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The biggest challenge salaried workers and daily income earners face is knowing how much to keep for the raining days. This drawback is often caused by current expenses, especially when one does not know when the need for money may arise again. Therefore, caution becomes the watchword.

Still, we still need to save irrespective of these various hurdles. Luckily, some there are some online savings and investment apps like cowrywise and piggyvest will be able to help us automate our savings pattern using an easy, convenient, and top-notch platform.

Piggyvest is the largest and free online savings platform in Nigeria that also offers investment opportunities to individuals and investors. This service is carried out by financial technology, otherwise known as fintech.

The mission is simple, it is to help customers manage their income by saving little out of their income, either on a daily basis, weekly or monthly and lock away for a specified period of time. This helps you to avoid the temptation of spending your wages, income or salaries unnecessarily.

With Piggyvest, you can grow your funds towards a specific target. Here is the juicy part when you are on board with piggy vest; customers will be able to save at least N50 to N500,000 and also will be able to use Quicksave option – a service that allows you to top up your savings.

Piggyvest has been rebranded and have come out better than they were. It was formerly called piggybank.ng.


  • If you find yourself spending more than your income, which will likely have an adverse effect now or later, then it is time to adopt PiggyVest.
  • You need Piggyvest if you are looking to balance your reward and risk in your investment portfolio
  • If you are planning for a long time, then piggyvest is a place to put your money as it affords you better and higher interest rates.
  • Another reason why you need to download the piggy vest app is if you are saving towards a special commitment like buying a house, paying for school fees or planning a wedding.
  • You will also be able to gear part of your income for savings purpose and make withdrawal only once in three-month period.
  • Another benefit of using Piggyvest is when you now have finally disapproved the old method of saving and now need a platform to make contributions automatically from your account without the need to worry about saving them manually.


Old and new customers can start their daily saving plan with N50 to N50,000; weekly saving is from N1000 to N200,000 or N3,000 to N500,000 for monthly.

As discussed earlier, Piggyvest will ensure customers who wish to put additional money on Piggyvest, will be able to commit with an amount up to N500,000 per time.

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The piggyvest app will give customers a chance to adjust accordingly but customers must realize that when a fund is locked for a specific purpose, the fund remains locked until the due date.


Piggyvest does not just save your money in an account that is separate from your bank account but you can also expect interest on it based on the market conditions.

If you choose piggybank, you will get 10% yearly; up to 25% on Investify yearly; 10% per annum on Target; 6% per annum on Flex Dollar; 10% per annum on Flex; and up to 15.5% annually on SafeLock.

Before choosing any of the products available on piggyvest, please do go through the descriptions. Regardless, we will try to simplify the information but if you need further help, do not hesitate to ask questions in the comment section or you can reach out to Piggyvest customer care.


piggyvest piggybank ng review


Piggybank is one of the most used products on piggyvest, it allows customers to save part of their income for a period of time. It works quite similar to the old and common way children used to save their pocket money except that it has now gone digital and even better.

Once you have set up your piggybank using any of the options suitable for you, the contribution will be taken from your account daily, weekly or monthly – depending on the set up and Piggyvest will notify you of any the transactions. You should also receive a debit alett SMS from your bank

With piggyvest, customers have the option to pause it at any time when they feel like it hampers some few things and they can also continue any time. All it takes is just a click of a button. They would also be able to increase their savings anytime by going to the official website, login and modify autosave instructions.

Ensure you always have money in your account for the system to debit your daily, weekly or monthly contribution. Piggyvest will not be able to debit you on the day the required savings money is not available in your account, you can still meet up later with your objective using the Piggyvest quick save feature.


Safelock is similar to fixed deposit account common with commercial banks except that SafeLock is actually locked until the date of expiration.

SafeLock is entirely a fixed saving plan under piggyvest that allows users to get up to 15.5% interest rate in a year and is paid upfront. Safelock ensures that you will be able to lock away some funds from your debit wallet or wallet for at least 10 days.

This will ensure you are unable to fall into the temptation of spending your money before the expected date. This is good for people who are planning a project or need to save towards a specific goal. It could be for rent, children school fees, automobiles or to finally stimulate your business idea. Meanwhile, the minimum cash one can lock away is N1000 and you are free to have more than one safelock.

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Customers will also be able to add more money to their safelock but must ensure that the time period of the existing fund in the lock is at least 3 months. Upon maturity, you will get your money back. Although, the users can get up to 15.5% in interest, this will depend on the duration set up for your locked funds.


Flex dollar is another plan that allows you to transfer, invest, save in dollars and also earn a 6% interest per yearly basis. Interest rate will be calculated per day basis but payment will be made monthly.

Piggyvest customers would be able to fund their flex dollar account with their debit card or nara flex naira wallet.

All they will be required to do is to login into piggyvest, choose the amount in dollars, select where the money is coming from and okay tha transaction. Customers can start with just $1.

Flex dollar users will be able to withdraw in dollar or naira – when withdrawing in naira, it will be according to the parallel market buy rate and payments into your domiciliary account will also attract its relevant charges. Customers can check abokifx for current rates to determine how much they are entitled to.


The best way to plan ahead is by cultivating a saving habit – luckily, Target Savings Plan is available to help you out.

Target savings plan is a plan that ensures customers are able to save towards a specific goal. It is almost similar to SafeLock Plan but one will be able to put a stop to it and get his or her funds anytime. Nonetheless, you will pay a penalty fee of 1% and also lose accrued interest if you withdraw before maturity date. If you choose to lock the fund, then you will have to wait till deadline.

With target savings, you will be able to consistently keep funds with piggyvest until date of termination or when you are ready to retrieve them. Start making plans for whatever you want to do in the nearest future.


Flex Naira set the core for all Piggvest products such as safelock, piggybank, flex dollar, target savings, and investify. It is a wallet that banked any accrued interest and all your savings contributions.

Customers will earn about 10% yearly if they do not withdraw more than 4 times in a month. If they do, they lose all their accrued interest saved on their Flex Naira Wallet for that month.

Withdrawing on Flex Naira is completely free, however, withdrawal only happens once in 10 hours.

If you have downloaded and registered your profile on Piggyvest, you will be able to fund your Naira Flex Wallet. To fund your naira flex wallet, link your BVN on the Piggyvest app to get your unique naira flex account number. Subsequently, launch your mobile banking app, go to Transfer Section on your mobile app and input the unique account number from piggyvest, select Providus Bank and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.


There is more to INVESTIFY than meet the eyes, as an investor who is looking to make money, you could take part in worthy ventures as investify.

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Investify gives users an opening to earn when they commit their funds to low risk business opportunities. Whatever funds you commit to the project is insured, giving you that peace of mind when you run things with Piggyvest. However, understand that coverage may depend on the investment opportunities.

Still yet, Piggyvest will try to ensure that business opportunities are totally looked into and vetted accordingly for maximum safety. In an occasion where capital is lost, all investments have been properly vetted for a chance to be indemnified against a loss. Besides, you have total control on the investment you want to commit your money into.

Customers on investify will be able to dissolve investment anytime, but they will still need to sell off their units to other investors on the program or find new investors.


For piggyvest to have partnered with high profile institutions like Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), AIICO Capital, and Paystack, this gives us an insight on how serious they are about security.

In order to attest to the fact that Piggyvest is safe, it is important you know that all financial information shared on the platform is encrypted and stored in Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. With this highest level of security, one could sleep soundly knowing that piggyvest is safe. Additionally, your request also runs via a HTTPS SSL connection.


  • Downloading the piggyvest app only takes a few seconds. To download as an android user, launch Google Play Store.
  • Search for “PIGGYVEST APP” and wait for the server to return the request.
  • Install to have the app automatically downloaded and installed on your android device.
  • IOS (iPhone & iPad) users should go to App Store to download and install the Piggyvest app for ios.


  • Login into Piggyvest dashboard with your user ID.
  • Go to settings > withdrawal to fill your bank account details if you have not done so.
  • Navigate and tap “Withdraw” on your dashboard.
  • Input the amount you wish to fetch into your bank account.
  • Your money will be transferred to your bank account within three hours.

The minimum amount you can withdraw from your wallet to your bank account is N3,000 and with no maximum limit. Withdrawal dates are 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December. Any withdrawal made outside the dates will attract a 5% fee.


Piggyvest is as legit and real as life itself! Thus, you have nothing to worry about.

Still, with most online savings and investment banks, you will be taking a big risk as most of them are not insured but Piggyvest has already taken a big step by partnering with SEC and Aiico Capital. With these efforts, one could conclude that your money is in good hands.


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