Make good money in Nigeria

Top 10 Ways To Make Good Money In Nigeria

A lot will change in your life when you make good money – you’ll be able to settle regular bills, do more savings, invest more, and even give yourself some good treats!

And some of the ways to make good money in Nigeria don’t require that you work all day or be engaged in some intense routines. Simply be serious, creative, and committed, and you’ll be smiling to the bank every passing day!

So, if you’d prefer to freelance your skills online or be a full-time employee at a well-paying company, these 10 ways will help you make a good income in Nigeria.

1. Selling Used Items

Many of us have those used items stashed in our closets and forming a mountain there. They could be shoes, clothes, handbags, toys, kitchen utensils, or accessories. If they are still in very good condition, then you can get them sold for some cool cash!

Top sites like Jiji and Facebook Marketplace can help you profit from your used items. These two sites generate massive visits from Nigeria, and it means that your potential customers can be easily found there.

Other sites to consider include Olist by Opera, Selloff, and Delon among several others. You can also sell your phones, tablets, electronics, furniture, automobiles, appliances, and even your kitchen utensils.

2. Become A Health Coach

If you have good health training, then you can help other people make good decisions with their health and lifestyle choices. They can learn how to recover from certain illnesses, lose weight, or improve their overall health.

You do not have to know about everything, simply be well skilled in an aspect that can help others enjoy better health. For instance, as a fitness coach, you may need to offer advice to your clients on the kind of food they eat, workout sessions, alcohol intake, and general attitude to things or situations.

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It is important that you have at least a degree in a health-related field with some practicing experiences to be able to take up this job. However, you may choose to work from the comfort of your home.

3. Freelance Your Creative Skills

If you know you are skilled in creating content, you can work for online blogs and websites and can make good money in Nigeria. Writers are in high demand around the globe. And even without leaving the comfort of your home, you can get jobs from countries anywhere in the world.

Freelance sites that can help you get started with landing your first gig include Upwork, and Fiverr.

And if you are a good graphic designer, web designer, tutor, social media marketer, or have other creative skills, you can get good jobs on the internet and earn thousands of Naira every day! Check out more sites like 99designs, Writer Access, Simplyhired, and Aquent.

4. Become A Real Estate Agent

You do not have to be a full-time realtor to earn from Real estate. If you know of properties that are available for sale or rent around you, you can check out property sites online and list them there. The majority of these sites will allow you to list your properties for free.

Your listings must include your contact information to help potential customers reach out to you via WhatsApp, email, or call. You’ll earn from agency fees when someone comes through you to make purchases or rent, and that figure can be very huge!

Properties from high-end locations such as Lagos Island, G.R.A, and Magodo would give you good returns. You could also make good money in other states in Nigeria too, depending on factors such as the type of house, the state of the house, location, available features, access to commercial areas, etc.

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Get started with property websites such as List Property, Private Property, Nigeria Property Centre, Property Pro, and Naija Houses.

5. Start A Catering Business

If you think your culinary skill is on point, then you can turn it into a business. Despite the rise in the price of things in Nigeria, people still find ways to party. Birthday parties, gatherings, family functions, weddings, religious ceremonies, and even holidays are great opportunities to display your cooking skills.

Whip up some personalized cupcakes and delicious appetizers. Get local with favorite delicacies of Nigerians, and you’ll be amazed at how friends and family are willing to spend on occasions.

You can also leverage free online cooking schools, competitive cooking shows, food and nutrition Television or radio programs, restaurants, production and selling cooking videos and books, etc. to get the required attention.

6. Sell Prints

You can easily earn massively by selling printable items. A wide range of online platforms are willing to purchase or help you find buyers for your stuff. Tools like Canva, InDesign, Picmonkey, Inkscape, Affinity, and Apple Pages will help you with your designs.

Sell your printable items on Shopify, Etsy, Facebook Groups, Creative Market, Zazzle, Inprint, and Big Cartel. Or create a personal blog or YouTube account to showcase your work.

7. Start A Blog

You may have seen this a million times, but then, blogging is still one of the amazing ways to make good money in Nigeria. You can rake in more than a million Naira every month from blogging if you are serious.

Getting started isn’t as hard as you may be thinking. Get a domain with a name that can be easily remembered, design, check out for a good hosting company, choose a niche that rings with your passion and can also generate good income for you, create and promote your content.

You can learn so much on YouTube and Google about starting a blog. If you have some more money to invest, then bring professionals to help get started with your blogging journey.

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8. Offer A Laundry Service

It is becoming even more and more difficult for many to handle their laundry all by themselves, especially because of the increasing demands of everyday activities. The last thing many people want to think about is washing and pressing their clothes.

So, you can come in there to fill in space for an amount. Check with firms around you to get ideas on how to begin and common rates. And you do not have to rent a shop if you are good at advertising yourself. You can simply talk to people around you about your new business and get the job done from your home.

9. Sell eBooks

Are you skilled in creative writing and storytelling?
Then you can create an ebook on an interesting topic that would be sold across diverse platforms online. One of the leading platforms for selling ebooks is Amazon Kindle. You can also check out Scribd, E-Junkie, and Payhip.

Even if you do not have in-depth knowledge or skill in the marketable topic you are considering, hire professionals who can get the job done for you and make your money. It is however important that you revise regularly to make your online book stay relevant.

10. Vlog

Vlogging involves creating and publishing videos about you or an idea to an audience. YouTube is the top site considered for Vloggers. The site has billions of videos watched every day!

Nigerian vloggers are mostly into comedy, but you may want to teach a skill, reveal a hack, share your fitness sessions, school travels, picnics, share your kitchen skills, and so on. People cash out big from this platform. Many quit their regular jobs to become full-time vloggers.

Check to get vlogging ideas.

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