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How To Get Cinemax Free Trial

Cinemax is owned by Home Box Office, Inc. The TV and cable network had its name coined from two cinemas and maximum. They have garnered millions of users in the U.S, and offer first-timers access to 7 days free trials. They televise behind-the-scenes, documentaries, theatre feature movies, and their own series.

They provide a variety of trendy and action-packed content for today’s entertainment. They provide users with authentic shows that can be viewed on television or downloaded on your Smartphone as an app. You’ll enjoy Cinemax when you subscribe. But you can also get Cinemax free trial to see how it works.

How To Get Cinemax Free Trial

Getting the free trial on Cinemax is easy.

1. Go to their official website.

2. Next, scroll down to locate the ‘Get Cinemax’ tab at the page’s bottom or on the right side of the homepage. Click on it.

3. You’ll need to accept a request to add Cinemax to your TV subscription in the next interface. You’ll have to choose a favorable provider from the dropdown menu in the box. There are quite a number of them. A few on the list include Optimum, Prime videos, Apple TV, Hulu, Spectrum, U-verse, DIRECT TV, Xfinity, Suddenlink, Cox, Greenlight, Lus Fiber, Metronet, MTA Communications LLC, Norwood, Nortex, and Wave Broadband among others.

4. Select your desired provider and move on to the next page.

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5. Next, if the provider you choose is one you already have an active account with, simply select ‘Start your free trial‘ located at the page’s bottom-left area.

6. Then, choose your plan, and the trial days you’ll be given will be determined by the plan you go for.

After creating your account, add cinema and use it for the trial period you are offered.

How To Get Cinemax Free Trial Using Other Methods

As previously stated, you can get Cinemax free trial through TV providers. But you can also register via 3rd party platforms. Keep the desired party as an add-on, and you’ll be given access to the free trial of any of the networks. Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and The Roku Channel are 3rd party options where you can get access to Cinemax free trial.

You can either create a new account or use existing accounts with them and get access to a 7-day free trial on Cinemax.

If you choose Hulu to get a free trial on Cinemax, check for multiple add-ons on the platform that includes Cinemax. You can make your choice to get the 7 days free trial with a new Hulu account. It is easy, sign up for the basic Hulu subscription and you’ll be given access to the full Hulu streaming library.

Signing up via Hulu will provide you access to the free trial on Hulu and also a free trial on Cinemax as a bonus.

Visit their official website to choose the preferred platform you wish to use in accessing cinema. There are several options to pick from or follow these steps.

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Go to the Cinemax Order page, check for a list of providers, and select Hulu. Click on ‘Start Your Free trial’ when the page opens, and choose your desired plan.

Input your correct email address, password, name, gender, and date of birth, and then click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

Next, check your offer and be sure that Cinemax and Hulu are included.

Whichever option you eventually go for, Cinemax will only allow you 7 days to enjoy their fascinating features for free.

Cinemax Pricing and Plans

Once you have exhausted your free trial plan, you’ll need to spend an average of $9.99 every month to continue to access their services. The variety of benefits they offer is definitely worth your payment.

Devices That Are Compatible With Cinemax

After successfully choosing your preferred streaming service to subscribe for Cinemax, there are quite a number of devices you can use to access the service. Some of the devices you can consider include Samsung TV, Playstation 4, Chromecast, Android phones/TV, Windows 10, Fire tablets, LG television, Iphones/Ipads, Nintendo Switch, Roku players, Echo Show, Vizio Smartcast tv, Fire TV, and Firestick. With these devices, you’ll get access to Cinemax’s 7 days free trial and also enjoy programs on their subscription plans.

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