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New way of adding your blogs or website to Opera News Feed

Today, i will be telling you a new way of adding your blog or website to Opera News Feed. A lot of people would been told all they need to do is send  a mail to or

Well it is no longer the case as opera has made some changes in recent months.

Before I reveal to you the new and efficient way of adding your blogs or websites to opera news feed, there are things you should know. Opera stands tall among its contemporaries, it is a web browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux os developed by Norwegian company called  Opera Software AS.

Having your sites on their news feed ensure you have great numbers of traffic on your blogs. It also makes your blog rank in popularity as about billions users from around the world make use of opera.

A source of income for you! Is that not cool? By having your site on the opera news feed, you are entitled to a percentage of their revenue when they advertise to readers. Note that withdrawal is only allowed when your money reach the threshold of $1000.New way of adding your blog or website to Opera News Feed

Best chance of getting approved as directed by Jaron Brandon, Former Editorial Manager of Opera Software AS

  • Write professional, polite and informative emails.
  • Include your logo, job title, etc
  • Sites with copied content, graphic image, very sexual content or without articles will not be approved.

When carefully done, send the mail to

You will get a reply from the agent few days later. If you do not get the reply within the expected time frame. Please be patient, they have tons of requests everyday but be rest assured they will get back to you.

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If there is anything to adjust in your blog, the agent will notify you on that.
Goodluck guys

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