How to check airtel number

How to check Airtel number in Nigeria

A good number of Nigerians would agree with me that at one point in time, they could not remember their Airtel number. Fortunately, there are several ways to check your Airtel phone number.

This normally occurs when you just purchased your new airtel sim and currently do not have access to your Airtel sim pack. Airtel sim pack houses every information concerning your mobile number. With the Airtel sim pack, you will be able to check your puk, serial number and mobile number.

Think of this scenario when you suddenly come across an old friend and there is a need to give out your contact. It could also be for a business purpose, whatever the reasons, you can always check your Airtel number using any of the simple steps provided in this article.

Method 1: Call a friend to know your Airtel number

This presents you a perfect shot to know your airtel phone number without having the need to remember some certain codes or assigned numbers to dial. The good thing about this method of checking your Airtel number is that it is completely free if you are just flashing another line.

To know your Airtel mobile number via this method, simply dial your friend mobile number from your contact list you. It is even better if are together, so you can pick up your airtel number from his or her phone.

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If you are not together, you might need to get about 10 seconds of voice calls, requesting him or her to send your phone number to you via SMS. Meanwhile, finding another phone should not be difficult, you can always ask anyone closeby and initiate this method.

Method 2: By using a USSD code to check your Airtel number

Another way you can check your Airtel number is through USSD code. The use of the USSD code provides an easy way to perform some basic functions.
For instance, the banking industry has also benefited from the various benefits. With the USSD code by the various banks, you will be able to execute some actions. The same is applicable to telecom operators.

  • To check your Airtel number using USSD code, dial *121# and wait for the system response.
  • Reply with 3 to access information.
  • Select “my number” by replying with 4.
  • Your Airtel number will be displayed on your screen.
  • Alternatively, you can dial *121*3*4# to know your Airtel phone number.

Method 3: Call 111 for help

It should not surprise you that you will be able to request for your Airtel digit from the Airtel customer care.

Airtel customer care is ever available to take up your request anytime and any day. To have your Airtel number sent to you, call 111 or 121 from your Airtel line and request for your mobile number.

Method 4: Text another phone number to reveal your Airtel number

Another way to know your Airtel number is to send a message from your phone to another line, you should state it in your message that you want your mobile number sent to you.

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You can also use a friend or family’s phone number, that way you will be able to get your Airtel number quickly. The method will cost you a service charge attached to the sent SMS.

Note: If you have other networks like 9mobile, MTN Nigeria and Glo network, there are also provisions for customers to check their Airtel number.

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