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Unity Bank Transfer Code: How To Send Money From The Bank

Here is how you can send money from your Phone to another bank using a simple, convenient and secure way called Unity Bank Transfer Code.

Unity Bank Transfer Code is what you need to get things done quickly right from your Phone. There is a kind of peace of mind that comes from getting the comfort of life, one should also know that the code is just a part of a big one.

With the Unity Bank USSD Code, you can do more than a bank transfer, customers will be able to use the shortcodes to purchase airtime, pay bills and do other stuff as allowed by the bank.

Unity Bank Transfer Code works on any Phone, it does not matter if you use a push-button phone or smartphones, you are surely in good hands. Also, it also works with all GSM networks including MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile.

What You Should Know About Unity Bank Transfer Code

You will not be able to use the Unity Bank Transfer Code without having an account with the bank. Accounts can now be opened using the bank app or ussd code but if you decide to use the conventional means, then you will need to go to the bank.

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You can decide to go for a savings account which is the most used or current account. To open any of them, you will need 2 passport photographs, a utility bill and a valid ID card. Meanwhile, you will also need to add two references when opening a current account.

Another thing to take note is that the phone and email address you presented will serve as core parts of your mobile and internet banking. Most of the online or mobile banking transactions will have to pass through them.

Therefore, if you have lost the phone number you submitted, you should visit the bank and make things right. How do you do that?
You just need to ask the customer care to update your account information. They could go as far as replacing your next of kin, phone number, email address and even more.

Unity Bank Transfer Limits And Charges

The bank charges have been recently reviewed by the Apex Financial Institution, The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

As at this moment, when you send below N5,000 using the Unity Bank USSD Transfer, you are charged N10 per single transaction; Funds transfer from N5,001 to N50,000 will be billed N10 and money transfer above N50 will be charged N50.

The maximum that can be transferred using the Unity Bank Transfer Code is N500,000. You can decide to spread it till it reaches the threshold.

How To Create a Transaction Pin Via Unity Bank USSD Code

  1. Normally, once you use the Unity Bank USSD Code, you will be prompted to create a transaction pin.
  2. Open your Phone’s dialer pad and dial *7799#.
  3. Select language. English, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo are available. For English, reply with 1.
  4. You will be required to register for Unity Bank USSD service.
  5. Provide your Account Number.
  6. You will also need to give the last 4 digits of a debit card to create your Pin.
  7. Create your transaction by carefully choosing a 4 digits number you will not forget.
  8. Confirm the transaction pin by entering the pin again.
  9. Now you have created your transaction pin.
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How To Transfer Money Into Another Account Using Unity Bank Transfer Code

  • To send money to a Unity Bank Account, simply dial *7799*1*Account No*Amount# (e.g. *7799*1*1234567890*3000#)
  • To transfer money to accounts in other banks, dial *7799*2*Account No*Amount# (e.g *7799*2*0987654321*3000#)
  • If it is your first time using the ussd code, you will be required to create a 4 digits transaction pin using your debit card.
  • Your bank transfer should be completed after following the prompts.

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