how to see someones private facebook friends

How To See Hidden Friends List On Anyone’s Facebook Account

You can uncover any hidden friends list on any Facebook account if you choose to do so.

Facebook is no doubt the biggest social media platform in the world with various tools that allow people to set their accounts the way they choose to.

Some may decide to hide their friend’s list for reasons known only to them, while others may love the fact that people can see their enormous friends list.

Despite the padlocks, there are always loopholes that you can take advantage of to access any hidden friends list of anyone.

Sometimes, your Facebook account might have been hacked, and you will need to contact old friends to alert them of possible risks they may encounter by replying to your hacked Facebook account.

Another reason is you want to inform them about your new account after losing your account login details with no chance of getting it back again.

Whatever your reasons, you can see anyone’s friends list and we are here to help you out.


Based on our findings, which may not be the only reason why most people choose to keep their friends list private.

The internet exposes you to many occurrences including the negative ones despite the vast benefits it holds. To correct that, a strong measure is taken to subdue it. Therefore, you will see people hiding the friend’s list because of the dangers looming in society.

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We have seen the cases of fraudulent individuals that get their victims through someone’s friends’ list especially if they are high net worth individuals or of immense value.

Another reason why people may decide not to show their friends list on Facebook is to keep their activities and most importantly, their friends off the blemishes of the Internet.

Sometimes, it might be to keep information within the group with mutual interest which is common among some professionals. Besides, what is the essence of sharing jargon which can only be understood by a few?

Another common reason why people hide their friends list on FB is not to be stalked. It is easy to get details about someone now that social media platforms have replaced dairy. People now post every detail without even realizing they have shared something that should be private. For instance, a friend could post, “chilling with my friend at her place in Chinatown”. This makes it easy to be narrowed down.

People can become paranoia if they have been hurt before which could lead to them being very careful. Careful people will do almost everything to protect themselves.

One of the reasons why you will see people keep their friends list private is to hide the friends count. This is one of the thin excuses you will ever hear but you will agree with me it doesn’t hold much water.

Lastly, people hiding their accounts might actually be fraudulent individuals. They do this to ensure they are not sold out. If you have access to their friends list, you could easily warn people about them.

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Below is exactly what you need to see a hidden friends list of anyone on Facebook quickly:

  • Launch Chrome on your Computer. Remember this should only be done on a PC as it won’t work on a smartphone.
  • Download Facebook friends mapper extension.
  • Install by adding the Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome Extension to Chrome. It is an add-on.
  • Restart “Chrome” to begin the process of uncovering the friends list on Fb.
  • On Chrome, open your Facebook account and then navigate to the friend’s Facebook that you want to see his or her friends list.
  • On the friend’s Facebook account, a new option would have been added, called “Reveal friends”
  • Tap “Reveal Friends” to see all the friends list on Fb.


There are lots of ways to unveil anyone’s friends list that have been made private. Using social revealer is another way and below is the guide:

  • Open “Chrome” on your PC. If you have not installed it, visit to download and install it.
  • Go to Google Chrome web store and install “Social Revealer”.
  • Open your Facebook account. It is one of the requirements to reveal any hidden friends list.
  • Go to the friend’s Facebook account you want to know his or her friends list.
  • Now, tap Social Revealer and click on See Friends.
  • Once done, a new page will be opened showing all friends list.


As revealed in the tip, you need to install the extension to use the service.

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If you have not done that before, we will provide you with quick guidelines to help install the addon.

To install an extension on Chrome, simply open the chrome browser on a computer.

Go to Google Chrome Store or navigate via this link,

Click the search bar and enter the name of the extension. In this case, you will enter, “Facebook Friends Mapper Chrome Extension” and then search by tapping “Enter”.

A list of the possible extensions will pop out. Once you have located the correct one which should be at the top of the result, click “add to Chrome”.

When prompted, click, “Add extension”. Being a small file, it should be added within a second.


If you do not have access to a PC and you are looking for the best way to see friends list on Facebook, we also have something for you.

This is a bit tough approach to see someone’s private Facebook friends, but I will always prefer using the extension. The extension automates everything and you do not have to do much.

You will need to highlight mutual friends for this to work. This means you will need to pitch the friend you want to see his friends list and your mutual friends together to see the desired result.

Here we go with the trick…

The first approach is to get the Facebook ID of the friend you want to see on his friends list. The ID can be found by visiting their Facebook page on their browser.

To get the Facebook ID, one of the tricks is to go to a profile picture and then look through the link, you will see something like The number after “fbid=” is your Facebook ID.

Do the same for mutual friends to get their Facebook ID.

Using this URL,, you can unhide friends list on any account.

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