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Airtel international bundle: charges, subscription codes + benefits

If you feel you have not been getting the best call rate when you make calls to international destinations, look no more as I bring to you an exciting intl plan called Airtel international bundle.

Airtel international bundle is a bundle for both prepaid and postpaid customers which offers 70% off when they call UK fixed lines, United States, Canada, India, and China.

Do not make the mistake of calling Abroad with your normal Airtel tariff plans, you are going to pay big for it. Airtel international bundle is the best plug to avoid it. You pay for less and have at least 15 days validity period for any bundle purchased on Airtel international bundle.

The best part of subscribing to Airtel International bundle is that it allows you to make calls at a very low price, even lower than calls made to all networks.

Benefits of Airtel International bundle

  1. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can subscribe to Airtel international bundle.
  2. It is cheaper than using your normal Airtel tariff plan.
  3. There is no daily access fee or first-minute charge when on Airtel international bundle.
  4. It comes with a 15 days validity period, giving you enough time to use your bundle plans.
  5. It comes in 4 variants – N100, N200, N500, N1,000 bundle packs are available for activation
  6. Customers can call five selected countries at discounted rates.
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Call charges on Airtel international bundle

On Airtel international bundle, customers will be able to call 5 selected international destinations at 8.33/second. The selected international destinations are United Kingdom Fixed, United States of America, Canada, India and China. Uk mobile is charged at N10/minute.

This is the best bundle if you call any of the 5 selected countries frequently, you will be able to save as much as possible. Your main airtime is untouched as long as you have airtime left in your Airtel international balance.

Calculations on Airtel international bundle

This is simple and very straightforward to understand. When you subscribe to N100 Airtel international bundle, you can make more than 10 minutes call.


Airtel international bundle is priced at 8.3k/second. 0.0083 multiply by 60 seconds will give us 4.998. That is, you pay 4.998.

Therefore, For 10 minutes calls, you will pay 49.98. You can still get another 10 minutes of call from the N100 airtel international bundle, giving you a total of 20 minutes of voice calls. This is a cheaper alternative than using your current tariff plan to call international destinations.

Airtel international bundle, subscription code, and validity

  • N100 Airtel international bundle
    USSD code: *789*10#
    SMS activation: ILD100 to 789
    Validity: 15 Days
  • N200 Airtel international bundle
    USSD code: *789*20#
    SMS activation: ILD200 to 789
    Validity: 15 Days
  • N500 Airtel international bundle
    USSD code: *789*60#
    SMS activation: ILD500 to 789
    Validity: 15 Days
  • N1000 Airtel international bundle
    USSD code: *789*88#
    SMS activation: ILD1000 to 789
    Validity: 15 Days

How to subscribe to Airtel international bundle

  • To migrate or activate Airtel International Bundle, dial *789# from your Airtel.
  • Select 1
  • Choose 2 to buy your international bundle.
  • 1 for N100, 2 for N200, 3 for N500 and 4 for N1000. Select any to subscribe to your desired bundle plan.
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How to check balance on Airtel International Bundle

  • After subscribing to Airtel international bundle, the system allows you to check your balance any time.
  • To check your Airtel International Bundle Balance, dial *789*3#.
  • Your balance will be displayed on your screen immediately.

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