColorGrade™ feedback, contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring.

But the paid version has the chance to access 200 pages (100,000 words) through the plagiarism checker, DeepSearch™ Extended, Citation Assistant, a downloadable originality report, custom URL exclusion, interactive snippet text, and premium support just for $9.99 monthly.


  • Free to some extent
  • Easy to use


  • Sometimes failed the mark: The tool is not so accurate, we quickly tested the tool by copying a large chunk of text from their page into the tool and it came out as plagiarism-free, so be the judge.

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4. Small SEO Tool

plagiarism-checker by small SEO tools

Just as its name, small SEO tools”, it is mainly a tool for online website marketers usage. It is free and easy to access. With this tool, you can get your text checked for plagiarism and have the results in percentage.

A small SEO tool supports multiple languages and also allows you to share your reports and results generated with ease.

Though the SEO tool is basic and not so intense in its plagiarism detection, most website owners and marketers love it because it is free of charge and easy to use.


  • Texts can be uploaded via URL, local files, or copy and paste
  • Free and easy to use


  • Not so accurate
  • Maximum of 1000 words per check

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5. Edubirdie


Edubirdie has fallen into the list of my free plagiarism checkers in 2022 because it is. Edubirdie is one good plagiarism tool used mostly by students for their essays and assignments to ensure that the work submitted is original and unique.

A fact is that a free tool can’t be compared to that paid for. This is to say that, the plagiarism detection of this tool is not top-notch, however, it can serve the purpose when you have to check plagiarism in a less professional context or just a school assignment.

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  • No limit per plagiarism check
  • Free


  • Does not detect all plagiarized texts
  • The website may have some control over your article ( your work is not private and secured.)

Vist tool

6. Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker


This tool is still one of the best free tools for checking plagiarism. It is used by teachers, students, online marketers, and bloggers. It has a free version that provides a quick shallow plagiarism check and a pause version that provides a deep plagiarism check.

This tool searches each sentence using the Google search engine to detect plagiarism. Perhaps it’s easy to use this tool while checking for plagiarism in a few sentences, it becomes extremely confusing when the work to be checked is much.


  • No word limit per search
  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Becomes more complicated when a large number of words are involved
  • Don’t highlight plagiarised texts.

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7. Plag Scan


Plagscan is one of the free, not-free plagiarism checking tools in 2022. As earlier stated, the tool, allows for free trials, after which you’re to pay to enjoy further the features earlier seen. The free trial is granted for the first 2000 words.

Plag scan supports different methods of uploading files. It could be from the computer, copy and paste texts or upload via Dropbox and Google drive


  • Accurate
  • Easy to use


  • Only free trials are enjoyed as charges come afterward. $5,99 for private users per month, while schools, universities, or companies start from $19,99 per month.

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8. Paper Rater

Paper rater -Free_Plagiarism_Checker_for_Teacher_and_Students_

The paper rater is more like an all-in-one tool that provides text services like grammar check and proofreading, vocabulary building, and plagiarism check. It is highly accurate and dies not to check for plagiarism be a sentence but rather paragraph or so, making plagiarism detection less complicating. PPP.


  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Highly secured texts


  • Only the premium subscribers get all plagiarism detected. The basic is free but doesn’t detect all plagiarism.

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9. Copy Scape


Copyscape remains a popular name amongst the plagiarism checkers we have today. You can enter an article’s URL into Copyscape checking space or copy and paste the text to check if it matches published web pages for plagiarism. Online writers, Essayists, teachers, and students also use this tool to access their work and check for plagiarism.

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  • plagiarised contents are detected quickly and easily
  • Not so costly
  • Check entire website contents for plagiarism


  • Does not save reports
  • Not very useful for self-editing
  • A pro version with more features
  • Limited use per month for free users

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10. Plagium


Plagium is a good plagiarism checker that helps you check your paperwork side by side for plagiarism. It can easily detect content copied from other content on the web and even on social media platforms.

The basic version is free and provides only quick plagiarism search and check, while the paid version provides deep search and check.


  • Up to 5000 words per search
  • percentage accuracy shown


  • You need to sign your account to access Plagium
  • The basic version of Plagium provides just a quick search

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11. Plagiarism Detector

plagiarism detector

Plagiarism Detector is a free online plagiarism checker with a percentage, the tool uses artificial intelligence to uncover plagiarism in texts and web pages; an essay checker software that shows you where your essay is plagiarized. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a professional, everyone can have the ability to easily detect and avoid plagiarism. Don’t take chances with your future, use this plagiarism checker to make sure your work is received well.


  • Very accurate
  • Clean interface
  • Check by URL


  • Pro version needed to check more than 1000 words
  • multiple ads

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12. Copyleaks

copyleaks plagiarism checker

Don’t be a plagiarist! Be a Copyleaks hero. When your work goes under scrutiny, turn to our plagiarism detection tool. Original content is harder to find than ever and the stakes are high. Our plagiarism detection tool is an AI-powered, online tool that helps you avoid the pitfalls of copying while providing peace of mind that you’re working on your own original content.


  • check 2,500 words for free monthly
  • Clean interface
  • All sources of plagiarism shown
  • Easy to understand report


  • Not so accurate
  • Paid version to check more than 2500 words p/m

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Aside from these above-mentioned plagiarism checkers, others are not free but are highly recommended in terms of checking plagiarism. They include;

  • Grammarly PRO
  • Pro writing aid
  • Scribbr
  • Plagramme; and so on.

Every article, essay, or blog for both academic or online purposes must be checked for plagiarism and maintain originality, genuineness, and uniqueness before final uploading or submission.

Though free plagiarism checking tools are less efficient than the paid versions, they still offer some help. Whenever you need to choose a good plagiarism checker, you can always turn back to this helpful list of the 10 best free plagiarism checkers in 2022.

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