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Fastcash loan | salary plus & premium salary loan | auto loan

Are you an FCMB customer?
The bank has a program called fastcash, an easy and convenient way for you to have quick access to loan without the need to document it on paper.

Other loan products that will be discussed in this article are salary plus loan, premium salary and auto loan.

Think of the several times we are in a tight corner just because we could not obtain funds when we needed it most or when the bill is due for payment. Not many of us are aware there are many loan apps that could grant us quick access to cash pending the time we receive our wages or salaries. There are several loan apps on play store.

Maybe you have been raking up money to get that new monster phone, laptop or just want to improve your home or business. Why waiting for such a long time when you now have the chance. Apply for a loan, receive the cash, use the money and pay back over a period of time.

The best part of most of the loans apps and ones accessed through websites is that they always come with no collateral and zero paperwork.

In fastcash case, there is no dedicated app for it at the moment but I am going to guide you through on how you can enjoy this credit facility.

General requirements needed to enjoy Fastcash online loan

  • You must own a mobile phone.
  • Must be self-employed with stable income or an employee in a firm.
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Benefits of fastcash loan

  • Get a loan up to NGN100,000
    Totally paperless and with no collateral needed to obtain a loan.
  • It has 30 days clean up circle.
  • As FCMB customer, you can apply as many time in a year depending on your credit score.
  • Loan can be accessed using USSD code.
  • It is easy, secure and convenient.

How to get started on Fastcash loanFastcash

  • To enjoy fast cash today? No need to go to google play store to download any app.
  • Simply dial *329# from the phone number attached to your FCMB bank account.
  • Follow the simple application procedure. When you are done, you will receive a status report.

Not fastcash? Check out other loan services by FCMB

Salary plus loan

Salary plus loan is available for employees who have an account with the bank.
As an employee in any reputable organisation with account domiciled in FCMB and consistent receipt of monthly salaries for 6 months, you can qualify for this loan.

Check out this link for more info

To get started on salary plus loan, follow this procedures:

  • Go to FCMBonline
  • Complete registration by selecting, “SUBMIT
  • Get the loan within 8 hours after review.

Premium salary loan

A premium salary loan is available for employees in commercial organization, get funds up to NGN10,000,000 and with tenor being 60 months. For you to qualify for this loan plan, you must own an account with FCMB and have a minimum monthly salary of N100,000.

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Visit this link for more info

Auto loan

Have you been saving up for a while, hoping to get that dream car but other expenses have not helped at all? Take advantage of FCMB auto plan, this plan allows you to acquire cars and then pay over a period of time.

To benefit from this scheme, you must be an employee or self-employed with a sizeable income. The amount you are entitled to will depend on your salary or regular income, the minimum loan amount is NGN500,000 and not more than NGN7,500,000. The tenor is payable between 12 months and 48 months.

For more info, visit this page.


The ball is in your court, you have a lot of options depending on your income. You can decide to go for fastcash to meet up that urgent needs or go higher with the other FCMB loan plans.

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