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Glo Oga Sim: Benefits And How To Migrate

There is strong indication that you will love oga sim. Everyone wants to get the best offer ever and Glo Nigeria in their good gesture is providing the biggest data bonus to new customers that are about to enter into the realm.

Did you just ask whether old customers are left out? I will answer that later.

If you have been subscribing for Glo data plans and still not convinced despite the wonderful package, you can make a quick change to Glo Oga Sim.

Glo oga sim is a specially designed sim that allows new Glo customers to enjoy 125% data bonus on any data plans purchased on Glo. Existing customers could also have a bit of it, they get to enjoy 25% on Glo data plans.

With Glo oga sim, you get to be the Oga you deserve to be. Your social media could not get boring, download with ease and stream videos like you have always wanted. Glo oga sim is another way I know you could bond with friends and family. Data is life and you need more of it!

Benefits of Glo oga sim

  • New customers get 125% data bonus for 3 months on every data plan activated on the glo network.
  • Old customers are not left out as well, they get 25% data bonus.
  • Data plans can be gifted to another Glo customer.
  • All Glo oga sim comes with 4g network for superfast internet connection.
  • Glo Data sharing is also available on this new Glo sim. You can share with anyone on the Glo network.
  • These plans also work on compatible devices including modems, routers and mobile routers.
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What is the cost of Glo oga sim?

I am sure you must have thought it will be on the high side, considering it offers 125% data bonus on every activated data plan.

I am so excited to tell you that it is not what you actually thought. Glo oga sim is priced at the same rate you will buy any other Glo sim. It could be N50, N100, N150 or N200 depending on where you patronize it. You can even get it free!

How does Glo oga sim work and some illustrations

I know you can not wait to get your hands on the new Glo oga sim. Knowing that fully well, I should be thorough enough so you can get a better picture of how Glo oga sim work.

When you activate any data plan on the new sim, say a N1000 data plan, you will get 3.2gb plus another 500mb to browse the internet. N1,500 data plan will give you 6.25gb of data plus another 500mb to make it 6.75gb. The extra 500mb can be used from 12 am to 5 am.

Imagine subscribing to N2000 glo data plan, this should serve you more than enough with the 9gb data + 500mb. I reckon you will not be able to finish it before the 30 days expire, you can rollover if you want.

What it does is to give you 125% data bonus for your internet activity, this could be another reason why any other network is yet to oust Glo out, the grandmaster of data. They are truly remarkable when it comes to data.

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How to migrate to Glo oga sim

Glo oga sim is not a tariff plan, so you should rule that out. You can not migrate but you can activate or subscribe to data plans on Glo oga sim. Below are the steps to get data bonus from Glo oga sim.

  • Buy a new Glo sim from any Glo office or shop around you.
  • Register your new glo sim at any designated registration point.
  • Activate the new Glo oga sim for you. Your first recharge after registration would do.
  • Dial *777# for plans menu and select your preferred data plan.
  • Start browsing the way you have always wanted.
  • Existing customers who have never used data will also benefit when they buy data for the first time.

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