how to get water out of phone speaker

How To Get Water Out Of Phone Speaker

Life was going absolutely great, you were happily enjoying yourself and preoccupied with the mundane activities of your daily schedule. But then, all of a sudden you happen to drop your phone in WATER!

It slipped off your hands and in the blink of an eye, your precious phone was all soaked up in the water. You grabbed it immediately, patted it dry with utmost caution.

Just when you took a sigh of relief and assumed your phone would be absolutely fine, you realize that the speakers are not working!

Your beloved phone’s speakers are no longer capable of working smoothly. You cannot talk on call, you cannot listen to your favorite music, and you can’t even binge-watch your favorite Netflix series!

Now you’re probably panicking and desperately searching for any solution. Well, calm down and sit tight because we have your back! We have carefully examined all the life hacks out there. Therefore, we have come up with just the right solutions that would help you out in this tedious situation.

Any type of moisture in the sensitive areas of your mobile phone like charging Jack or speakers can reduce its performance. Water droplets jacked up a mobile’s speaker will result in muffled sound quality. Audios might not be clear and this would affect your experience to a great extent.


In this case scenario, it is understood that you would want to get rid of any unnecessary moisture. So that you can get your smartphone’s performance back on track. But, before we talk about the things that you should do, here are some things that you should definitely avoid doing.

1. Do not charge your phone.

how to get water out of phone speaker

Smartphone companies and service centers often advise users, facing this problem, to avoid charging their mobile phones. This is because the moisture inside can severely damage the internal hardware of your device.

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This would not only harm your phone and cause additional expense but can also permanently damage your phone. So, it is advisable to abstain from charging your device if you detect any moisture around it.

2. Do not blow-dry your mobile phone.

how to get water out of phone speaker 1

The first instinct of people is to swiftly take out the hairdryer and start heating up the speakers. You might do this with the intention of warming up the speaker so that any moisture content is evaporated. But doing this will rather put you in an extremely risky situation. When you blow-dry your phone, you might accidentally force the water to travel upwards. This will undoubtedly cause great havoc and destruction.

You might also unintentionally heat the fragile parts, that can be extremely dangerous. Blow drying your phone might also result in a severe blast due to internal damage. So eschew heating your smartphone in any manner.


Now that we have discussed what you should not do, let’s take a look at things that might actually help you get your phone back in its perfect working condition.

First of all, assiduously dry your phone. Make sure that you have removed all the excess moisture from anywhere else in the phone. Keep in mind that you should remove the cover of your phone. If you have a screen guard make sure the water hasn’t swept inside. In case it has, immediately removes it. Gently dab and eliminate water from the charging jack as well. This will avoid further damage and prevent severe destruction.

Trick#1 Dismantle your phone

This is one of the most widely recognized techniques utilized by individuals when their phone accidentally gets drenched in water.

If your phone allows you to remove its battery, you are good to go. Simply remove all the parts, dry them carefully, and leave it in a dry and warm space for a while. This will permit the dampness to disintegrate and you might be able to use your phone like before.

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Trick#2 Leave it for a while

You can try leaving your phone in a standing position, that is, its speakers should be facing downwards. This will induce the moisture content to sweep out due to the gravitational force. Agreeably, it will take some time but the excess water content in your phone would be removed.
This is the safest way to dry various parts of your device. It is known to be 100% safe since no external heat or product is utilized.

Trick#3  The OG Rice Hack

Even though the exactness of this strategy is still in banter, you can give it a try. Numerous people have found this method to work effectively.

Switch off your phone, remove all the SIM cards, memory cards, and just place your mobile phone in a rice container for at least 6 to 12 hours.

The rice grains would absorb any moisture from your mobile phone leaving it completely dry. You can then turn on your phone and hopefully, this would give you a good result.

Trick#4  Special Audio Clips

This method is gaining extensive Fame in recent years. It is super easy, fast and it won’t even cost anything.

All you have to do is a quick search on YouTube and you will be delivered numerous sound or audio clips. They have a special audio frequency that facilitates the mobile speaker to vibrate in a particular manner. This automatically eliminates any water inside your mobile phone. This method is extensively known to work and there are not internal damages caused.

Trick#5 For IOS devices

If you have an IOS device, you can quickly download specific applications. They will do the above-mentioned job, similar to the audio clips. It will produce a unique sound that will force a speaker to vibrate in such a manner that all the unnecessary water droplets are eliminated.
Sonic is one such app that has shown convincing results of eliminating water from iPhone speakers.

Trick#6 Customer Care

If you are still skeptical about all of the other hacks and you don’t want to put yourself through any trouble. Then you can always go for contacting the customer care service.

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They will provide you an appropriate solution. They might as well charge you according to the condition of your device. But you will be assured since it would be in the right hands.

Trick#7 Silica Gel

Remember those small packs labeled “Do Not Eat”, that came inside every water bottle, container, and so forth? Yes, we are talking about those tiny silica beads. They do a commendable job of absorbing any moisture content whatsoever.

You can put your phone inside an entire container of silica gel. Leave it there for a while. Make sure you are cautious enough because you don’t want these beads to stack up in your device. This method will definitely be more effective than the rice container one. Silica Gel is known to absorb water within no time, but make sure you are careful with it. Do not burst a silica bead by mistake.


After doing thorough research, we have come up with various solutions that can help you get your phone back to its appropriate working condition. We have carefully analyzed each solution and their effects respectively. Thus, we have summarised our entire knowledge in the above-mentioned article. You can utilize any of these methods as per your convenience to get your phone speakers working. However, make sure that you avoid all the don’ts mentioned in this article for your utmost safety. These tricks make you smart and can be useful in escape rooms as well.

All the above-mentioned points have given appreciable results to countless users worldwide. The most famous option that is practiced by people these days is undoubtedly the audio snippets. Their unique technique of initiating vibrations in the speakers is completely harmless and is effective to a great extent. People have also seen good results with the rice and silica gel hacks. You can give it a try and find out what works best for you.

In the event that you are not convinced with these pointers, there is always an option to consider the customer care service. Try giving them a call or visit the nearest service store. Unquestionably, they will provide you satisfactory service and resolve all your problems in an assured manner.

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