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Union Bank Nigeria Customer Care Phone Number, Email, and Whatsapp

Whatever your complaint, request, or enquiries, Union Bank Customer Care has got your back.

It is time-wasting to visit the bank every time when you can do most things online. Since the time more people started using the bank for deposit and withdrawal, it has become increasingly difficult for people to visit the bank.

No matter what time you go or how early you are, there are people already waiting to be served. Most jobs begin at 8 am and end for the day by 5 pm. Therefore, we do not have much time.

If you are self-employed, it can be handled. However, the business has to be taken care of especially on days your attention is needed. Therefore, you need other ways you can contact the bank.

Luckily, you have got some options. For queries or complaints, you can make a call to Union Bank Official Phone Line, send mail, or reach out via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Let us quickly dive into the best ways you can contact Union Bank Nigeria Customer Care. Check below for answers:


If you have got airtime on your phone, this is arguably the fastest way to get in touch with Union Bank customer care. Responses do not lag like when you are using social media platforms or email.

The moment you connect to the customer care on seat, you can have your answers immediately for any enquiry or issue. If it is a thing that will need to drag for some time, the union bank customer care will advise accordingly.

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Meanwhile, here is my issue with this method – it can take up to 3 minutes before a support officer picks up but you will still pay for every second spent with the pre-recorded audio. Depending on your tariff plan, a 200 airtime balance should be able to take care of the charges.

For enquiries, complaints, or requests, call the Union Bank Customer Care Phone Number by dialing any of +234-1-2716816 and 07007007000.


Union bank may be one of the oldest banks in Nigeria but that does not mean they are out of style. They are simply moving with each phase.

If you are unsure if the bank is on popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter, I am assuring you they have a station there.

Union Bank Customer Care Facebook Page

Union bank being on Facebook should excite anyone with either Union bank savings or current account especially now that some telecoms allow customers to browse for free on Facebook.

You will not know how important the small gesture is until when you need to contact the bank quickly and you have no data or airtime. With zero Facebook, you can chat and reply to comments.

Despite the offers, contacting customer care via Facebook has never been my favourite, simply because of the waiting period. If you are not in a hurry, then Facebook should be a good option for you as they always reply.

Union bank Facebook group page is www.facebook.com/Unionbankng. Avoid sharing personal details in the comment section.

Union Bank Customer Care Twitter Handle

Another way to contact customer care at Union Bank is through Twitter.

If you have used Twitter for long, you would have known that it is really where the fun is. It is also a place for stories and gist from around the world.

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A company that wants to keep a good profile knows that social media platforms are another way to connect with existing and potential customers. To your advantage, you have a bank that will be out to sort out any issues you might have.

If you want a quick response from Union Bank, tweet to them and you will be amazed that it is faster than Facebook. However, avoid sharing information that fraudsters could use in tampering with your account.

If you must share some information, you can take it to their inbox. You can call their attention by tweeting “CYDM” to them. CYDM means “Check your Direct Message“.

Union Bank Customer Care Twitter Handle is @UNIONBANK_NG. They can be reached 24/7 including on weekends and public holidays.

Union Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number

You can also make a complaint or enquiries through WhatsApp. The instant messaging platform is no doubt one of the top-rated in the world. It just makes chatting easy and does not consume much data.

As a bank that will do all they can to ensure that their large base of customers can contact them. Having a section on WhatsApp is a welcome development considering that almost every smartphone user has installed it.

With the app, you will be able to attach files, documents, or even send audio files. It has every feature you could ever want in an instant messaging app, this could be one of the best ways to contact your bank via social media.

Union Bank WhatsApp Number is. 09070070001. Save the number as you would save any new contact and refresh your list. Alternatively, visit wa.me/2349070070001 for quick access to Union Bank Whatsapp.


This could be the best option for people with some technical issues as it allows you to be broad on content. Contacting Union bank customer care enables users to attach files and documents if needed.

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The only issue with this method is that acknowledgment might take a while. Therefore, this may not be a good option if you demand answers straightaway. However, one can use it to make enquiries, send documents, or for requests that can wait a bit of time.

If you are unbothered about the usual delays which could not take more than 2 to 3 hours anyway, then union bank customer care official email address is customerservice@unionbankng.com. they can be reached any time of the week including weekends and public holidays.


Just as I expected, you can also receive support via online live chat. It seems that UNION BANK is not leaving any stone unturned.

Customers can also get something close to calling their official phone line by having a real-time chat. To access the Union Bank Online Live Chat, visit www.unionbankng.com and click on the ‘message icon‘ to initiate the online live chat.


If you feel like all units of the Union Bank Customer care have failed in their responsibilities, you should consider visiting the corporate head office for quicker resolution.

Although, the units will discharge their duties as they ought to, sometimes something might go wrong.

Union bank head office will be responsible for the possible and quick resolution which may lead to the continued bank and customer relationship. You can count on them to do right by you.

Stallion Plaza 36,
Marina P.M.B 2027
Lagos, Nigeria.

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