9mobile cliqlite

9mobile cliqlite – migration code, benefits + charges

Think of 9mobile cliqlite as a baby brother to 9mobile morecliq. Are you a child between the age of 8 to 15 years or your wards are?

9mobile cliq lite is a prepaid plan specially designed for children with some great benefits to help them with learning and developing knowledge light years ahead.

It actually feels good to know that MTN and 9mobile are looking out for Nigerians, which is noticeable when we judge the extent by which the duo go to provide a more valuable prepaid plan for teenagers and children.

You must have heard about “catch dem young”, this is catching them young. What better way to catch them now than to feed them with good content which will prove to be valuable in the long run.

This plan is similar to MTN mpulse, on this plan anyone can join but it would be more beneficial to students aged 8 or above.

Why 9mobile cliq lite

  1. They will get one free SMS for every billed SMS which can be used later.
  2. Subscribers on 9mobile will get 1 minute free when they receive 5 minutes call from other gsm networks.
  3. Customers on 9mobile cliqlite will also get 10mb when they recharge N100 per week basis.
  4. Enjoy free internet access to any supported 6 educational sites, 1 social platform and 1 game site.
  5. Parents can also use the whitelist and blacklist feature in the event they are not okay with some websites.
  6. Credit sponsor is available on cliqlite. This allows your wards or child to get allocated airtime.
  7. Customers also get rewards on their birthday. They will be required to put down their date of birth during registration, on their birthday they will get the free airtime.
  8. 9mobile cliqlite comes with educational materials including primary, junior, secondary school textbooks, to help children adjust well in their studies.
  9. There are lots of educational apps to select and use including the popular Okada book, spell me right app, Wikipedia app, typing tutor, a dictionary app, and pronunciation app.
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How to blacklist/whitelist on 9mobile cliqlite

  1. Both whitelist and blacklist features are available to be used on cliqlite.
  2. Blacklist is a list that you considered unacceptable and should be removed. Parents can put those things on a blacklist.
  3. Whitelist is those things you feel can be trusted, therefore you will not want to blacklist those important things.
  4. Dial *257*1# to blacklist any time. This instruction will be effective immediately.
  5. To whitelist any of the blacklisted items, you should dial *256*1#.
  6. This parental control option allows you to select the websites that your children should have access to.

Charges on 9mobile cliq lite

Anyone on cliqlite can make calls at 20k per second to cliqlite members. In order to make calls at 20k, customers must have used up to N25 by which each second is charged at 40k.

After accumulating 25 in charges, it drops to 20k for the rest of the day. Calls to other 9mobile are charged 25k for each second while 30k/sec to other GSM networks.

SMS is charged at N4 for each message and an international message is charged N15/message.

How to subscribe to 9mobile cliqlite

  1. If you are a new subscriber, dial 200 from your phone.
  2. Press 5 on your new 9mobile sim.
  3. Old customers who want to make that big change will have to dial *244*10# to migrate to cliqlite.

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