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Best 10 Free Job Posting Sites In Nigeria

Finding jobs can only be difficult if you do not know where to look. Despite the challenges being faced by many, there are some top free job sites in Nigeria that help interns, graduates, unskilled and skilled workers get jobs through their regular posting.

If you are also looking for where to carry out your industrial training (IT) or you just need a place you could use to manage during your NYSC, these are job posting sites you should be using.

In Nigeria today, this is the best strategy to use considering how expensive transportation is in some parts of the Country. Each job site is dedicated to posting jobs from all states in Nigeria, they will also provide you with an email or website link to drop your CV and required documents.

You will only need to go to their location when you have been shortlisted for an interview. With these free job posting sites, you will be able to save money as they provide thorough information about each job including job descriptions and salary.

Below are the best Job posting websites in Nigeria and their website links:


Jobberman is one of the top-rated free job post sites in Nigeria. The online career platform has been around for a while and has become favourite among many job seekers in Nigeria.

On the website, you will find thousands of jobs for interns, undergraduates, graduates, skilled and unskilled workers. Jobberman also has a free soft skill centre where you can get trained provided you are still between the ages of 18 to 35. The skill will help your chance of getting a job in Nigeria, as soft skill is now becoming one of the prerequisites to getting a job in any industry.

On the site, you can also request for Jobberman paid CV Services to increase your chances of getting a job. The first thing that any employer will look at is your CV. Being able to show your mastery of what was put down will further enhance your chance.

There are other services that would benefit you as a job seeker, quality time spent on the website will open you to the world you probably thought was not there.


Myjobmag is another top Job posting website that job seekers, unemployed and people looking for better opportunities use in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. Since 2011, it has been serving job seekers including interns, and professionals.

On the website, it has over 10,000 employers that are regularly updating job opportunities in their establishments. The platform has been made simple for everyone, you can browse by your location, course of study, education, or industry. For instance, if you are living in Lagos, Port Harcourt, or Abuja, you just need to select what works for you.

For the course of study, you can select your course or related courses if you are yet to find anything decent that you enjoy doing. Being an accountant does not mean you can not search for jobs using search terms associated with banking and finance or insurance.

This is one of the core components that people love about the Myjobmag job website. If you need a resume service, on the menu page, you can select “CV service”. Do note that this is a paid service.

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Indeed is one of the job sites not just in Nigeria but in the world. It currently receives over 8 million visitors which is an evidence of how productive the job posting site is.

Just like most job websites are, this site allows every job seeker to access job opportunities for free and even according to their region and location. As a job seeker looking to work in any good organization, this is a place to be to get job updates without paying anyone.

If you are about finding NGO jobs, there are massive opportunities there and one of the best features on the site is the smooth and easy navigation. It makes it easy for even a newbie.

Also, if you are not sure about whether to work for a company or not, you can easily read reviews about them. This way, you can know about their attitude towards workers, culture, Compensation, Benefits, Job security, and even more. You can also throw a question to know more about them.


Mylelojobs is a great job portal for both unemployed and employed individuals that are looking for better opportunities. The job website has been well optimized for users to access without any issues.

Depending on your location, you will be able to select and find job opportunities around you. All you just need is to click on locations to be able to find them.

If you are also looking to work in a professional service firm or looking for the highest paying IT jobs in Nigeria, you can search based on industries or specialization. Also, you will be able to see new job updates on the homepage without having to stress yourself. This section is one of the places you should check out if you are looking for the latest free job opportunities in Nigeria.


This online job search website, Jobzilla ensures you never miss all the latest jobs in Nigeria. Apart from providing a regular job update, it also at times goes all the way to confirm some jobs that might look like scams. This way, they protect job seekers from being defrauded.

Jobzilla is free to use for all levels including employees looking for a better package and you can rest assured that it is one of those job vacancy sites in Nigeria that actually help anyone access opportunities no matter where they are. You will be able to browse available vacancies by state, region, field, or industry.

As an employer, you will also be able to post available job vacancies online without the need to visit their office. Through this, you will be able to find the right fit for your company or business.


Jobgurus is one of the most used Job Posting Sites In Nigeria with lots of weblinks to make it easier for users. The office is based in Port Harcourt but has a vast influence all over the country. It provides massive job vacancies opportunities for interns, semi-skilled and skilled workers, graduates, and ND holders who are looking for a place to run their industrial training.

Additionally, you will also be able to browse job offers based on location, salary, industry, or specialization. This section is one of the stimulating features that most job seekers love on the platform as it makes finding job vacancies less stressful for them.

Recruiters and employers often post job advertisements from time to time on the website and also track and sort out applications. Job seekers will also be able to upload their CVs on the platform for free.

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Justjobsng is one of the job sites to check if you are looking for the latest or current job vacancies in Nigeria. The team has ensured that everyone at all levels will be able to quickly check offers available to them through various listings such as location, category, job function, or industry. For instance, if you are looking for hotel jobs, you can click on hotel jobs in Nigeria to get access to all opportunities available in each location in Nigeria.

The site also has a blog session where you can learn which could give you a boost while you are looking for a job opening. You are going to get expert advice on what to expect from each stage of the interview, how to set up your resume, career development, and many more.

As one of the leading job portals in Nigeria that has been running since 2008, you may not need another job site after experiencing all that the Job platform offers.


Here is another free job website called Jobsinnigeria, the platform connects job seekers to employers for free. Over the years, it has been able to help interns, freelancers, and those who need a part or full time work to secure jobs without stress.

The site is regularly updated, on the homepage, you will come across current job openings from every part of the country. It also allows job applicants to search for jobs by location, Job by salary, job type, Date posted, Featured Jobs, Jobs by category, and by Sponsored jobs.

You will be able to upload your CV on the site and also request for Career Coaching. The career coaching space provides you with vital information about job hunting and how to get the job. It is one of the sections website users love as it prepares them for what to come.


Hotnigerianjobs is Nigeria’s leading job vacancies site for anyone looking for job openings or who wants to build a career. From time to time, the team always posts new job vacancies and users will be able to query the job site using their preferred terms.

For instance, if you are looking for jobs posted yesterday, you will just need to click on ” Yesterday” to have the job vacancies posted yesterday. It possesses several links to make your experience pleasant on the website. You will also be able to search based on your qualification such as SSCE, HND, BSC, Ph.D., and many more. Having used the site, I can confirm that it is one of the best websites for job seekers, thanks to the ease of usage and navigation.

Additionally, website visitors on Hotnigerianjobs will also be able to access opportunities like scholarships, travels, and job offers from abroad. This is a place to be if you are looking for regular updates that will change your life for good.


Like every job site in Nigeria on this list, Joblistnigeria is a perfect place to get updates about recruitment, career, and job searching. This site helps its users to quickly access opportunities by lining up offers through their respective industries and categories. For example, if you are an ND holder and need a job suited to your qualifications, you just need to click on OND jobs to get the latest ND job vacancies in Nigeria.

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There are also sections for unskilled workers like nanny jobs in Nigeria. It is a platform where anyone can use no matter your qualifications or level. Before applying for any of the jobs, you will be able to see the job description which can help you decide whether the job is right for you.


As a Job seeker who can’t wait to join the growing labour force, the chance is that you will come across several job sites when looking for the best. Now is the time to add GrabJobs to your list.

The site has done a very good job of helping Job Applicants from around the world to get a placement using a cost-effective recruitment solution. There are over 5,000 companies and employers that use the platform to connect with prospective workers.

On GrabJobs, it is very easy to get started. Your profiles can be quickly generated for you and can also apply within minutes once set up. To simplify things for candidates, a mobile app is available for download on Play Store and App Store.

Other Platforms to get Information about Jobs In Nigeria

Searching for jobs does not have to be only on Nigerian job posting sites, there are other ways that people get jobs. These are methods not known to most people, but I assure you that they all work.

Linkedin is another platform with which you can connect and get jobs for free in Nigeria or any part of the world. The site has a category page called Jobs where you can quickly access Job opportunities in your location. The downside is that most of the jobs posted there are mostly in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt but it is still a great platform to use if you are serious about getting a job.

Another place with massive job opportunities in Nigeria is Twitter, the social media platform is not just for catching cruise if you decide to not treat it as one. However, it is very difficult to keep up with Job posts on this site, but you could do so by using the proper terms. For example, if you are living in Lagos, you can search for jobs using “Lagos Vacancy”. The site will pull up all results that have the search term and then you can browse through to know if there are openings you could give a try.

job search website in nigeria

There are also paid recruitment agencies in Nigeria. If you want to get a job quickly, you can also use them but unfortunately, you will have to part with some cash or agree to their demands. Although, I will advise you not to use them as some of them even go as far as demanding a certain percentage of your monthly salary as long as you still work there. If it is still a one-time payment, it is still better than the regular payments.

Lastly, most companies and establishments have websites and they have a job vacancy section where you can always check regularly like we have seen with fintech companies and insurance companies in Nigeria.

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