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How To Get Plesk Free Trial

We currently have countless web hosting platforms on the internet today, and Plesk is among the leading companies with the best control panel provided to suit various website servers. There are so many great features you’ll get access to as a paid subscriber, but you can also get Plesk free trial as a new subscriber.

Plesk is specifically designed to aid easy web administration with no use of a command-line interface. It has a variety of technical web and security tools to function as a web hosting platform. It is currently actively used in over 32 languages across several countries of the world and runs over 384,000 servers, automates over 15 million mailboxes and 11 million websites across the globe.

Overview: Plesk Free Trial

With Plesk, web admins can fully utilize tools to control their servers in totality. When you join as a new user, you’ll have access to 14 days free trial and use the full features within that period, after which you’ll be able to decide if it meets your expectations. You’ll be able to use the dashboard to manage mails, storage, servers, customers, and security.

As a free trial user, you would be able to get the first-hand experience about their performance. This way, you will know whether it is worth throwing your cash into it or look for better alternatives.

How To Get Plesk Free Trial

1. Get started by visiting the Plesk website. Locate the three horizontal lines at the top right side of the page and click on it. Next, you’ll have a list of options to pick from which include solutions, products, pricing, extension, help center, more, and a free trial. Click on ‘Free trial.’

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2. After selecting the ‘Free trial’ option, you’ll be taken to a form page, where you’ll fill in personal information such as your name, email, personal description, years of experience, country, choose whether to subscribe or not to their newsletter and raffles and tick the “I’m not a robot” box before finally clicking on the “Get License Key” tab to proceed.

3. Next, check your email for the confirmation mail that must have been sent to you. Confirm that you own the provided email so that you can get installation guidelines, newsletters, and other information in your email.

4. Once done, your Plesk free trial application code will be sent to your email. Follow the instructions provided to get started with the hosting platform. Use the platform to its fullest for 14 days, and after that, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid plan.

Plesk Pricing And Plans

Plesk has a plan for every business with full support. You can either choose the Dedicated or VPS option in your subscription – each of them has multiple monthly and yearly options to choose from.

Dedicated plan

1. Web Admin Edition costs $11 per month ($10.08 when you pay annually). It is built for website and server administration, provides website toolkit SE, and allows up to 10 domains.

2. Web Pro Edition costs $16.50 per month ($15.13 when you pay annually). It is a complete solution to web designers and developers, allows up to 30 domains, subscription management, account management, and WordPress toolkit.

3. Web Hosting Edition costs $49.50 per month ($45.38 when you pay annually). It allows users to build and grow their hosting businesses on the platform and allows unlimited domains, reseller management, account management, subscription management, and WordPress toolkit.

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4. Partner to manage multiple servers or customers and have access to customized features.

VPS plan

1. Web Admin Edition costs $11 per month (and $10.08 when you pay annually). Web and server admin will find this very helpful with access to website toolkit SE, and up to 10 domains.

2. Web Pro Edition costs $16.50 per month ($15.13 when you pay yearly). It is a complete package for web developers and web designers. It offers up to 30 domains, account management, WordPress toolkit, account and subscription management.

3. Web Hosting Edition costs $27.50 per month (and $25.21 when you pay annually). You’ll have access to use unlimited domains, WordPress toolkit with reseller, account, and subscription management.

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