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9 Best Sites Like to Download Movies, Anime & TV Series remains fans’ favourite despite being one of those illegal ways to download content. Still, It is a hub to get content such as movies, Tv series, software, anime, games, and many more.

Due to restrictions, the initial domain name, has been diverted many times. Although, even if you used the original domain name, you will still be navigated to the currently working website. For now, content is being served from

In other words, if you are asking what is tfpdl website at the moment, it is From the website, you can enjoy the same value as you would on the original domain name.

However, there are several alternatives to These websites over the years have become the surest ways for movie lovers to get both old and new Tv series, movies, and video content.

What is more exciting is that they have all kinds of genres and even contents that include English HD Movies, Tamil, Hindi, and perhaps Indian Movie is the name that stuck more for Non-Indians.

Korean drama also has a great following, and you could also have free access to your favourite Korean movies.


If you decide to stick with TFPDL, it is not a wrong choice to be candid. For movie lovers, it is always a delight to know you have a sure download link, which the website seems to do well.

Still, those popular movie categories can also be found on sites like tfpdl that we will share on this page. Knowing a few of those sites could also help at times especially when your preferred movie site is yet to upload the movies you are aiming to download, watch, or stream.

Below are the genres available on tfpdl:

  1. Action
  2. Animation
  3. Adventure
  4. Awards
  5. Biography
  6. Bollywood
  7. Chinese Movies
  8. Family
  9. Comedy
  10. Entertainment
  11. Crime
  12. Horror
  13. Fantasy
  14. Western
  15. Romance
  16. Documentary
  17. erotic
  18. Drama
  19. Dual Audio
  20. Hindi Dubbed
  21. Sci-Fi
  22. Japanese Movies
  23. Hindi
  24. Korean Movies
  25. Sport
  26. Musical
  27. Mystery
  28. Talk-Show
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Below are the Best Alternative Sites to

1. GooJara

Goojara is another site you will love Foumovies and not for simplicity, but for always being one of the movie sites you are likely going to get old and newly released movies and TV series.

Take a peep, I bet you won’t be disappointed. Whenever you want to see some action, simply visit the website and look through the movie or series section.

And if that is not enough for you, then you can make your search using the links – recent, a-z genre, popular, and year of release. All the tools are even easier for users since they will provide better search results.

2. Foumovies

Not every movie site qualifies to be on this page, but Foumovies is yet another site that works just like your favourite tfpdl. It has everything you ever needed including downloading videos in 720p. If you are the type that wants a decent picture yet quality audio. This could help you save on data as you discover even more releases.

Looking through the vault is much more simple than I thought, although ads could be a bit annoying at times. Still, if you could use fzmovies with no much hitch, then you could get just fine with Foumovies.

Visit the site to get the best English and Hindi movies for free. No sign-up is required to download the content on your PC or Smartphone.

3. Filmywap

Filmywap has a great list of content you can use when the atmosphere suddenly becomes bored. Such could take a toll on anyone especially when there is no other resolution except to see some video content. Everyone needs a bit of fun!

Have access to the latest Bollywood movies, Punjabi Movies, Tv shows, south Indian movies, Hollywood movies, war movies, and kinds of movies.

As great as the list is, you will have to compete with ads that could pop up just when you click on any link on the website. Just close the ad, and go back to the original page.

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4. ToxicWap

Toxicwap is a content site that provides unrestricted access to users looking to download Movies, Tv shows, Anime, Korean movies, and Bollywood. And if you have kids, then the cartoon section also has the best cartoons.

Unlike most video content sites, the site is easy to use due to the site owner ensuring that the advertisement does not annoy users more than it ought to. The ads are one of the ways that webmasters use to make a few bucks, and also ensure that content continues to be free for users.

5. Fzmovies

Fzmovies could have come first, but the arrangement is no way as to how big they are, you can forgive me for pitching it on the number 5.

Ask me to download a particular movie, and Fzmovies will easily come to mind. For years, it has been a platform I am very comfortable with especially if you are looking for some old movies you want to see or ones that friends recommended to you.

If you compare most movie sites like, you will notice that you can only download via the most common ways, whereas Fzmovies has a unique way of doing their things. For instance, I could love a particular director or actor, I am allowed to search using their name. Agree not many have that.

6. Waptrick

Waptrick is more than downloading your favourite video content, it is a one-stop-shop for content such as music, animation, online games, apps, e-books, tv series, etc.

It is everything you want if you are looking for more content and a very optimized site to give users a better experience.

It also makes use of ads for monetization, therefore you can expect a little advert obstruction while trying to click a page or download content.

7. NetNaija

Netnaija might look African to you, but it is gradually becoming one of the sites to get any type of video and music lovers could find a spot there.

When users go through the homepage for the first time, they might believe it is just an entertainment and news site until they click the menu. Downloaded movie content is great on PC despite their size, even better on smartphones. This is to ensure that you have enough data to download more instead of spending a large chunk of them on a single movie provided you even have more.

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It is difficult to put it in the same room with, as it has even more. Now, you can access all varieties including content from Nollywood and if you want a place to download Yoruba movies, there is no need to leave yet.


Nkiri is gradually shaping to become one of the best movie websites that are likely to give the likes of tfpdl a very strong competition.

I have used it many times and I have to admit it has a great collection of movies and Tv shows from around the world including Asian movies, Korean drama, and movies from Africa. On the English side, the list is pretty huge.

If you need a video site that could provide you with sparkling video content, make no mistake, nkiru has got your back. Ads are also used, but not that annoying. Also, uploads may look small, but when played, you will notice that only a few differences that separate them from HD videos.


9jarocks truly rocks as the name implies as it has almost every content to make your day. It offers Hollywood movies and Tv series, Nollywood movies, Nollywood tv series, and Movies from around the world.

And if you are the type that loves entertainment news as they unfold, the site remains one of the best entertainment websites aside from dishing out video and music content.

Meanwhile, like similar sites, they also make use of pop ads for monetization. This is needed to keep the site working and also making content available for you at no cost. The ad is not that annoying, all you just need is to ignore or close, then go back to your page.

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