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Your IP has been Temporarily Blocked: How to Unblock IP Address

Your IP address might be blocked due to certain reasons unknown to you. The degree of restriction may vary depending on how you’ve set the connections in your home or office.

Sometimes when we open a browser and try to browse our favorite websites or do research online, a notification appears on your browser – an error and unable to connect to the server. Most times, this error is being fed from the site you’re trying to visit.

Before you can access a website on the internet, your IP address helps achieve this to connect to the site’s servers. In cases where the server senses malicious activity from your IP, you can get blocked immediately.

What does it mean that an IP address is blocked?

We all use the internet to do activities but before connecting to the internet, all devices have their special IP address. This IP address is very unique – representing numbers, which helps you connect to the internet successfully. Some reasons might occur as to why your IP address gets blocked when trying to connect to the internet.

We would be looking at some ways in which we can handle the errors and banning. Let’s look at them gradually

Multiple Login Requests

This happens most times if we are working in a small workplace and probably at home – which might be tampered with by family. FTP clients automatically saved passwords and usernames, although we might have made errors while typing either the username or the password on it.

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Eventually either the BFD acts up or the firewall, this is to protect against attacks, which cause our IP to be blocked.

Geo-graphical ban

We might not be aware of this geographical location ban that might occur when we tried connecting as we have tried all other suggestions that might have possibly gone wrong. Not every website we try to connect to on the internet is easily accessed.

There might be restrictions on some which blocked us from accessing the website, this is mainly achieved from our IP address which gives them our age-graphical location. Other reasons might also be due to national concerns.

Suspicious Operations

Most times our IP address might be locked out from the internet due to suspected operations that were tracked which might be disruptive to the server itself. Certainly, there are activities which we might try doing on it but it might be tracked and termed a suspicious activity.

Rule Violation

There are rules which the firewall and server take to block IP addresses. These rules determine what particular activities you might want to do. Unfortunately, we might not be aware of the rules they both use to block IP addresses. A violation of the rules can lead to temporarily blocking of your IP addresses depending on when it will be sorted out.

Scanning of ports

This is also taken seriously, scanning of ports is considered a threat and also suspicious. Hackers use scanning of ports to know the vulnerabilities. Eventually leading to temporary banning.

How to Unlock your IP address

IP addresses can be unlocked by various means but depend on the terms of the web page and policies. Sometimes you have to wait for 24 hours – entirely a day before the IP address is unblocked.

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Unluckily, once your IP address is blocked, the websites might be generous to either send you a pop-up notification – notifying you have been blocked. With those popup notifications, there will be laid down steps after clicking it to know how to go about it. If this option isn’t available, look closely for a contact page on the website.

Lay a complaint through the available contacts to know why you have been blocked, and carefully follow the instructions that would be responded to. Still can’t figure out why you got banned, try updating your security to the latest version on it. The security updates will help correct some malfunctions that might happen.

If issues still arising, try changing the IP address on your home network, getting a new IP address can help solve the issue. Also, try connecting to another network or another wifi network if it will help you regain access to the site.

A VPN might be your next good option if other options didn’t solve it. There are good and safe VPNs out there that can be very useful in accessing the internet without not getting blocked.

These are carefully thought out steps to help you solve the issues, mostly try out each one closely to see if it helps you regain service before moving on to the next one. IP addresses get blocked due to some of the certain reasons listed above.

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