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Minenaira Scam or Legit – Review Login Download And Payment

Minenaira Scam or Legit?

Is minenaira really a scam or legit? That is the question that pops up in everyone’s mind when they hear about it.

Recently, there have been wide report that supposed money-spinning sites have no credibility. As hurtful as that can be trying another becomes difficult. Nevertheless, that is not a reason to believe there are no legit ones out there.

People have started asking question if Minenaira is scam or legit, not that we are totally sure but we have been following some testimonies, it has been good so far.

Despite that being said, we are still not going to hold ourselves accountable but we are gonna do a thorough follow-up on minenaira in a bid to ensure you are not scammed out of your time and resources.

How does minenaira work? The Complete Review

It was pretty easy for me to earn my NGN500 upon registration though, just few input and I had my account credited. You probably are thinking it is my first time being on the platform? I am sorry to say you are wrong.

I love following trends to learn more and be fully aware of people behaviour towards the site. Now that I have gotten my conviction, I thought it is time I let you into what you and I have been missing.
And now, here is my complete review of Minenaira, which is mostly called Mine Naira by those associated with the site.

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Minenaira is a money-making platform which allows you to make money by just having their site opened on your browser. The system automatically detects and start paying you NGN3 every minute. Only vip members earn NGN3 while the basic members earn NGN1. You can choose to upgrade by subscribing with N2,000 or  performing some challenges.

It is pretty simple and convenient to earn with minenaira.Minenaira app

To earn with minenaira, all you have to do is

  • Register on the site by providing correct details
  • To earn money, leave your window opened for as long as you can. Remember, the more minutes you spent, the money your earnings accumulate.
  • Withdraw your money into any bank of your choice or into your PayPal business account.

To register, you can click on the link http://minenaira.com/?ref=43780

Benefits of advertising with minenaira for low as NGN1

As at this time, minenaira has 43,739 registered users who have mine NGN28,929,499.47. It can only grow with minenaira putting together various tools to ensure that. You have more people connected to your business and now with better chance to make your business grow and flourish.

As an advertiser, there are lots of benefits to be on business with minenaira with just NGN.

  • Build a great number of massive downline fast.
  • Build up site traffic and Alexa rank up to speed in no time.
  • Reduce your site bounce rate.
  • Make your blog known locally and globally.
    Get more committed users and improve sales.
  • Pay easily with paystack.
  • Quick support when you need it most.
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Comparison between basic and vip membership

InfoBasic MembershipVip Membership
Cash Per MinuteNGN1NGN3
Referral Commission5%10%
Upgrade Commission 0%50%
Daily Limit1000 minutes1440 minutes
Priority SupportNoYes
Minimum PayoutNGN20000NGN20000
Withdrawal fee60%40%
Time between payouts30 days10 days

Minenaira app download and login

For ease and convenient login into your account whenever you want, you can download minenaira apk download by clicking on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appock.minenaira or login using http://minenaira.com/?ref=43780 to register for the programme. It is pretty simple, fast and convenient means of payment when you reach threshold.

Minenaira conditions and payment

In order to get paid from minenaira, there are certain conditions to be met before being paid and mostly rally around not trying to find ways to cheat the system.

Minenaira major conditions are: 

  • You only create only one account on minenaira platform.
  • No vpn, lan groups, internet caffe or any other related ones to be used when using minenaira.
  • Payment is paid once every month.
    You are not allowed to do anything fishy, the system saves it and you might be banned for doing so.
  • When your account is suspended, you won’t be able to receive any payment or ask for a refund.

To get paid from the scheme, you must you must have satisfied the above conditions or go to minenaira app to read the full terms and conditions. Payment is made when your balance reaches NGN20000.

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