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Unity Bank Nigeria Customer Care Phone Number, Email & Whatsapp

Whether you are already a customer or just about to join, you are free to contact Unity Bank Customer Care but the question is how do you want to contact them?

If you have no idea about whether you can contact Unity Bank online, you will be looking forward to visiting any of their branches spread across the country. Fortunately, you will always find one unity bank close to you but the question is can you handle the heat?

You might be asking what do I mean by heat? Anyone who has visited the customer care section of the bank will agree with me that it is one of the places where you can waste so much time, no thanks to the long queue.

As a bank that cares about what the customers have planned for the days, you have a lot of options to get in touch with Unity Bank Customer Representative online. Among the many options, we have via Phone calls, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and online live chat. You should find at least one you feel should work for you.


It is not a coincidence that this comes first, calling unity bank customer care via their phone line is arguably the best way to get in touch with them.

By using this method, customers can quickly get quick support instead of waiting for hours. Whatever the issue or inquiries, the customer care unit is ready to take action and also provide you with instant answers.

The notable disadvantage is that you pay from the very first second. If you have called any of telecom customer care reps before, you would have noticed that you are first connected to a pre-recorded audio before getting in touch with the bank staff.

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During your waiting period, they were attending to other customers before you, the only difference is that it is toll-free. If you are okay with the charge, I assure you it is one of the best ways to get your complaints, inquiries, or requests to them.

To contact Unity Bank via their Phone Number, call any of this lines – 07080 666 000, 07057 323 226,
07057 323 229, and 07080 666 030.


Unity bank has fully adopted all that comes from technology and innovation and social media serves as an evidence.

As a bank that truly cares, they are on the most popular social media platforms but we will be concentrating on the best social media platforms people use to connect and interact.

If you own any internet-enabled phone, there is a greater chance that you are using at least one social media platform.

Below are how to contact Unity Bank through social media:

Unity Bank Customer Care Facebook Page

Facebook has proven to be a wonderful social media platform where you can connect with family, friends, and even with brands.

As a bank that knows majority of its customers also use Facebook, they have secured a page where you can make inquiries or complaints.

Customers have two ways to connect to Unity bank on Facebook, they can reply to any of their posts or send a message to their inbox. However, when contacting via post, refrain from sharing information that may put your account at risk.

Another notable advantage Facebook has over most methods is that you can connect for free. MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile allow their customers to browse for free. This arrangement may never mean anything until the day you need to contact Unity bank customer care and you do not have airtime or data.

To contact Unity Bank via their Facebook group page, visit www.facebook.com/unitybank.

Unity Bank Customer Care Twitter Handle

Every brand, business, or company knows that one of the ways to improve sales is to have a massive social presence.

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In the event you do not know, Twitter is a place where you get all stories, gist, or happenings as they unfold. Most people have grown fond of social media platforms to the extent that they have become the most used apps.

Your bank is aware of it and they know how desecrating a controversial story can do to a business. Therefore, they are positioned to help out on any issue you might want to resolve.

Customers can tweet or send a direct message (DM), but when using a tweet, make sure information that may put your account at risk is not shared. The bank does everything to ensure your money is safe, but it is on you to ensure that it works.

Also, a response is faster on Twitter compared to most social media platforms, you can expect a reply sooner than you thought.

To contact Unity Bank through their Twitter handle, tweet or DM @UnityBankPlc.

Unity Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number

Contacting Unity Bank via their WhatsApp number is also one of the ways you can quickly get in touch with their customer care service representatives.

With WhatsApp, you can do a whole lot of things like attaching files or documents which may be needed to support your request.

Whether you are a Unity Bank savings, current, or business account holder, you can quickly link up with your bank and save on cost. All you need is your internet-enabled smartphone and you are ready to connect.

The Unity Bank WhatsApp Number is 08099152315, you can add it the same way you will add any number to your phone contact. Subsequently, go to your WhatsApp, refresh, and initiate a chat.

If you do not want to add the Unity Bank Whatsapp Number to your contact, simply click wa.me/2348099152315 to quickly connect to Unity Bank Whatsapp.

Meanwhile, never share any sensitive info like your ATM card pin, full card number, or other private info. Your bank will never ask you for such.

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By now, I assume you should have made a choice. However, if you are unable to select from the ones provided for you, contacting Unity Bank Customer Care via their email address is another good option.

When you use an email, you can be broad and more professional about it. You will also be able to add files or documents to back up your request, complaint, or enquiries.

Not without a demerit though. Response can be a bit delayed. If you need a quick reply, you will need to use the best chance you have got, but definitely not email.

Unity Bank Customer Care Email Addresses are we_care@unitybankng.com and customercare@unitybankng.com. They can be reached 24/7.


Online Live Chat is no doubt the best option for most people as it allows them to get a quick and instant response. Unfortunately, Unity Bank does not have an online live chat option.

If you do not mind, there are good alternatives to get in touch with Unity Bank Customer Care. I recommend WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.


You don’t always get what you want at times, this is the reality of life but you can push further if you know your way around.

All unity bank customer care units will try to do right by you, but if you still feel that they have not done enough, you can contact the unity bank apex branch, otherwise known as Unity Bank Head Office.

The head office will ensure you get what you deserve through deep observation and monitoring. Only reach out to them If your request or complaint is still unresolved after 90 days, below is Unity Bank Head Office Address:

Unity Bank Plc,
Plot 42, Ahmed Onibudo Street,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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