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List Of Best Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO) In Nigeria 2024

The acronym, HMO means Health Maintenance Organisations, is basically an organization or company that provides individuals, families, businesses, and organizations health insurance coverage at a fee. Depending on the HMO and insurance plan you choose, it could be a monthly or annual fee.

A person who is looking for healthcare insurance coverage may come across several types of type of Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs) and choosing one could be very difficult since they all have their own unique features.
Therefore, it is on us to provide you with the list of Best Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO) In Nigeria.


Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO) is an entity or health insurance company with a network of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers that provides health services to its members.

The HMOs make health care services available to their subscribers by entering into contracts with various health care providers giving them many options to select from. The subscribers pay monthly or annual fees, otherwise known as premiums.

After signing up with any HMO in Nigeria, you will be able to select your own primary care physician (PCP). You are allowed to let each member of your family have their care provider if you are not comfortable with a particular one which largely depends on the selected plan. For instance, if your assigned doctor is a male, but you want your wife or female children to have a female caregiver, that can also be arranged.

After you have subscribed to any of the HMOs, in the case of emergency or need medical attention, the HMO comes in and pays for your medical bills. This is one of the best ways to prepare for an emergency with just small premiums to pay to be committed to.

One of the advantages of choosing HMO is that it offers a lower premium than other types of health insurance schemes because most insurance companies only work with a small number of medical entities.

While you are a subscriber under any HMOs in Nigeria, your health benefits will not go beyond outside what your primary care doctor offers. Nevertheless, if you are contacting a specialist physician, you will be responsive for all expense incurred. If you are in doubt about what covers or not, you should always contact your HMO as most services rendered outside this programme may not be covered. Besides, you will have been provided with the details during your registration.

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Therefore, you will want to be sure you are making the right decision when selecting your care provider.

best hmo in nigeria

List Of Top 10 HMOs In Nigeria

Redcare HMO

Redcare HMO was founded in April 2009 and registered under an apex healthcare body called the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The HMO offers affordable and quality healthcare services to individuals, families, parastatals, and organizations.

They are currently networking with over 600 hospitals in all states in Nigeria and you can expect the network to continue to grow. Wherever you are in Nigeria, you are just a few metres away from getting your health caregiver.

There are two major HMO plans to select on Redcare HMO depending on what suit you, they have Corporate health plans and Private health plans.

Under the corporate plan, beneficiaries can get treated for any ailment and procedure within Nigeria. The plans under the Corporate plan include diamond, platinum, gold, ruby, and silver.

For private plans, you can select between diamond and platinum plans. Unlike corporate plans, this plan is only designed for individuals or families who want to ensure they are covered anytime they face health challenges or ailments.

Redcare HMO also has an app on the google play store. With the app, you will be able to do much such as order drugs, consult your PCP or doctor online, book appointments, and many more.

Hygeia HMO

Hygeia HMO is one of Nigeria’s best Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO) that is in the business of providing affordable HMO plans to individuals, families, small and medium enterprises, and organizations. The HMO company has been on since 1986, and now one of the popular and established HMOs in the country.

There are lots of healthcare providers you can access on Hygeia HMO. You will find care providers like physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, dentists, etc. This is how far Hygeia HMO is going to ensure that you have what you need. If good health is a priority to you, then you know where to look for it.

Plans on Hygeia HMO are Personal & Family, Small Business, and Corporates Plan. By the name they are called, it is easy for most people to know what each of the plans entails.

For your convenience, you can download the Hygeia HMO App from Apple Store and Google Play Store depending on your phone’s operating system. For instance, if you are using an iPhone or iPad, then you will need to go to the app store while phone users like Samsung, Tecno, or infinix can download and install from the Play store.

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Another top and most used HMO In Nigeria is Avon Healthcare Limited popularly known as AVON HMO. The Nigerian Healthcare Organization has been providing cheap and quality service since 2013 and also operates under the guidance of a regulatory authority called NHIS.

Individuals, families, groups, and companies could the HMO plan that could perfectly suit their budget. The time to get a healthcare insurance plan is now especially if you value your health. Remember, the popular saying, “health is wealth” and having an HMO as Avon is one of the ways to access quality healthcare service anytime.

These are different Avon HMO plans to choose from, they are Individual, Couples, Family, SME & Small Groups, Companies & Large Groups, and International Coverage Plan. This is valid proof that the company is committed to everyone.

Integrated Healthcare Limited

Here is another leading and popular health management organisation in Nigeria called Integrated Healthcare Limited, their mission is to ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy quality healthcare service no matter where they are in Nigeria.

The healthcare company was incorporated as a limited liability company by CAC in 2000 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 which makes it one of the oldest HMOs in the country. The plans have been designed to provide medical care without financial constraints becoming a life-threatening obstacle.

There are about 6 HMO plans offered by Integrated Healthcare Limited (IHL), they are Private Health Insurance, Corporate Plan, Family/Individual Plan, Social Health Insurance, Formal Sector Plan, TSHIP Plan, and CBSHIP Plan. You can visit the website for more information about plans.

Mediplan Healthcare Limited

Mediplan Healthcare Limited is a Nigeria HMO incorporated in May 2000 to help individuals, families, groups, and corporate organizations to have access to quality healthcare service under the prepaid arrangement.

The healthcare organization has a great list of healthcare providers all over Nigeria. As an enrollee, you can quickly contact your healthcare giver no matter which part of the country you reside in. The health plans have 5 plans you can select from and it is also affordable for most people. Visit the Mediplan website to know more about this top HMO in Nigeria.

Princeton HMO

Princeton Health Limited, after being founded in 1999 has grown to become one of the top Health Maintenance Organisations (HMO) with cheapest HMO plans In Nigeria. The HMO exists to ensure that those who can not afford quality healthcare service could get them, thanks to their partnership with doctors and health givers in Nigeria.

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Whoever you are or wherever you in Nigeria, you are in safe hands once you have subscribed to Princeton HMO health plans. Their health plans are blue plan, royal plan, premium plan, and platinum plan. Visit the website embedded in this post to know more about the HMO or you can also contact them in Ibadan.

Healthcare Security Limited

Healthcare Security Limited is a quick and affordable way that individuals, families, and companies can enjoy treatment when they are sick, have accidents, or contract diseases. The organization was founded and licensed in 2005 as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and has its head office located in Abuja with several branches spread strategically across the country.

No matter how much you collect or make, there is something for you. When you register with this HMO, be rest assured that you are with a body that knows exactly what they are doing. Investing in a health insurance plan is ensuring that you have good health. Healthcare Security Limited health plans are Budget plan, Budget plus, Standard and Executive plan.

Clearline International Limited (HMO)

Clearline International Limited (HMO) is one of the top HMOs in Nigeria. The company is registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to provide health insurance to people at all levels including families and the public sector. As an enrollee, you can enjoy primary, secondary and tertiary levels of medical care.

The health plan is designed to cover typical ailments and medical procedures. You are free to select your provider and change it anytime like most HMOs in Nigeria.

Reliance HMO

Yet another reliable and top-rated HMO in Nigeria is Reliance HMO. The health insurance company makes use of data science, software, and telemedicine to provide affordable healthcare services to every income level.

The HMO has a great collection of plans to the extent that one can even make arrangements for one’s parents. Therefore, you have a healthcare provider that takes into consideration all that concerns you.

On Reliance HMO, registration is very quick and the customer care rep will help you settle in and also provide you with everything you should know about their service plans.

Swift HMO

SwiftHmo is one of the highly-rated HMOs that Nigerians have trusted over the years. As an HMO that cares about everyone, it is very affordable and also has many plans to choose from.

If you have an organization or business, you can let your employees have access to great healthcare service. Families or individuals plans are also available. The packages available on Swift HMO are classic, optimal, premier, and royal plans.

Swift HMO has a great network of diagnostic centers, clinics, and health service hospitals across over 126 cities in Nigeria. They also manage health centers and outsourced worksite clinics nationwide.

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