how to contact swift customer-care

SWIFT CUSTOMER CARE phone number, email and head office

You could chat with a Swift customer care by following the various links that will be provided for you in this article.

Every big business always have a “Contact US Page” on their website, this helps customers or clients to reach out to them. The channels are always available 24/7. If not all channels, you will always find one always opened for you especially twitter.

Just like others, SWIFT customer care delivers timely information on request, helps to resolve issues and attend to complaints.

Forget about visiting the swift offices, if it is something that can be done online or over the phone. With your phone, you could talk or chat with a qualified swift agent.

1. Swift Customer Care Phone Number

If you are willing to spend some bucks, then this is a great way of contacting swift customer care. This presents you with a chance to talk to a customer care via their phone number. Response is instant, in as much your call was picked.

It remains the fastest and most ideal way to reach out to them. The underlying difference is that you may not always get them easily because of the long queue. However, if you are patient, you can have all information in one go or complaints resolved for you.

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To speak to a Swift customer care over the phone, call +234-1-710-10-10. Do not throw in the towel easily if you are not getting through. Be assured that a customer care agent from swift will get your call if there is no busy line.

2. Swift Customer Care On Twitter

This is not a mistake that this is coming just after the first way to reach out to a customer rep. I love ironing it out on twitter with any brand, that is another fastest way to reach out to swift network.

Every brand disdains the fact that their weaknesses are being brought out in the open. The positive side is that they also enjoy open admiration. If you want things done quickly, contact a swift agent on twitter.

To contact swift customer care, tweet They almost never go anywhere.

3. Facebook Is Another Way To Contact Swift Network

If you are not on twitter, you can also reach out to swift network on facebook. Facebook could be said to share a bit of similarities with twitter. Comment section provides you a perfect way to get in touch with them and you can be sure to always have it resolved.

If you feel there may be loss of message in the comment section, you can always send a direct message to them. To chat with a swift customer care via facebook, visit

4. Contact Swift Network Via Email

Not an option I will be considering if there are other available options but could worth the effort if you plan on churning out vast messages along with files or documents to back it up. The main benefit is that message barely gets lost.

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If you have an email address, you could also contact swift qualified and experienced agent by sending your complaints, issues and feedback to or

5. Visit Any Swift Office To speak To A Customer Care Over The Counter

If it is something that can not be done via social media, email or phone, you can visit swift office for help. From the office, you will be able to get more information, sales enquiries and also give your feedback.

If not for the time and resources that would be utilized, I will always favour this over any other channels. Visiting the swift office gives you an opportunity to meet with experts

You can walk in or send a letter to the head office.

Head Office’s Address

31, Saka Tinubu Street,
Victoria Island,

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