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Spectranet mifi and router ~ features and prices

Spectra routerAre you planning on owning spectranet modem or mifi but you do not know what you are getting in the deal?

If yes is the answer, then you are right to be on this article. All new spectranet MIFIs come with some icing you should not miss out. It will not even end in the first month, some even get 100% bonus for up to 4 months which is about 120 days.

It is not just the comfort from connecting multiple devices but the ability to use unlimited data plans on spectranet. You will agree with me that not many internet service providers give such privilege, but spectranet has plans that allow you to browse the way you want like it is nothing.

Imagine skipping the routine, no DSTV subscription this time. You now get to watch your favourite show non-stop on netflix and if you are a football fanatic like me, you will appreciate streaming your live football match using the spectranet mifi. Remember, it is unlimited you subscribed to. Watch your favourite shows, but sadly not Airtel TV as it is only constrained to airtel sim card.

Spectranet mifi or modems are sturdy enough to withstand pressure and mild fall. However, it is important to always handle with care. Avoid water as they are not waterproof.

Benefits of Spectranet mifi / modem / router

  1. All spectranet devices purchased at any spectranet shop or authorized dealer come with data including unlimited data.
  2. Enjoy 100% data bonus on renewal or when you subscribe to a spectranet data plan.
  3. Full support from the spectranet customer to help you get started.
  4. You can purchase devices at the comfort of your home or office and also have it delivered to you the same day.
  5. You will be dealing with an internet service provider that has been around for years and still maintaining a very strong presence.
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Features and prices of spectranet mifi / router / modem

1. BLUE FREEDOM MIFISpectranet mifi

This is no doubt the most purchased spectranet mifi. The reason could be because of the portability. Blue freedom mifi is available at all spectranet shops or kiosks.

It comes with 40gb data on purchased and free unlimited data can be used from 1 am to 7 am. You also get to enjoy 100% Data bonus on N7,000 plan or above for the next 3 renewals within 100 days of activation.

Spectranet blue mifi is currently priced at N16,000. Hurry now before the price defaults to its old price tag.

2. ACE MIFISpectranet mifi

If you love it round, then here is Ace mifi that comes with such dimensions, even portability that most users will love. Like Blue mifi, it can also be carried around anywhere you go.

Ace mifi has 60gb data on activation plus free unlimited browsing throughout the night for 30 days. However, free night browsing starts from 1 am to 7 am. Customers also get 100% Data bonus on N7,000 plan or above for the next 4 renewals within 130 days of activation.

Ace mifi is currently sold at N22,500 at any spectranet outlets, shops or kiosks.

3. EVO MIFISpectranet mifi

Still want another spectranet device that comes with different design plus portability, then you have got the Evo mifi. The evo mifi does not just give you the chance to connect with your devices but could be carried anywhere you go.

More sleek than ace mifi and blue freedom but what really matters is if it serves the purpose upon which it was brought.

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100% Data bonus on N7,000 data plan or above on spectranet for the next 3 renewals within 100 days of activation plus free unlimited night plan.

Buy your Evo MiFi for just N20,000 from any spectranet dealer to enjoy all these bonuses.

4. BLAZE CPESpectranet mifi

If you are planning on using spectranet in your office, you should take a look at Blaze CPE. It has all you need to take your business up to speed plus the 100gb and free unlimited night plan to get you started.

Blaze CPE has two data packages. The first one comes with 60gb and 100% data bonus on next 3 renewals. It goes for just N20,000.

The other package on Blaze CPE is simply breathtaking, it comes with unlimited data plan that can be used anytime and anyday. All these for just N25,000. Who says you can not get more than 500gb worth of data from spectranet for just spending so little?

5. SPECTRA OUTDOOR MODEMSpectranet router mifi

I am saving the best for the last, maybe not for most people. The higher percentage of spectranet customers will definitely be on one of the previously mentioned mifis from spectranet. However, if you are running a big business, then this is a plan for you.

It can be used in the office, outdoor or any place. Government establishments would enjoy using spectra outdoor modem because of its capacity to take most of what is thrown at it.

Spectra Outdoor Modem is now selling at N70,000 and you can get one at any Spectranet office. If you are having issue with procuring one, you can talk to a spectranet customer care.

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