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50 Most Popular Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men in 2024

Hey dude, have you been wondering what hairstyle you will wear during this lovely period? You sure need to look good.

Looking great is the beginning of a beautiful day. Your haircut contributes a great percentage to your look. It either makes you smart or cowardly, cute or ugly, bold or shy, confident or inferior, attractive or repulsive. You don’t want to be that unkempt guy, do you?

In this article, I have carefully brought you the most popular haircuts and hairstyles for men. It is good that you grow with the trend and choose modern hairstyles and haircuts that will give you an elegant appearance. Let’s check them out.

Most Popular Haircuts and Hairstyles for Men

1. Textured crop

haircuts for men

Who doesn’t know the textured crop hairstyle for men? Anyone who wants to look stylish yet cool goes for this haircut. The most distinguishing feature of this hairstyle is that its sides and back are lowered and made shorter than the top. The top is textured, but that is left for the barber to handle. It never goes out of style. You should try it.

2. Quiff

haircuts for men

The quiff haircut makes every man look amazing with a bit of sexiness. This is one hairstyle that has kept evolving over the years till date. A neat quiff can be stylish and still give you the gentlemanly look that you deserve, but it might be a little difficult to maintain especially for the modern quiff style, that’s why you need the best hair products to maintain it.

3. Pompadour

haircuts for men

Just similar to a quiff, a pompadour has short sides and a long top, but the main difference is that the pompadour reduces in length from the front to the back. This hairstyle is timeless, and it continues to reappear in the fashion trend of male hairstyles yearly.

4. Comb over

haircuts for men

The comb-over haircut could be a neat slick back or a curly brush-over. It could be brushed to the side with a side part. Whichever way you style it, it remains an amazing hairstyle that could fit any guy either Donald Trump or Justin Timberlake.

5. Taper haircut

haircuts for men

The taper haircut hasn’t gone out of style even in this time. The taper fades hair at the neck and side but leaves a defined arch behind the ear. Tapers can also be low, mid, and high, but they always have a defined arch which differentiates them from fade haircut

6. Crew cut

haircuts for men

A crew cut is a good option if you’re looking for a balanced and mature appearance. The crew cut is a simple hairstyle with the top of the head trimmed short, and everything else even shorter. It works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why it never gets out of style. It can give you that real and mature gentleman look.

7. Fringe

Haircut for guys

The Fringe is not just a female hairstyle, even dudes too look good on fringes. Men’s Fringes range from short fringes, curly long fringes, and angular fringes, to high volume fringes. It remains one of the most popular hairstyles for modern men transitioning into different styles over the years.

8. Slicked back with side part

Hair cut for men

The slick back hairstyle is a polished and timeless cut for the professional man who takes pride in his appearance. An added side part is styled, slicked, and creates an easy to achieve, groomed look. All you’ll need is a comb and high shine product withhold. This is a highly attractive hairstyle and continues to win the heart of modern-day men.

9. Dyed hair

Hair cut for men

Most men prefer to change the color of their hair despite the style of Haircut. When that happens, it becomes a different style from the undyed style of the same haircut. The dye could be any color. While many go for gold, black, red, violet, and green others choose white, brown, or a mixture of many colors.

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10. Fade

Hair cut for men

A fade blurs the edges of hair around the sides and back of the head. No matter the length of the top of the hair, the uniqueness remains that a different neckline is created from the natural neckline. Fade never comes alone, it goes with quiff, pompadour, slick back, and so on.

11. Curly hairstyle

Hair cut for guys

All haircuts can be made more stylish by adding curls. In recent times, all I see around me are guys with curly hair. Though some appear naturally, others are the handwork of a good barber. Whether you have an Afro, fringes, long hair, or short hair, add some curls to it and get ready for unending compliments.

12. Spiky hair

Haircut for guys

Spiky hairs don’t sleep on the scalp. They stand like spikes. But that is the beauty. Having spike-like top hair with short sides can’t be less adorable. This Hairstyle never grows old and yet looks good on anyone who wears it.

13. Undercut

Hairstyle for guy

This is one of the best and easiest haircuts that you can give yourself. The haircut is achieved by simply buzzing the sides and the back at one length and then letting the top go with a longer hair length. The top can be curled, slicked back, textured, fringed or spiked.

14. Side part

Hairstyles for guys

What an amazing style of hair any dude will love! A side part can be made with a comb. A clipper could also be used to make a side hard part. Whether to a quiff, a pompadour, slicked back hair, or even a spiky hairstyle the side part is sure to make it more admirable.

15. Dreadlocks

Hairstyle for guys

Most people choose not to barb their hair, instead, they carry them locked as dreads. You see most African men on dreadlocks. It is most popular in Africa. So many African tribes have different kinds of beliefs attached to dreadlocks. To some, it signifies strength, spiritual power, a gifted child, and so on, but to others, it is just a desired lovely hairstyle. If you want to consider locking your hair, bear in mind that it requires cool time and proper maintenance, else you will have lice to contend with.

16. High and Tight haircut

Hair cut for men

The high and tight haircut is used by mostly military men. College boys also wear this hairstyle because it is simple and okay. A considerable amount of hair is left on the top of the head, but while coming down behind and by the side, the hair is cut clean. Zero to meager maintenance is needed for this hairstyle.

17. Short Afro

Hair cut for men

For black men, Short Afro has been one of their most regular haircuts. Giving them back a low cut and leaving the top a bit higher can give the best vibe to an African man. The hairstyle looks good and costs not much for maintenance.

18. short and messy

Hair cut for men

Many guys are in the category of not caring what anyone thinks. If you’re in this category, then this men’s hairstyle is for you. The barber tries to style the hair to look messy, but it doesn’t mean the hair is messy. That’s just the style. The messy hair is all around with some falling towards the back. It is a fine hairstyle but needs a lot of maintenance before it gets genuinely messy.

19. Half-up

Haircut for men

One of the trendy, stylish, and popular ways to style your long hair is to take half up. It gives you a sexy appearance and with nice beards, you will look irresistible. Regular combing and trimming will always keep the hair in good shape.

20. 360 waves

Hairstyle for men with thin hair

This is a low cut with outstanding sporty waves. To some, this wave appears naturally, but to others, much hair care equipment and solutions are used to acquire it. Seeing the waves run 360 on the head is eye-catching and it gives a neat and responsible appearance to whoever carries it.

21. Hard part with a curly quiff

Haircut for men

Having a hard part on a quiff gives a different Outlook from the regular non-parted quiff. A hard part is a barber parting the hair with a line using his clippers or razor not just parting with a brush. A curly quiff with a hard part sets you in the partying and rock and roll mood. Teens like the style, but guys in their 20s and early 30s like it more.

22. Clean shave

Hairstyle for men with thin hair

Who else likes a clean shave like me? It not only looks good, but it also boosts your overall outlook. Though some men don’t like it because it exposes the shape of the skull, but for a bald head, it is the best option. A clean shave doesn’t cost much to maintain and it is very relaxing and comfortable.

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23. Disheveled hairstyle

Haircut for men

Messy, curly but fine. It is very popular among men with long hair who do not want to be seen as all tush. You can wear this hairstyle all around. It is just what you need. Not so high in maintenance, but can be a little uncomfortable.

24. Long and straight hair

Haircut for men

You can let your hair be. Stretch it to be long and straight and let it fall behind and rest on your back. Women are more commonly seen with this hairstyle than men, but it is still popular amongst men. Using good products for the hair will make it finer.

25. Ponytail

Haircut for men

Sweet name, isn’t it? Sweet name for a sweet hairstyle. Surprisingly, most men do the same hairstyle as their daughters, but that’s cute. It makes them look amazing. The popular ponytail hairstyle we know among the female gender is also one for the male. Highly attractive, easy to make, and maintain.

26. Buzz cut with a line-up

Haircut for men

The buzz cut is a low cut with unequal length. The front hair, though low, is always higher than the rest of the head. It’s a clean haircut embraced by guys who don’t like many styles on their heads but take pride in simplicity. Requires zero maintenance and is very breathable. Make your hair more detailed with a four-corner front line up, and a hard part.

27. Edgar’s haircut

Haircut for men

Take a straight cropped Caesar cut, add a high skin fade, and there you have the Edgar haircut. The haircut is mostly for men with oval-shaped faces. Though it is a popular haircut, most men disagree that it counts as one of the best because of the shape it gives to the head. Is their claim true? Find out for yourself

28. French crop

Hair style for men

The French crop hairstyle has a similar length of hair both on the top and all around. It is similar to a Caesar cut only that it has more length of hair at the top than the Caesar cut. It could be styled with a side part or a hard part.

29. Disconnected Undercut Brushed Back

Hair style for men

This is one of the different ways you can style your undercut haircut. By brushing the hair back. This is a classic hairstyle. Just ensure that the barber giving you a disconnected undercut brushed back haircut is professional.

30. Mohawk Fade

Hair style for men

This haircut has a punk-like look on men. It is a style mostly embraced by men who want to stand out in the crowd. The traditional Mohawk cut is a strip of hair running down the middle of the head, with the sides shaved, but Mohawk fades are a modern take on faux-hawk hairstyles as they create a similar effect but with a fade design behind them.

31. Curtains

Hair style for men

This is mostly seen amongst Asians. For men with long hair, you can give a curtains style by stretching it into the same length and making them fall around your ear and backhead more like a bulb wig with a center part. This is a cute hairstyle. You should try it out.

32. Hair twist

Hair styles for men

This hairstyle is mostly seen amongst black men with long natural hair. A good way to style the hair is to twist them. Many Africans take good inspiration from their hair, so instead of cutting the hair, they lock it or on this occasion, twist it. It gives a guy an admirable appearance.

33. Caesar cut

Hair styles for men

This was the haircut of the Roman emperor in the Bible. But here we are today with a Caesar cut. A Caesar cut has a little fringe and a low hair length on top which could be textured or not. The back has a bald fade. It is a cool haircut for cool guys.

34. Burst fade

Hair styles for men

A different fade design, a different look. A burst fade is rounded and rises more behind the ear. It is sometimes lined to make it more detailed and neat. If you’re looking for a good hairstyle to keep all eyes on you, try out the burst fade and thank me later.

35. Mullet

Hair styles for men

You could say a mullet is an old-fashioned hairstyle, but that’s not true. To date, many men still prefer it to be on the mullet hairstyle. Though this may not be the all-fancy and welcoming kind of hairstyle, it is still the best option for most guys. It’s short by the sides, in from and on top, but is long behind. The hairstyle is funny, so if it’s not your regular kind of haircut, you may want to reconsider or be careful what you wish for.

36. Shag

Haircuts for men

This style is an ancient one, though still recurrent among the male genders. Most men, especially those that have no business with corporate institutions normally go for this hairstyle. In contrast to the short and messy hairstyle, it is long and purposefully messy. A good barber makes this hairstyle adorable, but be ready to give it your time and resources.

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37. Topknot

Hairstyles for men

Guys with long hair appreciate this style a lot. The hair is divided into two and the top is tied into a knot. It gives you a different look than just letting the hair lie behind your back. Do not think it too long, this hairstyle is one of the best ones out there. Visit your stylist today and get transformed into this great and fine look.

38. Surfer hairstyle

Hairstyles for men

Still, on the crazy vibes, you have the surfer hairstyle. You don’t need to surf all day long to get your hair to look like this. A good barber can give you the best look of the surfer’s hairstyle. Though this hairstyle may look messy, it is sexy. To achieve this tousled, sun-kissed look, you should have thick hair and opt for a textured, unstructured haircut paired with plenty of sea salt spray. You could bleach the hair too to get it all right.

39. Long loose curls

Hairstyles for men with thin hair

Either naturally or with your barber’s help, you could add some loose curls to your long hair and let it flow behind you. It is an all-free hairstyle for men with long hair. Though for some men with round faces and small lips, you might end up having a feminine look. You may add a center or side part to elevate the look.

40. Samurai’s hair

Hairstyles for men

Here is another beauty of a hairstyle. The Japanese seem to always be proud of this style, it is no news that they totally own it. Most men have it today because it is very easy to achieve. After having your bald fade, the hair too which is a bit long is secured with a band. If you want the “Ching-Chong” look, try out the samurai hairstyle.

41. Bro flow

Hairstyles for men

Don’t be surprised, the bro flow hairstyle of then has made its way back to the modern trend. It is most comfortable for men who enjoy laid-back hair. It gives a mature look and allows the hair to take its natural shape. But curly and straight hair can get this hairstyle correctly.

42. Butch cut

Hairstyle for men with thin hair

Butch cut can also be called the military cut because it’s the haircut of most military men. A low amount of hair is left on the head all around. It is very easy to wear and has a stress-free haircut for guys.

43. Man bun

Hairstyle for men

As controversial as this hairstyle is, it is still at the peak of hairstyles men with long hair love most. Packing their hair into a bun makes them look cute. It releases a bit of masculinity and adds a bit of sexiness and softness to their look. Cute right? If this is who you want people to see when they look at you, a man bun hairstyle is for you.

44. Men’s braid

Hairstyle for men

Even men braid their hair. It is one of the most popular hairstyles men do. The hair is either weaved or braided in Bob Marley style. Most Africans with long hair choose braiding as a way of protecting their hair from tangling yet giving them the most gorgeous look.

45. Designed hair

Hairstyle for men

Your professional barber can give you any design on your hair. You could get an image encrypted on your head. It could be a logo, symbol, whatever it is you want. You can get it. I see people with Gucci, Dior, or Nike on their heads. Funny though, it is part of the trend among the youths and that is not stopping anytime soon.

46. Blowout

Hairstyle for men

This hairstyle makes you look good and attractive. With this hairstyle for men, you are at peace with your head because it gives space for enough breeze to penetrate and calm you down. An undercut fade by the sides gives it the best compliment.

47. Tousled

Hairstyle for men

One sexy hairstyle every hot guy puts on to heat things. It is purposely messy. It’s achieved as a higher grade of the surfer haircut with medium-length hair. If you want to be a brand-new attractive this time around, you can consider the tousled haircut. You might just want to be ready for high maintenance and expensive hair oil and wax

48. Medium length Afro

Hairstyle for men

Most popular amongst the black. The medium-sized Black hair is turned Afro with a fade around the base. This is one of the most popular hairstyles amongst many African artists. Some give it a twisting at the tip others don’t.

49. Man bun with braids

Hairstyle for men

We just said how appealing a man bun can be, but here we are taking this man bun to a whole new level. Adding a braid to your bun is a wow idea of hairstyle. It’s amazing. Now I know why it’s every guy’s favorite hairstyle.

50. Ivy league men’s haircut

Hairstyle for men

The Ivy League haircut is a popular haircut worn by most men for its stylish but simple nature. The hair on the top is slightly longer than those on the side and back. It is the ideal haircut for a classic man.

Bottom line

I hope you got some new inspiration for your new hairstyle. You know your hair, and you know what length you like your hair. Except you want to explore a new look, I suggest you spice up your brand, if you keep long straight hair, try making it curly this time. If you’re the gentleman always on clean shave, maybe a buzz cut with a lineup will look great. There’s a whole new list of the 50 most popular hairstyles and haircuts for men, you can roll over it once more.

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