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Join Newspay Income Program To Make Cool Money – Review


Just days ago, we talked extensively about NNU Income Program and many people joined the fold, Newspay Income Program is also one of the legit ways you can make money on the internet.

Now that we have several income programs these days, getting it right is no longer a problem. You are covered by just being here because we will make you know what you need to know what the income program.

Newspay was introduced with the intention that it does not have to be you at the loss whenever you are online but also providing you with a channel to make cool cash.

The most practices on the internet are socializing, reading news and making research. Is it not better if you are paid by doing what you love doing?

Did you say, “I am too busy to have time for that?” The good thing it does not matter whether you are a full or part-time. You take it at your own pace, whichever is convenient for you and you do not need to push hard before earning some money for the day.

You can’t wait to join? We can’t also wait to give you full info as well but we need to take our time to ensure you fully understand how newspay works.

What is Newspay Income program all about?

Newspay is one of the top websites in Nigeria for your latest news, gist and stories around the world. The company name is Hippo Information Technology which was registered under Information Computing and Technology Category with the reg no ED-64245.

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It is a platform set for you to make money off your time on the internet by just reading educative and informative posts on newspay. For everyone, there is always something to read.

It might surprised you to see “NP” on your dashboard. NP means Newspay.Newspay login

Reasons why you should join Newspay Income Program

  • You need to refer at least 2 people before being paid, this is just one time task but if you want to earn more, you can refer as much as possible. More referrals means bigger cut from Newspay.
  • Not every site gets to pay for checking informative and educative posts on their platform but on Newspay, you are paid.
  • Just like what the companies on the Nigerian stock exchange (NSE) do quarterly, monthly or yearly by distributing their financial statement to the public.
    Newspay also shares their income statement with you but on a regular basis.
  • You earn cash when you log in on the site and perform some actions. The actions include commenting, sharing sponsored posts on facebook and twitter, and sharing contents.
  • Registration fee is NGN1600 which is fair enough when you think of how much you can earn. It is just a one time fee.
  • The icing on the cake is that you earn NGN1000 for any member you bring into the program. With about 50 people, you can add 50,000 to the cash from other actions performed on the Newspay site..

How do I join Newspay?

If your question is like every others who are asking how do I join Newspay then we are ready to walk you into earning cash?

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The first thing is make sure you have not less than N1,700 in your debit or credit card. The cards currently supported are MasterCard, visa card and verve. You will need to purchase Newspay Earning bundle at the rate of NGN1700.Newspay real

To get started into earning as much as NGN50,000, follow the instructions below

  • Click on the link below to have an account opened for you
  • Fill in your details correctly and submit by placing orders.
  • You will be directed to a page whereby you get to make payment online using paystack.
  • Be it known that your card privacy is safe and secured.Newspay sign up

Ways you can make money on Newspay

  • Affilate income: one of the most effective ways you can earn more on Newspay is by referring someone into the community. You can refer anyone you know into the fold, after registration and approval, you will be paid NGN1000 for anyone you brought in. For instance, if you invite 5 people, you will receive 5,000 into your newspay account which can be withdrawn alongside your other earnings. Affiliate earning does not stop you from other actions that can be done to improve your balance. Affiliate for years has been known to be the fastest to earn a huge amount.
  • Sponsored posts: this is another way to make money in newspaper. Member that comment on sponsored post and then share on facebook or twitter will be paid NGN100. Every day, you will get to see an assigned post which can be shared on social media. Sponsored posts from guest author and advertisers are to be shared on social media.
  • Commenting or replying a comment: Making money has never been this easy but with newspay, it is. You earn NGN2 by making a meaningful comment or replying a comment.
  • Reading posts: You will be paid NGN2 for reading contents on the site.
  • Earning when you registered on Newspay: NGN30 bonus fund is given when you registered with Newspay.
    This is a thank you bonus for registering with Newspay.
  • Earning from ad revenue: You are entitled to earn a cut from ad revenue. You are credited when the advertisers pay for ad on the site.
  • Earning as guest author: you can earn NGN100 for submitting a well constructed and informative post which is subject to approval. Once it gets approved, the earning will reflect on your account.
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Is newspay scam or legit?

There have been many doubt about newspay and people have the right to be. So many people have lost their money to individuals and companies pretending to be what they are not.

Newspay is not going anywhere anytime soon as it is bankrolled and monitored by group of professionals managing other businesses. United state and Nigeria based professionals who know what it takes to run and support a business.

It is owned and managed by Hippo Business Centre Enterprise with the registered number BN2671904. If you have any doubt about the intention of the company, you can just make some queries. Registrar companies do allow that especially if you have the intention to go into business with a company.

Newspay login & app download

To access the site, click on and for those who always prefer the fast and effective way to visit the site. There is a apk download available for android users.

To get newspay app download, visit

Withdrawals on Newspay

Unlike other similar programs, Newspay pays you every weekend once you have reached the minimum amount that can be withdrawn. Minimum amount that can be withdrawn is NGN6000. Withdrawal request is only available every monday.

If you miss out on monday then you will need to wait for the next coming one. Request made on monday paid weekend.

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