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Glo Gbam Xtra: Charges, Benefits + How to migrate

Need a tariff plan as cool as the popular Glo Gbam Plus also known as 11k/s tariff plan, then you are in the right spot as we now bring to you another exciting tariff plan called Glo Gbam Xtra, a division of Glo Gbam Package.

Glo gbam xtra is another sensational prepaid plan that allows you to enjoy Glo services at a very reduced rate. It is part of the Company’s strategy to ensure that everyone on the network enjoys and access great benefits. Globacom Nigeria remains one of the game changers in the country, although they are most outstanding in the area of providing inexpensive glo data plans along with good tariff plans that anyone will love.

Glo Gbam Xtra is a great tariff plan that allows customers to make calls to Glo networks at a reasonable rate of 12k per second and 15k per second to other networks in Nigeria.

With just 12k per second on Glo Gbam xtra, you will be able to enjoy longer calls and send SMS for cheap. It is really an exciting prospect as one will be able to make a choice between the three choices on Glo Gbam.

Benefits of Glo Gbam Xtra

  1. Enjoy calls for as low as 12k per second.
  2. Send SMS to all networks in Nigeria at N4 per SMS.
  3. Free migration to any tariff plan including Glo gbam Xtra every 30 days.
  4. There is no extra charge on calls aside from the daily access fee of N5.
  5. Glo Gbam Xtra is not a promotional offer but a tariff plan so there is no end date.
  6. Unlike Glo gbam plus (11k/s) tariff plan, if no call made for the day, you won’t be charged the access fee.
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Charges on Glo Gbam Xtra

Charges on Glo Gbam Xtra is very clear and straightforward, after migrating to the prepaid plan, customers would be able to call any Glo number at 12k/sec while calls to the rest of the networks will be charged at 15k per second as said earlier.

SMS sent to any network in Nigeria goes at the rate of N4/SMS while international SMS is N35 which is unreasonably high when compared with rivals’.

Analysis of call rates on Glo Gbam Xtra

Now that you know that customers will be able to make calls for as low as 12k per second and 15k to other networks in Nigeria. Let analyse the value you will be getting using this simple method.
With just a recharge of N100, you will be able to make not less than 13 minutes’ calls to Glo number and still have some balance left.

If you are calling other networks in Nigeria, a recharge of N100 will let you get a call duration of 11 minutes and still have some balance left.

How do we arrive at this, it is pretty simple though.

0.12k (Glo numbers) multiply by 60 seconds give us N7.2. Therefore, a 13 minutes call means we would have used N93.6 from the N100 supposed balance. The same steps could also be used in analysing how much you will spend when you call other networks like MTN, Airtel and 9mobile.

How to migrate to Glo Gbam Xtra

  • Now that you know that Glo Gbam Xtra offers one of the best calling rates in Nigeria, the next step is how to migrate.
  • Only prepaid Glo customers will be able to migrate and enjoy all offers on this plan.
  • Dial *100*6*1# to migrate or opt into Glo gbam xtra.
  • When asked to confirm your migration, reply with “1” to complete the process.
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How to leave/opt out or migrate out of Glo Gbam Xtra

To leave or opt out of Glo Gbam Xtra, you will need to migrate to another tariff, Glo jollific8, Glo infinito, Glo Yakata, and Glo Gbam which is split into three – Gbam Xtra, Gbam Plus 11k/s and Gbam Hi 5ive.

Below are some migration codes for Glo tariff plans:

    (Glo 11k/sec plan)
    (Glo 12k/s plan):
  • G BAM Hi 5

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